Carte Blanche: Fugitive Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren Extradited from Brazil

If he didn’t do it, why did he run? For almost a decade, murder accused Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren evaded capture. Now he’s been extradited back from Brazil to face the music.

Back from Brazil – Fugitive Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren Extradited

In 2014, Carte Blanche told the story of the cold-blooded killing of his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Andrea Venter. She had been stalked, held captive, tortured and then brutally killed in full view of security cameras and witnesses at her home. Video footage showed Jansen Van Vuuren trying to slit his own throat as he lay waiting to be apprehended.

The current affairs show recounted how justice seemingly failed the deceased as police ignored her appeals when Jansen van Vuuren violated a protection order, and was released on R15000 bail when his case went on appeal. He pleaded not guilty. But from the prosecutor to the investigating officer, even to Interpol – law enforcement never gave up their relentless pursuit of justice.

This week Carte Blanche recounts the dramatic developments after the accused skipped bail, left the country on a false passport and disappeared in South America.

Presenter Claire Mawisa says: “The last time Carte Blanche spoke to the parents of Andrea Venter, who was murdered by her former partner, was six years ago. When we returned recently to do this update, it was evident that her father had not moved on from that painful incident. He cried throughout the interview, his grief palpable.

“He physically embodied the truth that when law enforcement and the judicial system fail a victim, the entire family remains shattered. Unfortunately, Andrea’s mother has since passed away, never having seen the justice her daughter so deserved.”

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(Producer: Kate Barry | Presenter: Claire Mawisa)

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