Cilliers Brink elected as Tshwane Mayor
Cilliers Brink elected as Tshwane Mayor. Photo: Twitter / Mayor Cilliers Brink

Cilliers Brink has been elected as the Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane. Brink now leads the City’s Multi-Party Coalition government.

Brink said: “I accept the role of Executive Mayor with deep gratitude and humility. I’m also very encouraged by the confidence placed in me by our multi-party coalition. Let’s build a Capital City that works for all its people.”

Solly Msimanga – DA Gauteng Provincial Leader – welcomed the election and said:

“The lingering effects of reckless lockdown policies, unlawful ANC interventions in the City from other spheres of government, poor financial decisions, and the continuous and escalating impact of prolonged stage 6 load-shedding has caused significant hardships for the City, especially with regards to its had a devastating impact on Tshwane’s finances.

“Whilst the City has been spared much of the worst political opportunism that has derailed efforts at constructive coalition government in other metros in Gauteng, instability is the clear objective of the ANC-EFF in opposition, supported by minor parties willing to put opportunism before collaboration to deliver to the residents of the City. Even physical violence has been used by this coalition of corruption to seek the disruption of service delivery-focused governance.

“But we are confident that Mr Brink, as Executive Mayor, will master these challenges with distinction.”

Cilliers Brink’s statement on becoming Tshwane Mayor

Watch Cilliers Brink explaining a few days ago what was going on in Tshwane: