We couldn’t resist posting another page full of petals from Pretoria and Joburg…as the Jacaranda trees blossom so spectacularly this year, and shower the pavements with a carpet of purple petals.

Jacarandas South Africa

Blossoms & Blessings from Pretoria

Jacarandas South Africa RIA VILJOEN took most of these photos in Brooklyn, Pretoria where the tree-lined avenues are so beautiful she has already captured over 4,000 photos. Jacarandas South Africa

Jacarandas South Africa

Ria describes the scene as “magnificent, masterful, like paintings” and her album as “Jacarandas and Nature’s Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”. Jacarandas South Africa She says: “So many blossoms have fallen on me, i feel tremendously blessed…” Jacarandas South Africa Jacarandas South Africa Jacarandas at the University of Pretoria…we all know what that means!Jacarandas at University of Pretoria Jacarandas South AfricaBelow is Beckett Street next to the Union building. Ria says: “It took me 45 minutes to find the perfect shot without some person, car, taxi, photographer or runners or anything moving or being a hindrance. The glorious moment captured below paid off with the necessary patience and endurance and hope. My personal best of a street, where the trees look like a spectacular dome. I am still over the moon for this one moment of everlasting beauty.” Jacarandas South Africa Jacaranda with a splash of red bougainvillea. “It was irresistable,” says Ria. “I had to take this picture…in the street next to Beckett Street.” Jacarandas South AfricaAnd here’s a gorgeous photo in Pretoria this week, capturing a perfect South African scene by Fijma Luijk‎…Mom and baby with Jacaranda Tree, Pretoria

Johannesburg’s Purple Power

Zaakirah Loonat took these photos during an afternoon run a couple of days ago in Melrose Estate  – “So glad it’s the Jacaranda time of the year again :). Thought I’d share some beautiful pictures with everyone of this year’s purple power… Jacarandas South Africa “I stopped at Munro Drive on the way home to admire the beauty of Northern Joburg with an array of purple. :)” Jacarandas South Africa Jacarandas South Africa Jacarandas South Africa It’s no wonder people travel from all over South Africa (and even from Japan) to witness this kaleidoscope of beauty. AND THE JACARANDA VIDEO… And here’s an avenue of jacarandas filmed by Xenia Ayiotis so you can almost feel like you’re there!

Posted by Xenia Ayiotis on Friday, 16 October 2015

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