Ernie feeling Rough after Criticism

By SAPeople 18-10-12 13:44

Ernie Els was bitterly disappointed this week by the whingeing – behind his back – of some fellow golfers about his redesign of Wentworth’s West Course in England. “I felt very disappointed by everything that’s been said and kind of hurt a little bit,” Ernie said. “But you’ve got to be man enough to take […]

Prophet Cartoon causing furore in SA

By SAPeople 21-05-10 22:18

Oops. A cartoon in the “Mail & Guardian” newspaper in South Africa has created a bit of a furore. The Zapiro cartoon  shows the Prophet Muhammad leaning back in a chaise lounge in the clouds, lamenting to a psychiatrist that “Other prophets have followers with a sense of humour”. As if to prove his point, […]

Number of Saffas in London not that Bafunny!

By SAPeople 21-05-10 20:38

Wow – big crowds at Bafunny Bafunny‘s show in London last night. We received this pic from inside the Royal Albert Hall, taken  by a South African who said “there are thousands of Saffas here – all working professionals. Mind boggles at what a brain drain!” Bafunny Bafunny features a team of eight of South […]

Legendary SA Politician Dies

By SAPeople 14-05-10 01:00

by Janine Erasmus Former opposition leader Frederik van Zyl Slabbert died in Johannesburg on 14 May. The pioneering politician died peacefully at his home, surrounded by his family, according to his daughter Tania. She survives her father, together with her brother Riko and stepmother Jane. Slabbert had been ill and had spent time in the […]

South African Walks on Water

By SAPeople 09-05-10 00:51

So there’s this guy with a very South African accent attracting a lot of attention on YouTube right now. He’s running on water. Yup. That’s right. Not just walking. He’s running with his special “water repellant” shoes across the water like a stone skimming the service. Or is he? (See video below.) Ashton Kutcher tweeted […]

Lolly Jackson

Farewell to Teazers’ King of Sleaze

By SAPeople 22-01-21 21:41

Police have still not located the main suspect in the murder of Lolly Jackson, owner of South Africa’s largest chain of strip clubs, Teazers (see VIDEOS below). Jackson was gunned down at a friend’s home in Edleen, Kempton Park on Monday night. His assailant allegedly called police to confess to the murder and to hand […]

Adopt a Meerkat for Earth Day

By SAPeople 22-04-10 19:04

Eish! It’s 40 years on since Earth Day was launched, and the Earth is having a midlife crisis with growing environmental problems around the globe. But you can adopt a meerkat – or save some dolphins in Japan – and help make the planet a better place. Earth Day (22 April) is ‘celebrated’ to highlight […]

Luxury SA Train Crashes

By SAPeople 21-04-10 16:03

A luxury South African Rovos Rail train derailed today in Pretoria, tragically killing at least two women, one of whom was pregnant. (Update: according to latest reports, there have been at least three fatalities.) The train was nearing the end of its trip, from Cape Town to Capital Park, when it derailed outside the Blue […]

Caster cast out of preliminary squad

By SAPeople 18-10-12 13:38

Caster Semenya has been excluded from a preliminary list of 57 South African squad members due to compete at the African Athletics Championships in Nairobi in July, even though she qualified last year. The 19-year-old  World 800-metres champion hasn’t raced since she won her gold medal at the World Championships in Berlin last year, and […]

South African AIDS Statistics

By SAPeople 07-04-10 23:54

Source: Vanessa Haywood press release Based on a wide range of data, including the household and antenatal studies, UNAIDS and the World Health Organisation in July 2008 published an estimate of 18,1% HIV prevalence in those aged 15-49 years old at the end of 2007 in South Africa. Their high and low estimates are 15,4% […]

Zuma’s Reaction to Terreblanche’s Murder

By SAPeople 03-06-14 13:29

President Jacob Zuma has reacted swiftly to the news of the brutal murder of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche (69), appealing to South Africans to remain calm and work together following the death of the notorious leader of the right-wing AWB. It is believed Terreblanche was hacked to death with a panga and knobkerrie late yesterday […]

BBC spends big bucks on SA studio

By SAPeople 29-03-10 11:58

by Janine Erasmus The BBC has come under a lot of flak for its decision to spend around £1-million (R11-million) on building a brand new broadcast studio in Cape Town which it will use it as its base for the duration of the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Despite most media companies’ decision to be based […]

Sharpeville Anniversary

By SAPeople 22-03-10 01:03

South Africa marked the 50th anniversary today of the Sharpeville massacre in 1960 which resulted in 69 demonstrators being killed and 180 others injured by police in the township.  The demonstrators had been marching against pass laws. Acting President, Kgalema Motlanthe made the following speech at the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Human Rights […]

Cape Town ad deemed too cheesy…

By SAPeople 18-03-10 14:51

Eternal singer Louise Redknapp is getting a lot of flak in the UK for an ad she and her husband filmed in South Africa. It could be her over-the-top breathless voice. Or the annoying way every sentence ends with ‘it’, and then finally with “Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it”. Maybe it’s the try-too-hard […]

Snap it like Beckham

By SAPeople 19-10-12 11:27

Eish. David Beckham’s already slim chance of playing in the 2010 World Cup, is now zero. The doctor who operated on his Achilles’ tendon in Turku, Finland, today has reported that it was totally torn and that Beckham will be off the field for approximately six months. According to the latest update on Beckham’s official […]

And the winners were not…

By SAPeople 08-03-10 10:03

Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon (in Invictus) and District 9 lost out at the Oscars last night. As predicted Morgan lost out to Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart) in the Best Actor category, Matt to Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) in the Best Supporting Actor category and District 9 to The Hurt Locker for Best Film. To make […]

Eish. Who put the banner up?

By SAPeople 03-06-14 13:29

Eish! We’re all for supporting South African products – so as soon as Mzansi came along with their new South African URL shortener, asking us to support SA by using them – we jumped on board, using them to shorten all our URLs for Twitter tweets. But they forgot to mention in all the promotional […]

Check Mate…Zuma’s Faux Pas

By SAPeople 04-03-10 11:39

Oh dear. Yesterday President Zuma presented Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II with a beautiful hand-painted 32-piece ceramic chess set. The gift – comprising of Zula and Xhosa warriors – would have been wonderful…except that Nelson Mandela had given the Duke of Edinburgh the same set back in 1996, a fact which Zuma realised afterwards when he […]

Zuma in a bit of a fume (on his trip to London to meet the Queen)

By SAPeople 18-10-12 13:36

(Scroll down to view a collection of the best pics on Day One of Jacob Zuma’s state visit to London.) Eish. We hate to keep putting Jacob Zuma in this section – but sometimes he does put his foot (and other body parts) in it! Today he’s in London meeting the Queen, and making headlines […]

Martha Martha Martha!

By SAPeople 25-03-13 14:37

Martha Stewart got ‘twitslapped’ in South Africa at the Design Indaba Conference where she was one of the eagerly anticipated international speakers. It appears Martha and the conference were not designed for each other. Design Indaba prides itself on being about smart, sustainable design ideas that serve the greater good, whereas Ms Stewart was apparently […]

Farewell to Femina

By SAPeople 25-02-10 15:37

Eish! First it was Citi Golf. Now it’s Femina. Another South African ‘icon’ is coming to an end. The magazine that’s been a part of South African women’s lives for decades will go on sale for the last time on March 17th with its April issue. So what has brought about the early demise of […]

Project Natal is not SA’s Natal

By SAPeople 23-02-10 11:22

Eish – we got excited for a nanosecond that the revolutionary new controller-less Xbox 360 was named after South Africa’s own Kwa-Zulu Natal. It’s called Project Natal and even Steven Spielberg is claiming “this is a pivotal moment that will carry with it a wave of change, the ripples of which will reach far beyond […]

Stolen Tazz

By SAPeople 20-02-10 00:58

From an email doing the rounds… PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN There are no words to add to this story. Without the Police photos to prove it…. no-one from anywhere in the world will believe this is possible! This Toyota Tazz was stolen in Butterworth/Transkei. It was then in an accident. Not 1…Not 2…but 3 cows were […]

Ernie slams Tiger

By SAPeople 03-06-14 13:29

Ernie Els has branded Tiger Woods as ‘selfish’ for making his 13-minute apology speech today, rather than waiting until Monday. Tiger’s 13-minute grovelling apology speech came on the third day of the Accenture Matchplay Championship in Arizona, stealing attention away from this year’s biggest golfing event so far (although Ernie’s outburst has certainly helped pull […]

You Think Joburg Drivers are Bad…

By SAPeople 03-06-14 13:29

Rant from Rozyblue OK. So it’s snowing. If you think the roads in Joburg are bad…try adding snow. Not only do 99% of the drivers here have automatics – they are too busy texting and talking to actually pay attention to driving.  Oh wait – some of them don’t know how to drive – wish […]

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