The New South African Treasure Hunt

NSATH 2015 100

It was fast. It was fun. It was clearly something people in our lovely country should do. And thanks to Kia SA for making it possible after my trusty SUV broke down just in time to not leave!

Read about the trip down memory lane – Part One and Part Two.

Despite all the bad news, we really are blessed with a beautiful land. And people.

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I’m one of those odd people who, despite travelling the world, hasn’t actually moved all that far. I’m living in the house I pretty much grew up in and doubt that I’ll ever really leave it! Like most people who live in ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, I have a love/hate relationship with the city. The thing I hate the most are the obnoxious drivers who litter our road, so if you’re ever in my hood and you’re confronted with a blonde who stops to point out you're in the wrong, steer clear.… I love that we have so many trees (and if one more person points out that, hey, like, shoo wow, we have the largest man-made forest in the world here, I’ll throw up on myself!) and that so many people are getting into the groove and getting not only indigenous but endemic – after all, I’m a serious gardener…