WhatsApp voice notes

Why you should think twice about using WhatsApp voice notes

By Ray Leathern 02-08-23 23:15

What started out as a playful artificial intelligence (AI) tool to recreate your own voice, now has a dark side. AI is being used for nefarious means, tech experts have seen a rise in generative AI cloning people’s voices, reports Business Tech. As a result, they are urging caution over the use of WhatApp voice notes […]

VPN myths

Debunking common VPN myths: Separating fact from fiction

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 02-08-23 15:15

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as one of the most popular tools for safeguarding online activities. However, as with any widely adopted technology, several myths and misconceptions have arisen around VPNs. In this article, we aim to debunk these common VPN myths and shed light on the truth behind these powerful tools. MYTH 1: […]

WhatsApp change

WhatsApp now has two new security features

By Corné van Zyl 01-08-23 17:53

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has announced two new security features to protect its users. THERE ARE TWO NEW WHATSAPP SECURITY FEATURES “Protecting the privacy of your messages remains the driving force behind what we’re building at WhatsApp. While End-to-end encryption is the foundation to ensure your calls and messages are secure, we continue to add more […]

Digital Migration

Government embraces dual-step strategy for digital migration

By GCIS Vuk’uzenzele 27-07-23 18:04

The government has resolved to adopt a two-step approach in implementing the analogue switch-off as part of the Broadcast Digital Migration programme. ALSO READ: Villagers express concerns over migration to digital television “This approach is expected to be a win-win approach that will enable analogue switch-off progress, release spectrum and allow key stakeholders to recover from […]

Elon Musk Japan low birth rate

Elon Musk’s ‘X.com’ domain was made ‘possible’ by tech experts

By SAPeople 26-07-23 11:45

Investor and billionaire Elon Musk is no stranger to strange decisions, like the rumoured cage fight against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Musk bought the social network giant Twitter for approximately $44 billion in 2022 and recently announced his plans to change Twitter and its familiar blue bird to a simple X instead. . Musk has been sitting on the domain […]

SA airports new technology

SA airports: New robotic technology to be introduced for better customer experience

By Sundeeka Mungroo 19-07-23 16:37

ACSA’S PLANS FOR SA AIRPORTS South Africa’s airports are set to see some technological changes in the near future, after Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) announced their plans to digitalise passenger experience at airports. ALSO READ: Airlink to launch new Johannesburg-Nairobi flights According to Travel News, ACSA Chief Information Officer, Mthokozisi Mncwabe, said that the need to change ACSA’s […]

Threads app

Zuckerberg’s Threads app faces regulatory battle

By AFP 12-07-23 15:55

US tech titan Mark Zuckerberg has plunged into a high-stakes game of brinkmanship with the European Union by withholding his new Threads app from users in Europe, but analysts say he will struggle to win the fight. THREADS Threads, billed as the killer of Twitter, a platform that has tumbled into chaos under the leadership of mercurial […]

Threads users

Threads app gets over 100 million users in under five days

By AFP 10-07-23 15:16

The Threads app launched by Instagram as a rival to Twitter has signed up more than 100 million users in less than five days, data tracking websites said on Monday, smashing the record of AI tool ChatGPT for fastest-growing consumer app. ALSO READ: Legal battle? Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads vs Elon Musk’s Twitter While ChatGPT took two months to […]

Elon Musk world's richest person list

Mark Zuckerberg prepares to launch Twitter’s rival app

By AFP 04-07-23 15:49

Elon Musk spent the weekend further alienating Twitter users with more drastic changes to the social media giant, and he is facing a new challenge as tech nemesis Mark Zuckerberg prepares to launch a rival app this week. ZUCKERBERG Zuckerberg’s Meta group, which owns Facebook, has listed a new app in stores as “Threads, an […]

SAFA closer to implementing VAR

By Eliot Mahlase 27-06-23 19:15

The South African Football Association (SAFA) said they are one step closer to implementing the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the country. In an effort to improve the standard of local refereeing, SAFA is looking at introducing the VAR system which is being used around the world. The association also confirmed that a letter was […]

Always hosting parties at your Airbnb? Some new tech could stop you

By Sundeeka Mungroo 27-06-23 18:03

AIRBNB’S NEW SCREENING TECH Airbnb recently launched new reservation technology designed to reduce the risk of noisy parties being thrown at properties in South Africa. According to reports from Tourism Update, the new Reservation screening technology helps identify potential higher-risk reservations and prevent those bookings from being made on the app. ALSO READ: Airbnb now offers new […]

Flying taxi services: One year away from becoming reality

By Lorne Philpot 26-06-23 08:50

Hang on your taxi is on its way! The reality of hopping into flying taxis is not that farfetched. The idea of producing flying taxis has moved a step closer to becoming reality in the not-so-distant future. A working prototype of the new Volocopter was demonstrated at the Paris airshow last week. EVTOLS Companies aiming […]

Vehicle hijackings

High-technology devices are now used to hijack cars

By Cwenga Maqhubela 08-06-23 18:37

The recently released crime stats in South Africa show how car hijacking has increased in recent years. ALSO READ: LIST: Vehicles that are mostly targeted in hijackings in South Africa THIEVES GETTING HIGH-TECH DEVICES FOR HIJACKINGS The number of reported hijacking cases since the start of 2023 has slowed compared to a bleak year in 2022, […]

WhatsApp change

WhatsApp to add popular screen sharing feature for video calls

By Mimi Mfundisi 30-05-23 19:55

WhatsApp will soon add a new screen sharing feature to its services. This feature is popular on apps such as Zoom and Teams. WhatsApp has started beta testing a new feature that allows users to share their device’s screen during a video call. ALSO READ: Explainer: How to edit text messages on WhatsApp WHATSAPP TO ALLOW […]

Elon Musk

Neuralink: FDA approves Elon Musk’s brain-chip firm for human trials

By Mimi Mfundisi 26-05-23 16:47

United States regulators have given approval for Elon Musk’s Neuralink to conduct clinical trials of brain chips on people. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given Elon Musk’s brain-implant company Neuralink the green light for its first-in-human clinical trial. According to Reuters, this is a critical milestone for the company after it struggled to […]

best smartphone cameras - favourite movile apps eating your data

Which smartphones have the best quality cameras in 2023?

By Hennely Nel 23-05-23 16:39

The best phones take photos and video that can rival traditional cameras, these are the top smartphones with the best quality. ALSO READ: LIST: Here are the best smartphones under R3 000 in South Africa SMARTPHONES WITH BETTER QUALITY THAN AN ACTUAL CAMERA The best camera phones offer a tantalizing combination of the pinnacle of imaging technology […]

hotel holograms

New technology for hotels: Front desk meets hologram

By Hennely Nel 22-05-23 15:53

A hotel in Denmark has introduced new technology at their front desk – in the form of a hologram. According to skift.com, the hologram system, made by start-up company, Holoconnects, was installed at the Aiden hotel in Herning, Denmark earlier this year. ALSO READ: Two SA hotels take spots on TripAdvisor’s ‘Top 25 Hotels in Africa’ list […]


Uber to launch accounts with extra safety features for teenagers

By Mimi Mfundisi 19-05-23 18:17

Uber has announced that they will now allow teenagers (13-17) to own accounts with extra safety features on their app. Transporting services company, Uber is expanding its rider base with a new service that lets teenagers experience a trip and ride alone. ALSO READ: Taxi drivers destroy Uber cars for offering cheaper rides [Pictures] UBER TO […]

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