Golfers on a North Coast golf estate in KwaZulu-Natal were surprised by a massive moving “log” on the course… which turned out to be a splendid Southern African Python (or Rock Python).

Nick Evans, from KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, said: “This individual looks to be around the 3,5m mark, and made of pure muscle! What a beast!

“Notice how, at first, it appears to move a bit like a slug, moving in a straight line. As you’ll see towards the end of the video, when it feels threatened, it is very capable of moving rather quickly!”

The video was filmed by Kyle Caitiano.

Watch Unexpected visitor slithers across Zimbali golf course

Nick says: “These awesome pythons, South Africa’s biggest snake species, are actually in a bit of danger. Although plentiful in some areas, in others they have become either really scarce, or even extinct.

“They are killed in numbers for muthi (traditional medicine), the same sort of crisis our rhinos face, although not on the same scale. You’ll find many skins in muthi markets. Some people also kill them out of fear, and some even eat them. Habitat destruction and a decrease in prey items is also a problem. This is a protected species, and so harming it is illegal.

“It is a truly beautiful and magnificent animal. I’m so glad this majestic specimen was left alone. We need to work together in conserving this special species, through continuous education and the rescue of ‘problem animals’.

“What an amazing encounter! Lucky golfers!”