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Jenni Baxter

Jenni is the co-founder and ex-chief editor of SAPeople.com, co-author of The Expat Confessions and co-parent of three gorgeous daughters. After graduating, she worked as a TV producer, political researcher and journalist in South Africa, before moving to London to interview movie stars for international magazines and to tackle British teen angst for London Weekend Television. She has also lived in Australia, and currently lives in France. Jenni is happiest paddle boarding on the Med or sipping rooibos in the bush in Africa. Contact jen@sapeople.com

Meet South Africa’s ‘Rhino Whisperer’, Jamie Traynor

By Jenni Baxter 08-09-17 13:55

We’ve all seen JAMIE TRAYNOR at some point on our timelines… in a cute rhino video, or a beautiful Dr Dolittle-type photo with little (and large) rhino clamouring to lay down in her lap and relax. The 23-year-old brightens our day – and those of the animal orphans in her care – with her wholehearted […]

pat lambie

Pat Lambie Stands Up for Rhino with Hard-Hitting, Heartfelt Film

By Jenni Baxter 26-09-17 22:47

Rugby star Pat Lambie may play for the Sharks, but he’s passionate about saving South Africa’s rhino… and has recently teamed up with wildlife filmmaker Graham ‘Dingo’ Dinkelman, to create a promo video for a documentary to raise awareness and funds. The hard-hitting and heartfelt doc, which is currently showing on the Discovery Channel, has […]

Fish Hoek Community Rallies Together to Keep Sand Artist on the Beach

By Jenni Baxter 29-08-17 08:16

Cape Town’s talented sand artist Michael Myekwa (33) will be back on Fish Hoek beach, South Africa, tomorrow morning, thanks to the support of the local community – particularly a fellow artist – who have rallied together to ensure Michael obtains the all-important permit allowing him to do so… The community had been devastated when […]

Princess Diana’s SA Trainer is Keeping Her Secrets Safe, Unlike Channel 4

By Jenni Baxter 05-08-17 13:48

South African expat and former personal trainer to Princess Diana – Jenni Rivett – has joined Diana’s brother and other close friends in publicly defending the privacy of her late great friend… as Channel 4 is controversially poised to broadcast footage on Sunday which was taken during private speech coaching sessions in 1993. Writing in […]

Expat Survival Guide for South Africans Abroad

By Jenni Baxter 03-07-18 12:38

Some South Africans like to call it the ‘chicken run’, but leaving your homeland and settling into a new country is definitely not for sissies! You’re far from home, far from most of your friends and family… and in the beginning nothing’s familiar. Here’s an expat’s survival guide for South Africans abroad, based on tips […]

Chad le Clos Reveals He Fought for Gold for His Mom

By Jenni Baxter 27-07-17 09:42

South African swimmer Chad le Clos opened up in a press conference in Hungary last night after his incredible win in the 200m butterfly race, reclaiming the world champion title. He admitted that his tears as he received his gold medal were for his family, especially his mother who he thought he would lose to […]

Elephant Poaching Rises, as Rhinos Continue to be Slaughtered in South Africa

By Jenni Baxter 24-07-17 16:37

While Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, made hollow claims this morning of a “slight decrease” in the number of rhinos poached nationally between January and June this year, her efforts at humility in “not claiming victory” yet and offering “cautious optimism” were cold comfort for anyone who cares about a species that is facing extinction […]

Proud South Africans’ Selfie with Belgium’s King and Queen Makes TV News

By Jenni Baxter 23-07-17 11:57

Two very passionate #ProudlySouthAfrican South Africans made their way into the news in Belgium yesterday when they posed for selfies with the King and Queen of Belgium… draped in their South African flags! A Belgian follower of SAPeople, Linda Gevaerts, kindly sent the photo to SAPeople yesterday, taken at the famous Tomorrowland Festival, one of […]

Joburg Student, 1st Ever to Graduate in His Family, Gets Masters from Harvard Law School

By Jenni Baxter 14-07-17 13:44

South African student Tshidiso Ramogale is being celebrated on social media for his awesome achievement – obtaining a Master’s Degree from Harvard Law School. The humble graduate is meanwhile celebrating his family and friends who “carried” him all the way. According to a post on Wednesday by Olgar’s Auto Nigel, Tshidiso said: “Graduated! First in my family to […]

Check It Out Babes… We Got Lions

By Jenni Baxter 09-07-17 23:10

Check out this wonderful capture of a large pride of lions in Pilanesberg, South Africa… and if you’re South African (or a fan thereof!) you’ll love the running commentary! Filmed by Bianca near Bakubang this evening, she said: “Wow wow wow! We saw this pride early this morning but lying down and very cold. Now […]

South African YouTube Star Caspar Lee Meets the Queen

By Jenni Baxter 03-07-18 13:45

South Africa’s Caspar Lee was received by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in England tonight, where a function was held for the Queen’s Young Leaders Award Winners. After meeting the Queen, the 23-year-old South African expat – and YouTube star – posted a photo of himself shaking hands with the British monarch, saying “Yaaaaas […]

knysna fire pony horse

Burnt Pony, Lost in Knysna Fire, Follows Its Heart Home

By Jenni Baxter 05-12-20 21:37

Following the massive fires that ravaged the Knysna area earlier this month, Karen Rademeyer sent out urgent pleas for people in the area to look out for her five missing ponies. This last week, one of those ponies – Cody – followed his heart all the way home to her, 16 days later, along the […]

South African YouTube Sensation Caspar Lee Gets an Invite from the Queen

By Jenni Baxter 03-07-18 13:46

South African YouTube sensation – and millionaire – Caspar Lee has received an invite from Queen Elizabeth II to Buckingham Palace! Caspar – whose full name is Caspar Richard George Lee – casually posted the invitation yesterday, with a dig at one of his teachers from South Africa, saying: “Shoutout to the teacher who said I […]

Goosebumps! Watch Knysna Shows Gratitude to Firemen with Special Parade

By Jenni Baxter 17-06-17 17:34

Knysna held a Firemen’s Parade on Saturday morning to thank the teams that worked so tirelessly and selflessly, in such frighteningly dangerous conditions… as fires raged across the region a week ago, taking seven lives, including that of a firefighter. This morning those brave firefighters were honoured in the town, with grateful residents coming out in […]

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