Shattered SA South African flag

After recently returning to South Africa from the UK, former radio and television personality Jeremy Mansfield left a message on Facebook yesterday lamenting the fact that everything seemed hopeless, and asking his local followers for some good news…

Shattered SA South African flag

His message read: “Back in SA and after seeing the photos from the protests in Pretoria (not via the SABC naturally), an elderly woman at the end of our street being robbed and strangled to death, our domestic worker unable to leave her home because of marauding gangsters firing shots, Malema’s divisive comments about land ownership, and is it my imagination of have the food prices gone up again? I’m feeling a bit like this picture [above]. Give me some good news about our beautiful country please.”

The BEST response came from Darla Hilary who recommended he visit because “it always shows the positive”. Here’s a list of some of the other good news sent to Jeremy:

South Africa – the Fab Stuff!

  1. Darla H
  2. There was a beautiful sunrise this morning. Cornia En Piet B (and many others)
  3. Give thanks for getting home safe and thank the Lord your last stop was not Istanbul. Ja, it’s tough sometimes to be positive. But they’re there. Deborah M
  4. Castle draft beer? Giorgio T
  5. I survived a hijacking 🙁 Debbie M
  6. It was a friend’s birthday, he asked us to not buy him any gifts, instead buy tin foods that he can donate to the poor, and he took a bunch of kids to JHB zoo, some had never seen a monkey or a lion before; my son has a job now, we have not been broken in to, hijacked or harmed. We will be leaving for 10 days in the Kruger soon. I continue to do good to others, and I give God all the Glory for blessings us with safety and good health everyday. I speak to others to hear their story and educate where i can to make a difference. I will continue to pray for our country, our people and our leaders. There is a reason God placed us on earth during this era… I will be the change that I want to see. #challenges #change4better #believe #serve #❤️ Sandra K
  7. Sharks to JoburgTomorrow is Friday and the Lions are playing this weekend. ? Niel S (and many others)
  8. You’re back, that counts as good news! Jason H
  9. It’s easy… Move to Cape Town. Michael C (although Antoinette J was quick to point out that the N2 is burning near the airport and closed in both directions).
  10. We still have the best winter weather. Reason to celebrate and braai. Annemarie A (and many others)
  11. We live in the most beautiful little village Pennington. On the South coast KZN. Of course we have crime. But. O. My word the people are beautiful warm hearted individuals… ? Judith S
  12. There are millions of employees being trained through their companies’ skills programs every day, millions of amazing South Africans that are gatvol with all the crap going on and speaking up about it, so many bright rational callers giving opinions on the radio, phenomenal growth in opposition parties, and even meditation being taught in hundreds of problem schools around the country… if we can just keep this momentum going it will soon start balancing and then outweighing the mayhem. Glynis P.
  13. The sun still rises every morning, without any protest, although it’s getting earlier. Brian W

    Durban sunrise on Sunday morning
  14. We have 110 dogs that are safe and sound from starving and being cold. Wendy B
  15. Young school learners across the country are being change agents actioning ideas to decrease or eliminate social, environmental and academic challenges through #YCAP Amanda B
  16. All the good news is on SABC apparently! Tessa T
  17. You can come visit the Kruger Park again, life is much simpler up here 🙂 Hannes S
  18. I held a young white man’s hand and my Mother held a young black man’s hand in their absolute hour of need. And yes the weather is good, my kids are good, my dogs are happy and I have a job?? Dianne R
  19. We are alive to live another day ? Karon M 
  20. Well into winter and no “load shedding”. Philip W
  21. The good news is that the weather forecasts are very accurate and the bad news is that food prices certainly have increased in the past two months. (again). John F 
  22. Table Mountain hasn’t been stolen… still there. Sharon D

    Table Mountain spotted still there, this week
  23. Municipal elections are happening soon….lets hope the anc gets a wake up call… Kurt B
  24. Inbound tourism to South Africa is booming and you can’t find space at any private lodges ???? Janine S
  25. Well… the rand strengthened against the pound… Liezel C
  26. SANRAL have gone tjoepstil… Sean A
  27. The whales are back, we are alive and healthy. I spent three days at Sabi Sabi and got great pics of leopards. My son has a great job, my nephew turned 21 today, my brother is going to be a grandpa again, work is picking up for my other brother. Is that enough? Joan D
  28. We don’t have Trump or Clinton to choose from. Dave M
  29. #1 only has to pay back 7.8 mill:-):-) Lesdee G
  30. Cape Town drivers are starting to understand ‘keep left pass right’.
  31. One can stop and consider with hope that people are not so complacent in South Africa anymore. People are now openly talking about politics and what drives our differences but realizing we all want the same basic needs as humans. A vote is not a life-time membership but the right of choice for the best team for the next 5 years for the best interest of all South Africans and the country. There is no perfect solution for all and everything but lots of Hope – come on SA!! Susan H 
  32. Hlaudi Motsoeneng says all staff are happy at SABC and they have good working relations and they getting 7% increases on Friday” soo that’s good news… I’m sure you were worried. Frith W
  33. There are still a lot of talented people in South Africa. Elidio D 
  34. We opened the biggest solar plant on the continent. Located near Kimberley, the Jasper plant was completed two months ahead of schedule. Partly funded by Google, the plant should produce enough energy to power 80,000 homes per year. We’re now in the top 10 countries worldwide for solar energy. David K 
  35. Good news: we may not have schools in Vuwani, an unbiased national broadcaster, a honourable leader, or petrol and diesel (due to planned CEPPWAWU strike starting tomorrow), but at least we still have a sense of humour (See Vishoek ANC poster)… Hercules J
  36. Our football team has never lost to Iceland. How about that! Louise P
  37. A suspect was arrested for the murder in Morningside. Andrew M 
  38. Good news! No serious earthquakes! Christine F
  39. You still have the freedom to vote on the 3rd of August. Dorothy T
  40. No matter what – it stays a blerrie mooi country… Olive F