Vuvuzela Fever plus Videos

By SAPeople 19-10-12 11:34

Vuvu Fever is spreading. Everyone’s uploading a vuvuzela video to YouTube. Here are some of the best (or worst!). And latest news on the Vuvu is that while some international TV stations  are scrambling to find a way to mute them, and over 100,000 people have signed up on a Facebook page calling for a […]

shakira waka waka

All the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert Videos

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:20

If you missed the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert – or loved it so much you want to watch it again, here are the links to watch each performance (the official videos) on YouTube. Although, first here’s an unofficial video of Shakira and Freshlyground’s Waka Waka (This Time for Africa): Alicia Keyes Alicia Keyes […]

Kickoff Concert Videos

By SAPeople 11-06-10 10:49

Some of the best bits from the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert on 10 June 2010 in Soweto (BTW Full repeats of the concert are still playing at Vevo.): httpvh:// “Waka Waka” by Shakira and featuring Freshlyground (although it looks like they just filmed this from a TV so the quality is poor): httpvh://

Zulu kids dance for Shakira

By SAPeople 11-06-10 09:58

Shakira talks to and dances with Zulu kids in South Africa. You can also click here to learn more about Shakira’s foundation (which she started at the age of 18 to help thousands of children get an education and nutrition): httpvh://

shakira waka waka

Do the Waka Waka

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:18

Finally – here’s the FAB video for the official World Cup song – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) performed by Shakira and fab SA band Freshlyground. If the video disappears again – try Shakira’s site. Here’s the Waka Waka performed live in Soweto at the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert on 10 June: […]

Tom and Jen at the MTV Awards

By SAPeople 07-06-10 19:56

Not South African – but just too funny to not share with South Africans! Watch about 2 minutes in when Tom Cruise (aka Les Grossman) dances with Jennifer Lopez…

Do the Diski Dance!

By SAPeople 19-10-12 11:36

South Africa’s Diski Dance – a jive where football moves are transformed into dance – is becoming as big as the Makarena and moon walk.  So clearly – it’s important that you know how to do it for the World Cup! So here are two videos – the first has fab SA scenery and shows […]

Leon Schuster’s Survival Guide to South Africa

By SAPeople 06-10-19 11:02

Leon Schuster has a new movie out called “Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to SA” which (as per usual) makes fun of SA’s politicians and taxi drivers…as well as those vuvuzelas. Watch the trailer here: In an interview with FilmConnect, Schuster praised this South African quality. “It is one of our greatest strengths as a nation. […]

Sing Along to SA’s Anthem

By SAPeople 27-05-10 13:15

Here’s the music and the words… httpvh:// There’s no excuse not to learn it. Even this little kid has it mastered… Baby Singing Nkosi Sikele South Africa’s Anthem – A funny movie is a click away And if you’re still having problems remembering the words – here’s a PDF of a Simple Guide to the […]

Take the Test

By SAPeople 23-05-10 22:51

From an email doing the rounds at the moment: Here’s the new High School Exit Exam – you only need to get four correct in order to pass. Can you do it (without scrolling down to see the answers first)? 1) How long did the Hundred Years’ War last? 2) Which country makes  Panama hats? […]

Die Antwoord are Skopping It!

By SAPeople 07-09-12 15:36

Jislaaik! It’s all happening for Die Antwoord, South Africa’s rap-rave band. After rocking the house at Californian music festival Coachella last month, they’ve announced more USA dates in July and – through an interesting tattoo – that their new 23-track album’s dropping soon (see video below). Die Antwoord was the surprise hit at Coachella, a […]

Katie Holmes’ sexy dance with Tom Cruise

By SAPeople 06-05-10 10:25

Katie took to the stage for a surprise performance with Tom at a Hollywood charity gala over on Saturday evening. The 31-year-old actress serenaded her 47-year-old husband with ‘Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets, from 1955 musical Damn Yankees. The couple were guests at A Fine Romance Benefit for The Motion Picture and Television Fund. httpvh://

Nandos Ads Make Fun of Foreigners

By SAPeople 02-01-21 17:23

Check out the latest Nando ads, featuring Bra Chris and playing on the perceptions foreigners coming to the 2010 World Cup have about South Africa: All South Africans carrying baggage on their heads. (C’mon guys – do it for your country!): All South African men have many wives. (And again…c’mon guys – do it for […]

Don’t Touch Me On My Studio Visagie vs Malema

By SAPeople 16-04-10 16:56

Julius Malema had another tantrum last week in Limpopo at a youth league conference, hot on the heels of his recent outburst against BBC reporter Jonah Fisher. And the AWB guys haven’t been behaving themselves that well either. So some guys in South Africa have put together a video to show South Africans can and […]

Malema vs BBC Journo and more

By SAPeople 29-08-12 13:37

ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema ‘asks’ a BBC journalist to leave his press conference: Below: an interview with Max du Preez about Malema.  The book The World according to Julius Malema was written and compiled by Du Preez and Mandy Rossouw from the Mail & Guardian Below: Debora Patta vs Julius Malema – an […]

ZA Moving Violations

By SAPeople 30-03-10 13:23

Report on Taxi Drivers striking because of police ‘discrimination’ and ‘harrassment’! httpvh://

I Now Pronounce You Black and White

By SAPeople 21-03-10 23:06

Check out the trailer for South African movie ‘I Now Pronounce You Black and White’, due for release in May 2010. More info about I Now Pronounce You Black and White. Visit the official movie website.

Live Oscar Streaming…

By SAPeople 08-03-10 00:18

Watch live streaming video from theoscars at Read more about the South African nominations for tonight’s Academy Awards.

South African Adverts

By SAPeople 25-02-10 18:06

Check out these South African ads: Cremora (It’s Not Inside – It’s Onnnnn Top!) – South African version: httpvh:// Cremora (It’s Not Inside – It’s Onnnnn Top!) – original version: httpvh:// Castrol Oil Ad httpvh:// Mrs Balls Ad (for all those South African expats who miss Mrs Balls!) httpvh:// I Wanna Be a Simba Chippie […]

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