Inspired by Durban’s humble bunny chow – a curry served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread – the Full English Bunny, which was last year named the winner of the Innovative Breakfast award category in the British Best Breakfast Awards, continues its popularity in the UK for those who fancy their breakfast in bread!

South African Bunny Chow
Inspired by the South African bunny chow, the Full English Bunny is named Innovative Breakfast in the British Best Breakfast Awards, in January 2016. (Image: FB/Bunnychow)

And along with this treat, which mixes the best of British and South African traditions, are a couple of other meals with a lekker South African twist…all served at the Bunnychow in London, which has been up and running since 2013.

The Full English Bunny contains the usual breakfast go-to items – sausage, bacon, mushrooms, beans, tomato, black pudding and fried egg in a hollowed-out brioche.

Other uniquely South African bunnies served at Bunnychow include chakalaka chicken and bobotie meatballs…as well as the ‘naked bunny’ (where you can “strip off and go bread free”).

And here are four other ideas from BunnyChow that may whet your appetite:

BunnyChow: “BEHOLD! Our less infamous but delicious Yoghurt Bunnies.”

Yoghurt Bunnies

BunnyChow: “#Breakfast n’ #beer. If we served alcohol with weekend brunch, would you?”

Bunnychow with castle
Photo: Instagram/BunnyChow

BunnyChow: “Rich, thick chocolate, oozing out of freshly baked, warm brioche, topped with crispy green…”

Bunnychow with chocolate
Photo: Instagram/BunnyChow

BunnyChow: “Snack Life. #snacks #biltong #bunnychow”

Bunnychow snack of biltong

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