Chocolate heir dies in South African accident

By SAPeople 19-04-11 09:41

The heir to the Ferrero Rocher chocolate-making group, has died in an accident in South Africa. He fell off his bicycle whilst training during a business trip to Cape Town with his father, Michele, one of the richest men in Italy. It is suspected that Pietro Ferrero (47) suffered a heart-attack which caused the fall, […]

South African Rape Statistics

By SAPeople Contributor 28-03-11 15:47

According to, it’s estimated that women born in South Africa have more chance of being raped than learning how to read. The site also quotes a survey that was conducted amongst 1,500 Sowetan school children, in which it was discovered that a quarter of all boys said that “jackrolling” (their lingo for gang rape) […]

Annie Lennox dating South African Doctor

By SAPeople 15-02-11 13:26

South African HIV charity leader Dr Mitch Besser is apparently dating UK singer and HIV superwoman Annie Lennox. The two met during her visit to South Africa last year when she visited his HIV charity Mothers2Mothers, in Cape Town. Media reports claim that his wife is “devastated”, but they had allegedly been separated for quite […]

Wikileaks may reveal true US opinion of Mandela

By SAPeople Contributor 29-11-10 00:42

In amongst millions of secret US diplomatic documents (mainly cables) being leaked to the international media this week are comments about former South African President Nelson Mandela. The 92-year-old condemned then President George Bush for his invasion of Iraq, and it’s believed the comments follow on from this disagreement. The whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, which got […]

Mugabe’s sister passes away

By SAPeople 29-07-10 16:18

Sabina Mugabe, sister of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, has died at the age of 76, after a long illness. She was one of Mugabe’s few confidantes, and as one of the country’s former lawmakers, she was also one of his closest political allies until her retirement in 2008. A party spokesman of ZANU-PF has announced […]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Retires

By SAPeople 18-10-12 13:44

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is retiring from public life, he announced in Cape Town today…while also praising South Africans for their contribution to the world. “We surprised ourselves in how we accomplished the World Cup with panache,” said Tutu, during a press briefing today at Cape Town’s St George Cathedral where he announced that he intends […]

Mandela’s Grandchildren attacked on his birthday

By SAPeople 22-07-10 16:54

Four grandchildren of former President Nelson Mandela were attacked by armed men outside their home on the day the world was celebrating the 92-year-old’s birthday. According to police, the children had just returned to the Athol residence with a driver and were getting out of the car when they were approached by two armed men […]

Not such a Whale of a Time!

By SAPeople 22-07-10 01:10

Eish! A breaching whale came crashing down on a yacht sailing just off Cape Town. All those involved (the whale and those on the yacht) survived in tact…and are currently making headlines around the world. The incident happened on Sunday when Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner, both of Cape Town Sailing Academy were making their way […]

Airport chaos: DA says ACSA’s excuse doesn’t fly

By SAPeople 09-07-10 11:18

Over 600 football fans missed the World Cup semi-final between Spain and Germany because of chaos at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport. A spokesman for Durban airport, Colin Naidoo, blamed the air-traffic chaos on the large number of private planes jetting in carrying celebrities like Hollywood star Charlize Theron and the King and Queen of […]

Dis lekker hier!

By SAPeople 05-07-10 14:43

Eish. From an email doing the rounds… South Africa is a great country because: 1. You can eat half dried meat and not be considered disgusting. 2. Nothing is your fault; you can blame it all on apartheid. 3. You get to buy a new car every 3 months and the insurance company even pays […]

Paris arrested at the World Cup…

By SAPeople 03-07-10 00:15

Eish! Super-celebrity Paris Hilton was reportedly arrested at the World Cup today, whilst watching the Brazil vs Holland quarterfinal match in Port Elizabeth. The blonde heiress was apparently caught smoking zol (marijuana) in a larni VIP suite at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium! She was allegedly detained by police at the Mount Road Police Station […]

And another stewardess tries smuggling cocaine

By SAPeople 29-06-10 13:30

Eish. Yet another South African Airways stewardess has been charged with attempting to smuggle cocaine into the UK. Looks like they don’t learn! Just last year 30 of the airline’s crew were arrested at Heathrow Airport! This time the flight attendant is Elphia Dlamini (42) who was arrested at Heathrow on Monday during a routine […]

SA’s female condom with ‘teeth’ gets global attention

By SAPeople 21-06-10 19:41

The female condom with ‘teeth’, which was invented by a South African, is being splashed across newspapers worldwide today. Thanks to the world’s eyes being focussed on South Africa for the World Cup, its creator Sonnet Ehlers is using the opportunity to raise awareness for the anti-rape condom. Ehlers, who actually launched the prototype back […]

A Mother’s Message of Mourning

By SAPeople 18-06-10 23:24

As Former President Nelson Mandela and his family laid their beloved Zenani Mandela to rest yesterday, her mother’s message is one that will resonate with most parents. Zenani had just turned 13 when she died in a car crash last week on her way home from the FIFA World Cup Concert. Zenani was the great-granddaughter […]

Chaka Chaka calls Mugabe “most handsome”

By SAPeople 18-06-10 14:30

Eish! Yvonna Chaka Chaka has reportedly proclaimed President Mugabe as the “most handsome man in Africa”! The South African musician and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador (pictured on the right at a concert last year) was talking at the Day of the African Child commemorations in Harare on Wednesday. In her speech, she said: “Firstly, I want […]

shakira waka waka

Wake-y Wake-y – where’s the Waka Waka?

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:22

Eish. The World Cup Concert got off to a pretty good start. But due to a combination of factors, the middle bit (on right now) has steadily put a lot of viewers to sleep…who are now only staying awake to watch Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) performed by Shakira and featuring Freshlyground. It could […]

The Vuvuzela: Bafana’s 12th man

By SAPeople 03-06-14 13:29

by Bongani Nkosi Some find it quite annoying, and others even want it banned from stadiums, but South Africans love it dearly: it spurs the crowds on and is the very best local way to show support for Bafana Bafana. It’s called the vuvuzela, a long plastic trumpet that can make quite a racket – […]

Zuma’s wife cheats on HIM…allegedly

By SAPeople 23-03-13 20:56

Eish. After revelations earlier this year that President Zuma had a baby out of wedlock, it has now emerged that one of his wives has allegedly had an affair with one of her bodyguards. The rumour was printed in Zulu newspaper “Illanga” after they apparently received an anonymous tip-off. While the rumours began circulating in […]

No Benni for Bafana Bafana

By SAPeople 19-10-12 12:26

The final Bafana Bafana squad who’ll play in the Football World Cup has been announced…and it doesn’t include South Africa’s all-time top goal scorer Benni McCarthy. McCarthy’ exclusion from the final 23-man squad has shocked football fans around the world, making it bigger news than those who have been included. Although the South African football […]

Tragic Death of World Cup Singer

By SAPeople 27-05-10 23:13

We’re so sad to find out that Siphiwo Ntshebe has died, just two weeks before he was due to step on the world stage and open the World Cup. Siphiwo was such an inspiration that just last week we requested an sapeople interview with him. It turns out he was in a Port Elizabeth hospital […]

The World Cup – What’s in it for South Africa?

By SAPeople 27-05-10 14:36

Hmmmm. Zakumi, the World Cup mascot, is meant to be a South African leopard…but is (of course) made in China. And it turns out all official World Cup merchandise is being produced overseas. Which has of course upset local South African businesses who are losing out on billions of rands worth of potential profits that […]

South Africa in World Cup Migrant Crackdown

By SAPeople 27-05-10 01:45

Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Johannesburg that with three weeks to the opening of the FIFA World Cup, many immigrants are living in fear. They say they’ve been threatened with violence, similar to the xenophobic attacks of two years ago, once the tournament is over. httpvh://

Ernie Update

By SAPeople 24-05-10 01:04

After finishing the BMW Championship at Wentworth today, South African golfer Ernie Els let his critics know loud and clear how he felt about their comments about his redesign of the West course in England. According to the Guarian newspaper in the UK, Ernie said: “There is going to be criticism with any new design […]

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