Friday, September 25, 2020

australian hunter patrick-boyle-rescue-koalas-australiapatrick-boyle-rescue-koalas-australia

Young Hunter Rescues 9 Koalas in Australian Fires

A young 22-year-old hunter is being hailed a hero for risking his own life to save nine koalas injured by the relentless fires ravaging...

Almost Half a Billion Animals Killed in NSW Fires in Australia

Around 480 million animals are estimated to have been killed in New South Wales (NSW) alone since the start of  bushfires which have turned...

Army Allows Evacuating Australians to Flee Fire with Pets on Board...

Just like Noah's Ark, except that was for a flood not a fire, local residents of Mallacoota in Australia have been allowed to evacuate...
australian fire

Australia Fires Lead to Mass Exodus, NSW State of Emergency… as...

It's "bedlam" in parts of Australia as fires continue to rage and officials expect conditions to worsen on Saturday. Mass evacuations are currently underway,...
krefeld zoo memorial for animals burnt in fire

Sky Lanterns May Have Caused German Zoo Fire, Killing 30 Animals

New Year revellers sending Chinese lanterns into the sky to celebrate the New Year are suspected to be to blame for the fire at...
beach fighting fires australia

Thousands Shelter on Beaches in Australia as Fires Continue to Rage

About 6,500 people are taking shelter on beaches along the coast in Victoria as fires continue to rage, according to ABC News' latest figure...
donald trumped impeached

Donald Trump Historically Impeached, Lashes Out at Widow

In a historic move, Donald Trump has been impeached... although that does not mean he will stop being the President of the United States....
london underground story

Mind the Gap: The Beautiful Underground Story That’s Gone Viral (Grab...

Almost every South African expat in London - and friends and family who visit them - has laughed at one point or another at...
an attack on any one of us sign in london after stabbing attack

Praise Pours in for London Bridge Heroes After Fatal Stabbings

The "extraordinary bravery" of ordinary Londoners who bravely took on a knife-wielding attacker on Friday afternoon and wrestled him to the ground on London...
British chef gary rhodes cause of death head injury

Gary Rhodes Died Because of Head Injury, Says Family

World famous British chef Gary Rhodes died from a head injury, his family confirmed in a statement today. In their message yesterday, following the...