Trevor Noah: “OK Uganda You Win” After Brilliant Twitter Campaign

By SAPeople 04-07-18 14:16

South African comedian Trevor Noah just engaged in an awesome conversation with ‘Uganda’ (tweeps on Twitter) that’s ended with him promising to visit their country as soon as he can. It began when he denied rumours from a media outlet that he would be headlining Uganda’s first ever International Music and Culture Week in November… […]

Baby Dominique Born With 4 Legs is Separated from Parasitic Twin

By SAPeople 21-03-17 20:12

A baby girl from the Ivory Coast has been successfully separated from her parasitic twin in what her surgeons are calling a ‘medical miracle’. Ten-month-old baby Dominique was born with an undeveloped parasitic conjoined twin that caused her to be born with four legs and two spines. Doctors say it is an exceedingly rare condition. A press […]

Winter Solstice moon over Joburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is Leading ‘African Destination’ on Fortune 500 List

By SAPeople Contributor 17-03-17 21:52

Joburg is the leading destination in Africa on the Fortune 500 List, according to a new report released by global business research company, Infomineo. The company, which specialises in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), says the region has become increasingly important for the majority of global Fortune 500 countries. The report focuses on multinationals looking at entering, […]

Airbnb Aims to Double African Customers This Year

By Guest Contributor 17-03-17 19:19

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – Airbnb expects to maintain its rapid growth in Africa this year and double its customer numbers to 1.5 million, its Chief Executive Brian Chesky and regional head told Reuters on Friday. The number of people using the online room rental service on the continent rose by 143 percent to about 765,000 […]

Sierra Leone Pastor Discovers 706-Carat Diamond

By Guest Contributor 17-03-17 00:18

FREETOWN (Reuters) – A Christian pastor has found one of the world’s largest uncut diamonds – weighing 706 carats — in Sierra Leone’s eastern Kono region. The stone, a photograph of which was posted on the president’s official website, is being stored in the country’s central bank, government sources said. A local chief from Kono […]

British Olympian Mo Farah Fronts Appeal for Starvation in East Africa

By Guest Contributor 15-03-17 16:09

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – British Olympic champion Mo Farah is supporting a charity appeal, launched on Wednesday, for 16 million people facing starvation in East Africa, including Somalia where he was born. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an alliance of 13 leading British aid agencies, are raising funds for South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and […]

Haunting Photos of Iconic Big Tusker Satao II… Killed by Poachers

By SAPeople 09-03-17 15:24

The world has been mourning the news this week that one of Africa’s few remaining iconic Big Tuskers, Satao II, was killed by poachers in Kenya.  Wildlife conservationist and keen photographer Dex Kotze spent a week in Tsavo in August 2016, where he captured several hauntingly beautiful photos of the male elephant. “I saw Satao II […]

Britain Urges Kenya to Restore Order after Rancher Killed

By SAPeople 07-03-17 11:23

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Britain on Monday urged Kenya to restore law and order in the north of the country after a British rancher – born in South Africa – was shot dead there. Numerous attacks have taken place in drought-stricken Laikipia region in recent months as armed cattle herders searching for scarce grazing have driven […]

Robert Mugabe Stumbles

Africa’s Elderly Leaders Get No Prizes for Hanging On

By Guest Contributor 05-03-17 18:46

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation recently announced that once again, no-one had earned its annual prize for Achievement in African Leadership. The prize is meant to recognise probity and commitment to democracy and, crucially, it is awarded to people who have relinquished power with grace rather than outstaying their welcome. Alas, such people are few and […]

Heartbreaking Expose of Children Mining So We Can Use Cell Phones and Laptops

By SAPeople 01-03-17 16:51

A Sky News investigation in the Democratic Republic of Congo has found children as young as four not only working, but working under extremely dangerous conditions… to mine cobalt, an essential ingredient in lithium ion batteries used in smart phones and laptops. Eight-year-old Dorsen tells Sky his mother is “already dead and I have to work […]


No Data Shows that 800,000 Nigerians Live in South Africa

By SAPeople Contributor 24-02-17 09:34

As xenophobic violence rears its head again in South Africa, a widely quoted figure of how many Nigerians live in South Africa is completely unsupported. Researched by Vinayak Bhardwaj Xenophobic unrest has flared up in parts of South Africa once again, with incidents of looting and violence reported in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The Nigerian government is […]

Hope Starts School, One Year After Viral Photo

By SAPeople 20-02-17 09:45

One year after a photo went viral around the world of Danish philanthropist, Anja Ringgren Lovén, giving water to a young, starving boy in Nigeria… she has recreated the pose with the now healthy and happy young boy, Hope. Hope had been abandoned by his family because they claimed he was a ‘witch’. Anja said: “On the […]

Tanzanian Start-Up Turns Urban Waste into “Plastic Lumber”

By Guest Contributor 18-02-17 12:07

DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A young Tanzanian entrepreneur is turning the country’s mounting plastic waste into “lumber” to help meet demand for housing in its growing cities, in an effort to reduce depletion of forests. Christian Mwijage decided he could tackle those problems in one go – by turning discarded plastic bottles into building […]

Malawi Divided Over Impact of Madonna’s Adoption

By SAPeople 09-02-17 17:01

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Experts are divided on the impact of Madonna’s adoption of four-year-old twins from Malawi, saying it could fuel child trafficking in Africa or provide relief to the country’s overcrowded orphanages. [By Katy Migiro] On Tuesday, Malawi’s High Court granted the 58-year-old U.S. singer permission to adopt the girls, following her […]

Meet Africa’s Lost Tribe in India

By SAPeople Contributor 21-01-17 18:47

Deep in the heart of India is an African tribe who still retain their African features and African roots… although their nationality and way of life is now Indian. The Siddi Tribe in Gujarat originally came from South East Africa, taken to India as slaves by the Portuguese about 750 years ago. They’re now fluent […]

Expats South Africa

Eating Insects Has Long Made Sense in Africa. The World Must Catch Up

By Guest Contributor 11-01-17 15:35

Eating insects is as old as mankind. Globally, 2 billion people consume insects, a practise known as entomophagy. It is more common in Africa than anywhere else in the world. The continent is home to the richest diversity of edible insects – more than 500 species ranging from caterpillars (Lepidoptera) to termites (Isoptera), locusts, grasshoppers, […]

Former Homeless Refugee Swims around Robben Island to Keep SA Charity Afloat

By SAPeople 30-12-16 14:52

Arafat Gatabazi, a youngster who fled the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo – on foot – to find freedom in South Africa, has completed a charity swim around Robben Island to raise funds for South African charity, LifeLine Western Cape. It’s an amazing and selfless achievement for someone who couldn’t even swim when he first […]

Terminally Ill Zimbabean Man Desperately Seeking Twin Sister

By SAPeople 24-12-16 23:38

A terminally ill 67-year-old man from Zimbabwe, Willem Erasmus, is apparently desperately searching for his long last twin sister; and has turned to social media and Southern African expats around the world to help him find her. In a post on Facebook, published on his behalf, Willem says “if you are a female born 12 […]

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