Wed, Jun 7, 2023

Corinne Gans

Peace and Unity Tour are celebrating South Africa's first 20 years of Democracy by taking a 7,000 km epic train journey across the country. In April 2014, two photographers - Corinne Gans and Antonia Venturini - will depart from Cape Town in a journey across SA to film the stories that have shaped this land in its first 20 years of Freedom, with a focus on the legacy of Nelson Mandela. These stories will be edited in a documentary, to be released in 2014, and a selection of images will be exhibited in Cape Town during 2014, and offered as signed limited editions. You can be part of the journey by following the Peace and Unity Tour on Facebook:

Kitesurfing Heroes Rescue Dog in South Africa

On Thursday I witnessed three kite-surfers risk their lives to save a dog that was caught by the waves and no longer able to paddle back to...
Global March for Lions in Cape Town

Cape Town and the World’s Global Lion March Roars to Make Things Happen

There was a phenomenal turn out in Cape Town today for the Global March for Lions. The Mother City was one of 60 cities...