When President Jacob Zuma apologised but failed to resign tonight, South Africans waited for the ANC party to fire him, but in a press conference this evening ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said it was a unanimous decision that Zuma should stay in office.

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“The president humbled himself and apologised to the nation,” says Mantashe, adding that calls for Zuma to be sacked amounted to calls for the ANC “to tear ourselves apart”.

Reactions and memes have flooded in. Here is a selection:

Writer Eusebius Mckaiser:

“And now the ANC, through Gwede Mantashe, tells us that if the ANC were to fire president Zuma, it would be “tearing itself apart.” All that really reveals is that incompetence (Exhibit A = Zuma) is intrinsic to the ANC. Why else would recalling Zuma inherently imply the organisation tearing itself apart? Surely that’s not a message the ANC should send us, and pretend that only opportunistic opposition party leaders cared for what was said in yesterday’s judgment? It’s incredible that the ANC could deem someone like Mbeki as inferior to the organisation (and mercifully so I hasten to add), and yet Zuma seems to be superior to this organisation that has existed for many decades before Zuma was even a zygote. I suspect the ANC is being foolhardy. And avoidably so.”

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BBC’s Pumza Fihlani in Johannesburg:

“[Zuma] has been described as the quintessential escape artist, and he has done it again… The immediate reaction for many is disappointment. Remember though that Mr Zuma is a master tactician who rose to the highest office against all odds. He is not about to let that go without a fight.”

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Source: Twitter/Refilwe Nkwana ‏@MrsNkwana: “When #Zuma said he’ll abide by the #NkandlaJudgement
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Sent in by Arlette Marais‎

Mmusi Maimane, Democratic Alliance Leader: 

“We cannot have Jacob Zuma and the Constitution in one parliament. Both those things cannot co-exist… Should parliament fail to remove Jacob Zuma, we will take any and all necessary actions that we need to take.”  

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Zuma report card
Sent in by: Luta Lutte

Bantu Holomisa:

“‪#‎ANC‬&Zuma are showing South Africans middle finger. Time 4 SAns to talk mass action against this arrogant crew.”

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jana stevens ‏@janadidthis:

“Raising my glass to all the journalists whose Friday night was stolen by a really useless speech #Zuma”

South African Presidents
Source: FB/Justice Jay-Bacca Singo: “He who is not standing on a red carpet is a thief.”

Facebook user Lauren Bradley:

“Zuma, please complete this formal apology form below. Send it off to home affairs and then wait 6-12 months for a reply.”

Formal apology

Journalist and writer Suzanne Brenner:

“Urgent ‪#‎ANCexec‬ meet is more of same self-serving claptrap. Sometimes a cliche says all: “There are none so blind as those who will not see” ”

“Summing up ruling party’s reaction 2 ‪#‎ConCourtJudgment‬ @justicemalala bemoans missed opportunity 4 gd leadership. Maybe there just isn’t any”

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Fin24 in Article headed “Zumxit will happen”:

“President Jacob Zuma will leave office but on the ANC’s terms after a defeat of impeachment vote and after local elections, said emerging markets economist Peter Attard Montalto.”

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Ranko Seitei ‏@RankoSeitei:

“If life was that simple, I apologize for my E-toll bill, my SARS bill and life went on. #Zuma”

Zuma joke

Comedian Trevor Noah: 

“Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’ve, stolen more than just your money…” – Justin Zuma


Zapiro's cartoon in the Mail and Guardian (1 April 2016) on the Constitutional Court's smackdown. Viva SA's Judiciary!-http://bit.ly/160401mg

Posted by Zapiro on Friday, 1 April 2016

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Source: FB/Max du Preez

And for old time’s sake – these two videos have resurfaced:

President Zuma jokes about Nkandla in Parliament

Thuli Madonsela – Wrecking Ball, August 2014:

And all of this happened to take place on April Fool’s Day:

April Fools