SA’s “Future President” Shoots from the Hip…and Nobody is Spared

Twenty-one year old Busi Skinn’e Mjiyakho has caught a lot of people’s attention with her three letters to black people, white people and the South African government (all published below) which she posted on Facebook this weekend. So who is Busi?

 Busi Skinn'e Mjiyakho

Busi, “future President of South Africa”. Photo of Cape Town: Ryan Higgo

“I’m the future president of South Africa but for now I’m an (un)registered law student at the University of Cape Town (who is working on finding creative solutions to pay off my student debt),” she says. And she means it.

“The law faculty has given me permission to study this year while I attempt to find the money for last year’s fees. They also believe in my vision for presidency So it’s totally legal.”

Busi is a “Zulu girl from KwaZulu Natal who was raised by my Gogo and my two other guardians who just happen to be white. So I don’t have difficulty relating to people because of race. I have grown up ‘on both sides’ so to speak.”

Since posting her three letters the overwhelming response has been positive…although there has been some negative abuse hurled in her direction, but the student – who’s proud to have a very positive view of the world – says she’s not letting that get to her.

“I can’t let that stop me because my vision for South Africa is greater than my ego. If you don’t encounter any negativity or opposition, you’re clearly doing something wrong.”

Busi believes that “transformation needs to start in our homes and in our communities. We need to speak about our past in a manner that preaches ‘never again’ rather than ‘us vs them’.

Here are her three letters:

Dear White People:

You are not being punished. There isn’t a White Genocide Project. Get over yourselves. You still have your white privilege. Acknowledge your privilege. Understand your privilege. Accept your privilege. You can [spare] us your guilt because it’s not conducive to real transformation.

You still have a vote. You have everything you had before 1994 except the power to legally control and subject the majority to your weird superiority complexes.

Now jump on board; this isn’t an ‘us vs them’ thing. It’s a South African project. We can’t do this effectively without your support and cooperation.

We’re trying to build a nation that we can all be proud of. Sulking in a corner and mumbling about how grayyyt life is in Europe is not going to change a damn thing. If you’re not willing to contribute to the dialogue and have meaningful engagement I suggest that you book your flight now. I can even help you pack.

Dear Black People (South African):

No, black man you are not on your own, we live in South Africa. Our motto is “KE E: /XARRA //KE” which means ‘diverse people unite’ or ‘there is unity in diversity’.

Stop feeling so bloody entitled to everything! The government is not there to fund your lifestyle. You have more opportunities now than ever. Don’t waste them. Stop demanding free everything. Stop complaining about not having a job if you’ve never applied for one. Stop using race as a defence for all your personal failures that could have been prevented had you actually done something proactive.

Stop hating on our foreign brothers and sisters who have spotted the gap in the market and are here doing all the jobs you think you’re too good to do.

Democracy did not give you a free pass to be a lazy asshole.

Inherit your parents’ work ethic not their anger. If you’re not willing to add value to our nation I’ve got bad news because there is no Australia waiting for you.

You will never break the cycle of poverty if you look at your skin colour as your only attribute.

Being black is not a skill. It’s not a lottery ticket, nor is it VIP access. Your melanin does not write your exams for you. Get your act together.

Dear South African Government:

I know that running a country is not easy but you’re not helping yourselves here if you’re going to go about it this way. I can acknowledge all that good that you have done in the past 21 years and I know there’s still more to come.

Please remember what you fought for. Please remember why you joined the struggle.

Was it to live comfortable lifestyles while the rest of the country stays on that struggle tip? Are you not then creating a different type of elite whereby race isn’t the thing that divides us but wealth?

We, as the youth, are willing to get behind you and offer our support and do our bit for this country BUT not if this is the vision in mind.

We will not sit back and let you destroy when you have promised to build. We will not allow you to employ people who are not going to do their jobs properly.

Service delivery is our biggest downfall. Sort it out.

I am sick and tired of people who attribute all of my successes in life to the fact that I am black.

If things don’t change soon I can assure you that the number of occupations in the country will be on the rise. Parliament of South Africa siyeza.


  1. Interesting article, really dig it. My thoughts just in general which ay/may not be liked, lets see – Just yesterday I told my family the “foreigners”, Somalians in particular are really making South Africans look another level of bad and we (South Africa) cant handle it thats why we attack the poor folk knowing what they left behind; I have it on good faith Somalia aint the place to buy a retirement pad at. Silly question, all these Somalian shops that sprung up every where in town, the townships etc, did the house/building owners approach them asking them to open up shop.? Nope, they didnt. It was the other way round. Why why why are these shops by the 100s not owned by South Africans? I shall tell you why,,,Because we sit on our laurels, couch potato dont lift a finger job seekers and moan, the proverbial Lord Lord pls let me win the lotto but didnt buy a lotto ticket, jinne!!!!! Have you seen any Somalian go on strike, always more money, this, that , nope, but you see South Africans toi toi every other week disrupting our already bad service and breaking/burning, seemingly not realy worried at the destruction and bad name we continually create across the waters and elsewhere. Heavens, our lawless crime is public news across the world, Sometimes methinks we as South Africans act so clever but in fact we’re so utterly brainless. I dont say this loosly, we worry about statues and the like, burning, breaking down and what not. My point on this is; i am what my username says, an apartheid kid. Human beings, we go by sight, not hearing, well I do, I have on too many occasions fondly pointed one apartheid sight down town Jozi, Openheimer park, wasn’t allowed to enter, MoM says what a story to get silly me out of the park, the white folk escorted me out more than once. 40 plus may remember, The Springboks with water gushing upwards and over the Sringboks were aparantly a great fascination thing for me if I have to believe MoM, and I woud run into the park and stand smack bang in front of the Springboks. How do MY kids know about it ? I show it to them all the time, not “telling”. I am proud of how far we have come, I am proud of where I am going to. What will these idiots breaking down al these apartheid” statues show their chidren’s children in say 20 yrs time. Will they even grasp it from hearing not seeing. However bad some may think these apartheid memoribalias are, it is our history, and it is for our future, for our kids to see, well, againme thinks so. only in sunny South Africa does it happen. Lets play devils advocate, eg, say 20yrs from now, will we like it if a “new” ruling party break down our beloved Madiba’s statue at Mandela square???? Just the thought gives me heart pulpitations, thestatue must stand forever and ever, because like it or not, some white folk may well also not like our beloved statue, get it???
    Anyway, we as a United south Africa have more pressing things to worry about iso breaking and chopping down destroying what South Africa is, Eskom issues methinks is surely more worrying then botty supposed apartheid statues.???? Our priorities are screwed, makes me ask meself if spending time in jail for the struggle was worth it.

    Mymoena Abrahams, get over yo’self girl, I am colored born in Jhb, my birth certificate said Cape colored, at the time never even moved out of my area never mind to Cape Town, DaD was classified on his birth certificate as Cape Malay, but he born and bred in Jhb, I hold those certificates close for my chidren’s children’s chidren , hiarious how dumb some of the white folk also was nuh, also not saying this loosly, they probably died or is stik oud aready nuh
    Peace out and ya got my vote for “Preseident-ess” Busi

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