Coalition Partners Sign Historic Agreement
Coalition Partners Sign Historic Agreement. Photo: Twitter / DA

Party leaders from across the political spectrum in South Africa today signed the coalition agreement that has established multi-party governments in hung councils across the country.

The agreement successfully formed coalition governments in all three Metro Municipalities in Gauteng, and in so doing kept the ANC out of government in these Metros, the parties said in a joint statement.

The coalition agreement was negotiated between the major role-players forming part of
these governments: The Democratic Alliance, ActionSA, Freedom Front Plus, Inkatha Freedom Party, African Christian Democratic Party and the Congress of the People.

Multi-party governments were established in 22 municipalities, amongst others Mogale City, Cederberg, George, Thabazimbi, Metsimaholo and Breede Valley. Other parties involved include community-based parties as well as regional or local parties.

The leaders of the coalition partners said they’ll act in the best interest of citizens, and – after learning lessons from past coalition governments – have set out how disputes amongst partners will be resolved. The agreement is essential to ensure stability and good governance, said the parties.

“Each coalition is committed to a culture of accountability, transparency, and good governance to be the foundation of all work performed in the municipalities. The agreement forms the core for the programs of government in each of the municipalities which will set the objectives and priorities for service delivery.

“In each municipality a Portfolio Caucus will be established to coordinate and enhance decision making; a Joint Caucus will be established to ensure coordination and good communication between coalition partners; and a Management Committee will be responsible for the dayto-day management and administration of the coalition.
The agreement also constitutes a Coalition Oversight Group which will maintain an oversight role to monitor the health and strength of the coalition relationships across the various municipalities,” said the press release.

The parties said it is of utmost importance that these multi-party governments serve as proof that the future of South Africa will include coalition governments which will “serve the communities, root out corruption, ensure better service delivery and create a conducive environment for South Africans to prosper”.