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Heroes are starting to emerge from the devastating flash flood that hit Johannesburg 09 November 2016, leaving at least six confirmed fatalities. It wasn’t only those in vehicles who were affected by the flooding, but even people at home in Joburg, especially in low lying

Netcare911 praised a paramedic this evening who rescued a family and an elderly lady from their flooded homes even though he hadn’t been dispatched to do so. They didn’t release his name.

Netcare911 reported: “This afternoon at about 17h00, a Netcare911 paramedic was driving along Oaklands road in Orchards, Johannesburg, when he noticed a flooded area along the road.

“As he was about to make a u-turn, he was approached by a man [clearly distressed] who told him that his house was submerged in water and his wife and children were still inside.

“The Netcare 911 paramedic rushed to the scene, where he found that the house was submerged in water.

“He then broke a window to gain entry into the house.”

He found the five children and their mother huddled on top of a bunk bed, petrified and clutching each other.

The water was apparently already so high that it reached the paramedic’s chest.

“But this did not deter the brave paramedic from saving the children and their mother,” said Netcare911.

“He managed to carry all five children between four years old and twelve years old and their mother out to safety.

“Once they had reached an area without water, the paramedic then assessed them and found that they did not require medical care.”

And he didn’t stop there. He then returned to one of the houses to rescue an elderly woman and also carried her to safety.

“Netcare911 would like to salute this brave paramedic who despite not being dispatched to the call, went beyond the call of duty to save a mother and her five children as well as an elderly woman,” said Netcare911 in a statement Wednesday evening.

Photos have also shown scenes of fellow travellers trying to help each other to safety, a civilian even trying to resuscitate someone. We won’t know all the stories of all the people who stepped up today to help those in need, but THANK YOU!

Photo: FB/Netcare911
Photo: FB/Netcare911

Netcare911 has strongly advised those living in low lying areas near rivers, dams and storm water drains to please be careful.

Motorists are also advised to avoid roads that have been flooded.

Videos of Flooding and Floods in Joburg today, 09 November 2016:

Lightning strikes a tree during the storm in Joburg:

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