Some of My Best Friends are Expats, But…

By SAPeople 06-06-15 14:41

Some of my best friends are expats. No, really. I’ve been through two waves of people leaving South Africa for various reasons, to the extent that I remember lying awake at night wondering who my future children would have as playmates. (I’m pleased to report that their social life has survived.) So now I have […]

Fiji Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald

Brave South African Expat becomes Fiji’s Newest Hero

By SAPeople 03-07-18 12:34

South African expat, Major General Bernadus Groenewald, is making headlines in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand with his bravery. Groenewald, who happens to be the Commissioner of Police in Fiji, confronted five thugs at a Suva restaurant, armed only with a chair! In a story headlined “Heroes of the Night”, the Fiji Times said the […]

NYAFF Poster featuring image from South African film Love the One you Love.

Film Festival in NYC says ‘Hello Africa’!

By Ursula Botha 27-05-15 17:45

In celebration of the 22nd New York African Film Festival (NYAFF) an exciting line-up of over 25 films from more than 15 countries from Africa will be screened 6-12 May 2015. It is thrilling to see how the vision for Africa – from Burkina Faso to Botswana, from Ghana to South Africa – is being […]

POEM: I Want to go Home

By SAPeople Contributor 12-09-16 10:56

A poem by Faieza Mx, now living in Queensland, Australia… I want to wake up to the Majestic Table Mountain Always standing, Always there, Never failing Its beauty astounding As it watches over Cape Town The ocean so blue… Camps Bay, Strand, Boulders Sea Point I want to go home to gaardtjies shouting ‘hullo, hullo, […]

Sharing Too Much on FB? SA Hubby Speaks Out on Mean Baby Pic Letter

By SAPeople Contributor 17-04-15 12:56

The South African husband of an Australian mom who received a ‘poison pen’ letter about photos she posted to Facebook has spoken out against his wife’s so-called friends. The letter is receiving worldwide attention as it grapples with a topic familiar to so many social media users.  How many baby photos is enough? Should we really post photos of […]

South African biltong

Jerky Biltong in the USA? Um, Not So Yum…

By SAPeople Contributor 17-08-19 22:53

It had to happen. After Trader Joe’s, the hugely popular and huge supermarket chain in the USA (think Woolies but a bit cheaper), brought out its South African BBQ Potato Chips, biltong wasn’t more than a whiff away. And so the store has recently rolled out ‘The South African Inspired Biltong Beef Jerky.’ The American […]

When Deciding to Move Down Under

By Marlize Venter 14-04-15 09:36

We have all done it, and many of us will continue to do it. We have tried to sell Australia. We say, “Come, it is the best thing you can ever do. Your kids will thank you. You will be a fool if you do not take the opportunity. This is the land of milk and […]

4 Unique Things South Africans Do that I Still Don’t Understand

By Mark Wijsman 22-04-15 23:06

Moving to another place gives one the opportunity to learn and understand cultural habits and traditions, and I’ve had the fortune to do so on multiple occasions. Being abroad also gave me the chance to see my own country – the Netherlands – from an outside perspective, and see how incredibly (weird) silly we Dutchies […]

Considering Life Abroad? Embrace the Uncertainty!

By Natasha Wright 13-09-15 14:57

I was fresh out of school with boots too big to handle and an attitude to match when I embarked on the fascinating journey of life in another country. Let me just say that I wanted in no way to find myself at 18 years of age living in the middle of the countryside! I […]

Flying home to South Africa

South African Expat: When All You Want Is Home…

By Natasha Wright 08-12-20 00:18

You know the feeling; you are homesick for South Africa and you just want home. Nothing else will do. No other adventure, no prospect of promotion, you just want home. Just for one day…an hour…in such desperate times even a minute would do! As I sit at my desk I can hear the wind howl, […]

33 Things you should know before moving to South Korea

By SAPeople 29-09-16 00:27

South Korea has become a popular destination for young South Africans who want to teach English, have an adventure, save some money and experience an entirely different culture. So we asked Capetonian Helena Lorimer, who has spent three years teaching English in South Korea, to give us the lowdown on everything a South African should […]

South African model Candice Swanepoel embraces her mother

Candice Swanepoel in Charity Shoot and Video

By SAPeople Contributor 29-01-20 19:26

South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel has put a smile on many faces in the past week – modelling for Operation Smile charity and posing in video clips. But the biggest  smile  was the one on her own face…when she spotted her mom at the airport in South Africa. She described it, on Instagram, as “that […]

Scandal continued to swirl around Prince Albert II as he married Charlene yesterday

Newlywed Prince Albert of Monaco Faces Paternity Tests

By SAPeople 17-10-20 15:46

New reports in local French magazines suggest that the Monaco rumours of the past week may have more truth to them than the palace let on, as it emerges that Prince Albert II – who married South Africa’s Charlene Wittstock this week – may have to face more paternity tests for at least one child, […]

A letter from Italy…

By SAPeople 13-09-15 14:57

by Fabio Di Caro, matriculated at KES in Houghton in 1980 Just wanting to let you know that things have not turned the positive way for a lot of us in europe, I am one of them, to be precise I did not choose to come to this Italy, which I deeply hate for all the possible reasons,I […]

flamenco dancing pix

Lee Schneider On Teaching Flamenco (Spanish Dancing)

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:07

I taught flamenco (Spanish dancing) since 1995 at a studio in Houston… writes Lee Schneider. In 2003 I moved to the D.C. area and struggled to find a similar opportunity. My very large house had a huge basement with three unfinished rooms. One of those rooms was always considered as a potential dance studio. In […]

A view from Chicago

By SAPeople 13-09-15 14:57

Submitted by Jules Cohn Hi ALL, We live 30 miles from Chicago. We immigrated to this part of the world 14 years ago. I lived in Jo’burg and my wife is from Norhtcliff. I grew up in Delmas and recently sent stories to SA Jewish Report on life there in 50’s, 60′ and 70’s. I […]

Reg Bamford of 1st Contact fame

An Interview with 1st Contact Founder Reg Bamford

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:04

Reg Bamford’s website 1st Contact is one of those must-use sites for any South African on  a working holiday to the UK. Here, the 42-year-old entrepreneur – who happens to have walked to the North Pole – discusses life, lessons and the positive attitude that enabled him to build a successful company overseas. 1. You […]

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