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Lisa Greyson is a multimedia content producer of podcasts, video content, radio imaging and news articles. Sparked during her time as a host for a children's show, Lisa quickly fell in love with media. She is a great lifestyle writer covering a variety of topics from gift planning and pet care, to offbeat news. Needless to say, she loves what she does!
dogs hearing senses

Furry Fun Fact: A dog’s hearing senses

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 13:03

Welcome, fellow pet enthusiasts to today’s furry fun fact! Pets can do all sorts of crazy – and wonderful – things, can’t they? We bet you discover new things about them on a daily basis. ALSO READ: How to switch your dog’s diet to raw food Have you ever heard of a singing dog for example? Join […]

dogs indigestion

Why do dogs bark at trees?

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 12:21

Dogs bark for various reasons – from spotting squirrels to reacting to random noises. Sometimes, they do so for no apparent reason. Barking at trees might be a puzzling change if your dog typically barks at people or cars. With some persistence and effort, this behavioral issue can be resolved. Do you have a pet […]

Snow alert

Where do birds go in the winter?

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 12:09

In winter, some birds seek shelter from harsh weather conditions. While some birds migrate, others adapt to their regular habitat. WHAT BIRDS DO WHEN IT SNOWS During snowfall, birds actively seek suitable shelter. They look for warm, predator-free spots with access to food. Here are some common hiding spots for birds during the snow. 1. […]

How to stop your dog from barking at other dogs during walks

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 18:31

Walking our dogs benefits both them and us. Everyone gets exercise, and dogs stay less bored with their energy released. It’s a win-win situation! However, meeting other people walking their dog can be tricky if your dog barks at others. ALSO READ: Top 10 best dogs to share bedtime with It can rile up other dogs and […]

cat loves you

Signs your cat really loves you

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 12:51

As your cat’s loving caregiver, you might wonder about their feelings towards you. It’s natural! Many fellow pet owners share this curiosity, with thousands of Google searches every month. ALSO READ: Why do cats shed their claws? Rest assured, your bond with your cat is special and unique. Enjoy the love, cuddles, and companionship! – or is […]

cat litter box

Why your cat isn’t using the litter box

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 10:59

Returning home to an unwelcome “surprise” on the floor? It’s part of being a cat owner. Cats might not always use the litter box as expected, even if they’re well-behaved. Sometimes, they choose different spots, especially when scared or trapped. If this happens a lot or your cat avoids the litter box entirely, it could […]

toxic houseplants for pets

The 10 most toxic houseplants for pets

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 10:41

Plants are fantastic for bringing life to your home! However, even if you have a green thumb, it’s important to know that some plants aren’t suitable for pets. When selecting plants to beautify your space, be mindful of these ten common household plants that can be harmful to cats and dogs. Avoid toxic household plants […]

cute pet video

WATCH: Cute pet video of the day – 28 July

By Lisa Greyson 28-07-23 13:31

While our pets bring us great joy and company, their ability to make us laugh makes them even more special. And that’s just one of the reasons why we see so many viral pet videos. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy this heartwarming pet video. ALSO READ: Home Pet Videos and Pictures Submissions: JULY EDITION CAT CRYING WHEN HE CAN’T SEE HIS PERSON – […]

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