Cape Town Safer than Paris, At Least So the Stats Say

By NIEL RAMSAY LOUW 20-11-15 15:56

This article is not meant to belittle the horrible events that occurred in Paris on 13 November but to highlight the notion that the winds of change have brought new terrors that should make one rethink traditional conceptions of safety. Eleven-Thirteen (11-13) is another infamous date to be added to 9-11 and 7-7; another senseless act of terror; another deadly […]

Where Will You be Watching the SA vs Wales Quarter-Final Match?

By SAPeople 13-10-15 09:10

There’s a resounding message from South Africans abroad: “Let’s get together this Saturday!” It’s the Rugby World Cup quarterfinal. South Africa vs Wales. At Twickenham. Kicks off at 5pm SA time. Where will you be? We’ve been inundated with messages from expats around the world wanting to know where they can watch the game in […]

Bafana Bafana Gets Home Support from SA Expat in Costa Rica

By SAPeople 08-10-15 20:10

South Africa will have at least one representative in the crowd tonight at the Bafana Bafana match in Costa Rica. She’s South African expat Elizabeth Cubas who’ll be patriotically cheering for her country all the way! “I have been living in Costa Rica for about eight months and loving it here,” she says. “I do miss […]

Home – Wherever That Is…

By SAPeople Contributor 06-10-15 08:51

A few months ago, my host mother in South Africa shared a nugget of wisdom which I found quite profound. She said, “Lydia, sometimes you look and wait for a sign towards something when actually, you’ve already been given the sign, you just missed it because you chose not to see it or it wasn’t what […]

Cameron Van Der ‘Best’ Makes Young Sports Fans’ Day!

By SAPeople 03-10-15 13:32

Two young and eager fans of sports sensation Cameron van der Burgh were bitterly disappointed today to not watch the South African swim in Singapore after hazy conditions caused Saturday’s FINA World Cup finals to be cancelled. They were all dressed up with nowhere to go. But their disappointment soon turned to joy after the swimming star – who won two Golds and […]

Go For It Trevor! You Have the Whole of South Africa Behind You!

By SAPeople 29-09-15 09:01

Congratulatory messages of pride and support have been pouring in for Trevor Noah from his fellow South Africans all over the planet…as television viewers in America, and parts of the world, get ready for the South African comedian’s debut on Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ in a few hours’ time. Whilst Trevor will be alone in that […]

Elon Musk – “South Africa was Quite a Violent Place”

By SAPeople 27-04-22 19:43

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed to Vogue magazine that he was bullied at school whilst growing up in South Africa. In an article headed “Elon Musk Wants to Change How (and Where) Humans Live”, Musk – who went to school in Johannesburg and Pretoria – says that the bullying was so bad that there was […]

Government Says 2,000 Have Lost Citizenship in 4 Years

By SAPeople 22-09-15 18:11

At least 2,000 South Africans have lost their citizenship since 2010 after becoming the citizens of other countries, the Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, said on Monday. In reply to a question from the Democratic Alliance in parliament, Gigaba said about 500 South Africans a year had lost their citizenship in the past four years. He […]

So What Do South Africans Overseas Miss Most?

By SAPeople Contributor 18-09-15 16:25

Braaivleis, bokke fans, free toilets and thunderstorms. These are a few of the things that South Africans abroad miss most according to a fun new list on Matador Network. The list – 19 things South Africans miss most when they’re abroad – was compiled by South African blogger Caroline van Looy. Take a look and then let us know if […]

South African expat missing home

The Anxious Expat Who Really Missed Home

By THE SWEDISH AFRICAN 16-09-15 12:06

I used to think anxiety and depression were all a load of hogwash, those things cray-cray, pill-popping people go through; until, quite suddenly, I woke up as an expat living abroad and didn’t feel at all myself. It started with a panic attack in the middle of the night, when I was woken up by […]

Email Suggests Cabinet May Discuss Dual Citizenship After All

By SAPeople Contributor 14-09-15 17:27

After Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba reassured the media and public last week on Thursday that a review of dual citizenship is not on the cards, it has been revealed today that the government is gathering statistics on South Africans with dual citizenship. A message sent to South Africans in the Philippines this morning, from the […]

Alternative Options to Using the South African Post Office

By SAPeople 13-09-15 16:07

While the South African Post Office (SAPO) is seemingly on the road to recovery with major re-engineering initiatives for “the sole benefit of its customers”, a newly launched corporate strategy, new board of non-executive directors and the search for a new CEO after the recently announced “mutual termination” with the Group CEO Christopher Hlekane – there are still […]

No Plans to Review Dual Citizenship Laws, Says SA Minister

By SAPeople Contributor 10-09-15 13:37

There are currently no plans to review South Africa’s dual citizenship laws, the government said today. Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba said this on Thursday when briefing journalists in response to media reports that the African National Congress (ANC) was considering a review of dual citizenship laws at its upcoming National General Council. He appealed for […]

You Know You’re No Longer New to South Africa When…

By Sine Thieme 10-09-15 06:30

When the six of us – my husband, myself, and our four children – first arrived in South Africa in 2010, it seemed like an alien and exotic land to us. There was much to learn navigating everyday life, even though, coming from the United States, we thought we shared a common language. I published the […]

US Warns of Possible Attack on US Interests on South African Soil

By SAPeople 10-09-15 06:30

The United States Diplomatic Mission to South Africa issued a security message in Pretoria today – Tuesday 8 September 2015 – warning of a “terrorist threat to U.S. interests in South Africa.” The message for its US citizens reads: “The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to South Africa has received information that extremists may be targeting U.S. […]

Kevin Anderson Powers Through to Quarter Finals in US Open!

By SAPeople 10-09-15 06:30

South African tennis player Kevin Anderson (29) powered through to his first Grand Slam quarter final on Monday night…knocking Britain’s Andy Murray (28) out of the US Open at Flushing Meadows. It was a brilliant match, the longest in the tournament so far (four hours and 18 minutes), ending with – as tennis veteran John McEnroe described it […]

Calling the Rand Bottom. Time to Repatriate Money from Overseas?

By SAPeople 10-09-15 06:30

I am getting serious questions this week whether with the Rand hitting such weak lows, now is the time to repatriate money from overseas. That’s akin to asking whether we are hitting the Rand bottom. In 2000-2001 it took a while for certainty to get home that things really were out of control for a […]

South Africans Abroad React to Report over Dual Citizenship

By Guest Contributor 10-09-15 06:30

A report in the Sunday Times over the weekend that the African National Congress (ANC) is considering changing its dual-citizenship rules – and requiring South Africans to hold only one passport – has had a negative and sometimes sobering response from South Africans abroad. Replying to a question on SAPeople’s facebook page on how they would react […]

Trevor Noah VIDEO – “Some Say Zebra…”

By SAPeople 02-09-15 10:34

The Daily Show has uploaded another teaser video in the lead up to South African comedian Trevor Noah’s debut as host of the popular American television show, this time reassuring viewers that it will still be the same show they’ve always loved. The award-winning Comedy Central show posted the short video skit on Facebook and described […]

South African Get-Together in Europe

By SAPeople 27-08-15 11:38

South Africans in Europe recently enjoyed a get-together in Belgium… Where they had a weekend of sharing stories and experiences of life abroad, and indulging in all their favourite South African dishes. They even made their own boerewors! And had a lekker braai. All the ladies were there… And the ‘manne‘ of course! And the next generation […]

South African/British Hero Awarded France’s Highest Honour

By SAPeople 25-08-15 16:17

A grandfather who was raised in South Africa was awarded France’s highest honour yesterday, 24 August, when French President Francois Hollande presented him and three other men with the Legion d’Honneur in recognition of their bravery on Friday evening when they overcame a heavily armed man on a train between Amsterdam and Paris. Sixty-two year […]

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