ABC to Air Expose on Hunting Safari Tourism in South Africa. WATCH Trailers

By SAPeople 13-03-16 11:49

Australia will be televising a Canal Plus documentary on Monday night that exposes the game hunting industry in South Africa, where hunting often takes place in fenced off private reserves leaving the animals – who have sometimes been tranquillised or tamed (even bred for the purpose, otherwise known as ‘canned hunting’) – trapped with little or […]

Foreigners love SA

Foreigners Who Love South Africa with their Heart and Soul…

By SAPeople 15-03-16 16:35

There’s something so exquisitely special about South Africa that creeps into your soul…and never leaves. We all know it. Those South Africans who can never tear themselves away because their roots run too deep. Those expats who have left but who see visions of ‘home’ wherever they look – in potholes, tea stains and the […]


Letter to Australia from SA Expat on Holiday Back Home

By SAPeople 09-03-16 15:25

South Africans Stephen and Laura Kramer relocated to Melbourne, Australia, 20 years ago where they both work as vets. They’re back on holiday in South Africa…and loving it. With the hugest respect to all our Aussie mates (and Kiwis too!), here’s a blog Stephen wrote at the weekend for his daughter back in Australia… “Ok Manda, here’s the travel […]

Myrtle Cothill

Happy Ending for 92-Year-Old South African in the UK…She Can Stay!

By SAPeople 06-03-16 02:39

After public outrage, world headlines, a petition and relentless support from her barrister, 92-year-old Myrtle Cothill is now allowed to remain in the UK with her daughter. Her barrister, Jan Doerfel, posted the following message to the petition page on today: “Right in time for [UK] Mother’s Day, we have been told by the Home Office that the original […]

Keep the fire burning

South Africa’s Fastest Growing Fast Food Franchise Heads to the USA

By SAPeople Contributor 02-03-16 02:06

Good news for braai-loving South Africans in Nashville, Tennessee. South Africa’s fastest growing franchise – Chesa Nyama – is heading stateside. The take-away restaurant chain, which boasts food that’s “flame grilled the traditional way”, has grown from just one store to 300 in just three years! Just over two weeks ago, on 12 February, Chesa Nyama’s holding […]

Lupita and Trevor

Lupita Nyong’o and Trevor Noah’s “Very Good” Conversation

By SAPeople 04-07-18 14:34

Two of Africa’s greatest exports – South African comedian Trevor Noah and Mexican-Kenyan Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o – sat down in New York for an interview with journalist Philip Galanes. As the actress wrote on Facebook: “‘So two Africans walk into a restaurant in Manhattan and meet a journalist…’ – the start of a very good joke or […]


Life in South Africa: We Feared Crime and Found Kindness

By Sine Thieme 26-02-16 19:15

Before we made the decision to move from the United States to South Africa in late 2009, we had our doubts. From what we read in one expat forum after another, South Africa – and the city of Johannesburg in particular – was a cesspit of crime. If we were so foolish as to move […]


South Africans in Fiji Devastated…But Still Smiling (Just) After the Cyclone

By SAPeople 13-03-16 21:10

Three weeks after Cyclone Winston left tens of thousands homeless in Fiji, South African expat Claude Hall reveals what he and others have been going through since the category five storm – the worst ever recorded in the southern hemisphere – ripped through the South Pacific country leaving 44 dead and 62,000 homeless (that’s 7 percent of Fiji’s population). Unicef […]

Myrtle Cothill

92-Year-Old South African Widow Will NOT Be Deported from UK on Tuesday

By SAPeople 20-02-16 02:49

Ninety-two year old Myrtle Cothill has been given a reprieve and will not be deported from the UK back to her birth-country South Africa on Tuesday, as was originally ordered by the Home Office. According to UK news reports late Friday, the British Home Office has cancelled the removal direction in order to consider more […]

Not moving back to South Africa

Why I’m Still Not Going Back to South Africa…

By SAPeople Contributor 18-02-16 16:31

A couple of years ago I wrote an article on my blog (Rant!) entitled ‘Why I will not go back to South Africa’ (see below). It was largely incited by the Oscar Pistorius trial, which was happening at the time – I’d just had a baby and found myself sitting glued to my cell phone […]

The Other 21 Facts A South African Expat Wants You To Know About His Home Country

By SAPeople 17-02-16 19:21

Here’s the remaining 21 of 42 interesting tidbits about South Africa to enrich your understanding and save you several lifetimes trying to truly experience all SA has to offer. With a buffet of landscapes from mountain ranges to sprawling savannahs, forests to white sandy beaches – it’s a feast for the hungry tourist (and yes, I am biased)… […]

Travelling with children to South Africa

THE FACTS Unabridged Birth Certificate: Travelling to South Africa with Children

By SAPeople 15-02-16 17:44

Travellers to South Africa have been confused by headlines claiming that the law requiring minors to travel with an Unabridged Birth Certificate (UBC) had been “scrapped”. The law has not yet been scrapped… but Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom said in a statement today that his department is in “intense discussions” with Home Affairs to implement […]

Zola Budd and Mary Decker

Zola Budd and Mary Decker Reunite at Fateful Stadium

By SAPeople 08-02-16 14:03

What a gorgeous picture – Zola Budd and Mary Decker at the Los Angeles Coliseum in the USA, 32 years after that fateful race that changed Budd’s life forever. The former South African barefoot runner posted the photo on her facebook page on Sunday, saying: “Mary and me at LA Coliseum after more than 30 years!!! […]

Home Affairs Confirms New Passport Measures are on Track

By SAPeople 06-02-16 19:51

Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Director General Mkuseli Apleni said in a statement yesterday that the DHA is on track with the implementation of those Cabinet concessions on immigration rules which were announced in October 2015. These include an extension of the expiry date of the Parental Consent Affidavit, and the future roll-out of South African passports […]


South Africans Working in Aspen Gather on the Ski Slopes

By SAPeople Staff Writer 30-01-16 11:38

Under the headline “Saffa Day at Snowmass”, a Colorado newspaper snapped 60 South Africans who are working in Aspen during the winter season, with the South African flag draped on the snow in front of them. The Aspen Times said, “A group of roughly 60 South Africans who are working in the area for the […]

Missing Cape Town as #Blizzard2016 Hits USA and Flights Cancelled

By SAPeople 24-01-16 03:11

A South African chef, Bruce Marais – who now lives in the USA – has posted the following videos and photos revealing the extent of the record-breaking Winter Storm Jonas – which some have called Snowzilla – as blizzards and gale-force winds have hit the USA this weekend, causing thousands of flights to be cancelled…including those […]

Why We Are Staying – For The Kids

By SAPeople Contributor 27-12-15 11:31

There’s a weird thing happening in South Africa. Well, to be fair, there’s a lot of weird sh@# going down. But I’d like to focus in on the niche weirdness of white, upper-class parents in SA at this point in time. And their seemingly unchecked yet (in my opinion) unbalanced rhetoric: “We’re really thinking about […]

south africa flags

#ZumaMustFall Petition Gathers Numbers as Expats Are Encouraged to Head Home for the Municipal Elections

By SAPeople 11-12-15 01:14

It’s the straw that appears to have broken the country’s back. South Africans are uniting in their anger over yesterday evening’s sudden removal of finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, by President Jacob Zuma, and are saying #EnoughIsEnough. Supporters of a #ZumaMustFall movement are signing a petition, planning a march and asking  those expats abroad to return home […]

10 Things I Love About Being An Expat in Kuwait

By SAPeople Contributor 21-11-15 16:58

I often get asked the question… “What’s it like living there?” The truth? I find it hard and amazing in equal measures. I could go on about the hard stuff but I won’t. The challenges are not that major to be honest. What makes some things hard is not that they’re bad but rather that they’re different. […]

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