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Cwenga Maqhubela is a qualified journalist specialising in digital and multimedia reporting. He developed a passion for content creation during his high school days and decided to further his studies as a journalist. He obtained a National Diploma and Degree in Journalism at Nelson Mandela University and has been writing for various news outlets. His career highlights are working as a Digital News Producer at the SABC and Sports Editor at MadibazNews. Outside content creation, Cwenga is a sports fanatic.
carjacking numbers SA

High-technology devices are now used to hijack cars

By Cwenga Maqhubela 08-06-23 18:37

The recently released crime stats in South Africa show how car hijacking has increased in recent years. ALSO READ: LIST: Vehicles that are mostly targeted in hijackings in South Africa THIEVES GETTING HIGH-TECH DEVICES FOR HIJACKINGS The number of reported hijacking cases since the start of 2023 has slowed compared to a bleak year in 2022, […]

Another imported cholera case reported in SA

Tips: How to protect yourself from cholera

By Cwenga Maqhubela 08-06-23 18:22

Cholera outbreak has hit South Africa hard in the past month, the course of this disease is drinking dirty or polluted water. ALSO READ: Cholera nightmare worsens – death toll rises to 31 CHOLERA OUTBREAK IN SOUTH AFRICA Cholera is an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically contracted from infected water […]

eskom new battery storage

Five things that helped Eskom to slow down load shedding

By Cwenga Maqhubela 08-06-23 13:16

Eskom recently announced that there will be no load shedding during the day until further notice, the power has resorted to some measures for this to be possible. ALSO READ: Eskom spends R8 billion of diesel on load shedding in two months ESKOM EASING LOAD SHEDDING SCHEDULE DURING THE DAY The recent and unexpected shift from […]

cars manufactured in South Africa

Cars that are currently manufactured in South Africa – List

By Cwenga Maqhubela 08-06-23 11:22

A total of 16 distinct car models are currently being made by nine major vehicle manufacturers in South Africa. ALSO READ: LIST: Vehicles that are mostly targeted in hijackings in South Africa CAR MANUFACTURING CONTRIBUTING TO GDP After their downfall in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the local manufacturing industry bounced back and […]

babies put in boxes

Baby deaths decrease for 2023 in South Africa, Tembisa a concern

By Cwenga Maqhubela 07-06-23 18:37

South Africa has recorded a lower data of baby deaths in 2023 as compared to the previous year. However, Tembisa hospital is still a concern. Baby deaths rate has decreased by an impressive 3.02% from 2022, however, some hospitals are still a concern as they are recording a high number of deaths. ALSO READ: Principal and teacher […]

WhatsApp voice notes

WhatsApp: New HD photo quality feature launched

By Cwenga Maqhubela 07-06-23 17:01

WhatsApp is on course to roll out a new “HD” setting on beta versions of its mobile apps, allowing users to send, and select photos in much better quality. ALSO READ: LIST: WhatsApp to stop working on these Samsung smartphones WHATSAPP TO HAVE “HD” QUALITY PICTURES According to WABetaInfo, the new feature is available to users of WhatsApp for Android […]