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Here’s a BIG shout out from the students of Pietermaritzburg College in KwaZulu-Natal to save our rhino. It’s better than Chinese Whispers. It’s the Rhino Shout Out Challenge…

Save Our Rhino South Africa
Artwork by Sam Cross Art

South Africa’s rhino faces extinction if poaching is to continue at its current alarming rate. Yesterday it was announced that 550 rhino have already been poached in South Africa this year. The poaching is fuelled largely by a tragically mistaken belief in Asia, particularly Vietnam, that rhino horn can cure illnesses such as cancer.  It is also regarded as a status symbol in certain circles in Asia to serve rhino horn at dinner parties.

In a bid to raise awareness and spread the word as fast as possible that South Africa’s rhino need to be saved, the guys at Pietermaritzburg College are shouting the message as loud as they can: Save Our Rhino!

John Smit

The Maritzburg schoolboys also managed to convince former Springbok captain John Smit to join them for a #‎RhinoShoutOutChallenge. (See videos below.)

World Youth Rhino Summit posted a message on their Facebook page yesterday announcing that they are gathering the largest number of video messages ever recorded as a call to action against rhino poaching and wildlife crime!

To get involved and make your voice heard:

  1. Record your personal message speaking out against ‪#‎rhino‬ poaching & wildlife crime.
  2. Share it using the hashtags ‪#‎RhinoShoutOutChallenge‬ and ‪#‎LetOurVoicesBeHeard‬.
  3. Tag and nominate your friends!

Watch Video – Pietermaritzburg College,  South Africa – Save our Rhinos ‪

Watch Video – Barrows #RhinoShoutOutChallenge

Here’s a powerful video from Barrows…

We are here to make a stand against Rhino and all wildlife poaching. We would like to nominate The Hardy Boys and Ogilvy SA to a #RhinoShoutoutChallengeLet your voices be heard!

Posted by Barrows on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

If you can’t view the video above – please click here.

Watch Video – John Smit makes a #RhinoShoutOutChallenge

The Maritzburg College guys managed to get former Springbok captain John Smit to also make a #RhinoShoutOutChallenge. He has nominated his former school, Pretoria Boys High School.