6-year-old plays with king cobra

WATCH – 6-year-old boy plays with massive king cobra

By TheSouthAfrican.com 30-06-23 16:37

Searching for the latest trending videos on Twitter can be frustrating as everyone tries to ride the hashtag wave. So SA People has made it easier for you! You can now find all the latest viral moments on #TrendingTwitterVideo right HERE! Follow us on Twitter to watch the latest trending videos – and subscribe to our YouTube page to never miss another viral moment again! […]

can cats eat eggplants

WATCH – Adorable video of the day: Funny and cute cats

By Lisa Greyson 30-06-23 12:56

While our pets bring us great joy and company, their ability to make us laugh makes them even more special. And that’s just one of the reasons why we see so many viral pet videos. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy this cute pet video. ALSO READ: Furry fun facts: Siamese cat pawprints CAT VIDEO COMPILATION Today’s video features a cat video compilation. […]

dogs on airplane

What kind of music do dogs like?

By Lisa Greyson 30-06-23 11:06

The choice of music for dogs depends on their preferences. When selecting music for dogs, consider factors like tempo, simplicity of the tones, regular rhythms, and the length of musical notes. Dog preferences often align with classical music, which has calming effects and has been proven to reduce stress levels significantly. Classical music isn’t the only genre that can have […]

dogs on airplane

Pets in the workplace?: Tackling office stress and anxiety

By Lisa Greyson 29-06-23 22:15

A dog-friendly workplace has the biggest positive impact on overall well-being. This information comes from research commissioned by Purina. In this research, one in five people (20%) consider dog-friendly work environments to be more valuable than other common perks like free breakfasts, a complementary bar, and free childcare at the office. Dog-friendly offices have additional benefits, […]

dogs on airplane

Should you get a second dog?

By Lisa Greyson 29-06-23 20:04

Dogs generally like having another dog around as it provides them with a playmate and companionship. Adding a second companion to your family can make everyone’s life better and complete the canine family. It can enhance the overall happiness and well-being of your pets. ALSO READ: The world’s ugliest dog in 2023! [VIDEO] WHY ARE YOU […]

Dinokeng Game Reserve

VIDEO – Jackal tests lion’s patience

By Shyleen Choruma 29-06-23 13:08

In this latest animal sighting, a jackal daring a male lions patience. According to the Maasai Sightings, this sighting took place in Maasai Mara. ALSO WATCH: WATCH – Elephant takes over lions’ tree Jackals are small and agile. They move swiftly, and catching them requires too much movements for larger carnivores that must save their […]

What happens to my turtles in the winter?

By Lisa Greyson 29-06-23 12:55

In winter, turtles disappear because they can’t produce their own heat. Turtles live for many years, so where do they go during cold months? They brumate, which means they go into a state of dormancy. Freshwater turtles usually find shelter underwater where temperatures are more stable. In the winter, they may bury themselves in the […]

Goldfish: Freshwater Fish vs. Saltwater Fish Pets

What fish should you NOT pair up with your goldfish?

By Lisa Greyson 28-06-23 15:53

Goldfish are sociable and prefer living with other goldfish since they are temperate fish. Nevertheless, it can be enjoyable to introduce different varieties to your goldfish tank if they are compatible. When selecting a tank mate for your goldfish, there are certain fish you should steer clear of. ALSO READ: Should I play music for my […]

NSRI Helps Horses to Safety Through Flooded Orange River

For how long can I leave my horse completely alone?

By Lisa Greyson 28-06-23 11:10

Horses thrive on social interaction and companionship. It is not recommended to leave a horse alone for long periods. Ensure they are not left unattended for more than a few hours. ALSO READ: What are the BEST horse breeds for new riders? Older horses may need more frequent monitoring for health reasons. Consult an experienced equine professional for advice on extended […]

Goldfish: Freshwater Fish vs. Saltwater Fish Pets

What are common mistakes to avoid as a goldfish keeper?

By Lisa Greyson 27-06-23 19:06

We all strive to be the best goldfish keepers for our beloved aquatic friends. While some may choose to ignore proper goldfish care, most people genuinely care but make common mistakes. It’s important to learn and grow as goldfish keepers to provide the best possible life for our fish. Many new and inexperienced goldfish keepers […]

Goldfish: Freshwater Fish vs. Saltwater Fish Pets

Why is my goldfish swimming upside down?

By Lisa Greyson 27-06-23 18:29

So you wonder why your goldfish is swimming upside down – there is one reason to consider. When goldfish experience swim bladder disease, they may swim upside down due to impaired buoyancy. Swim bladder disease is a common ailment among aquarium fish that affects the function of their swim bladder. The swim bladder plays a crucial role in their […]

bird flu SA

Bird flu in SA: Seven things you need to know

By Corné van Zyl 27-06-23 16:16

The South African Poultry Association (SAPA) confirmed that farms in Mpumalanga experienced an outbreak of the highly infectious H7 avian flu strain, which is different from the H5N1 one that wiped out more than a million birds in the Western Cape the past few months. ALSO READ: Avian flu detected in Western Cape, 120 000 birds […]

national fish of South Africa galjoen

The national fish of South Africa: Do you know what it is?

By Garrin Lambley 27-06-23 16:04

South Africa’s national fish is not the great white shark or the sardine. Instead, it’s a fish that many of us would fail to recognise – the galjoen. WATCH | Clifton 4th Beach LIVE webcam: Cold, cloudy and deserted Here’s everything you need to know about the galjoen. WHAT IS A GALJOEN? According to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, galjoen are a […]

What are the BEST horse breeds for new riders?

By Lisa Greyson 27-06-23 08:40

Different horse breeds have specific qualities that make them suitable for various purposes. Arabians are known for endurance and stamina, while Thoroughbreds excel in speed. If you’re new to riding, you’ll want a calm and easy-going horse breed. However, there are no guarantees, as individual horses can vary in temperament. Having that said, here are 4 horse breeds […]

dog owner

What are the worst dog breeds for a first-time dog owner?

By Lisa Greyson 26-06-23 16:45

Have you decided to get a dog for a pet? Great! Now, it’s important to be prepared to meet all of your dog’s needs to ensure their long-term happiness and health. As a new dog owner, it’s crucial to invest extra effort into learning about your dog’s specific breed and its characteristics. For beginners, it’s […]

giraffe attacks couple

VIDEO – Mother giraffe chases hyena away to protect her calf

By Arnold Charles 26-06-23 16:27

Caught on Camera finds the most fascinating real-life moments caught on camera. CCTV cameras are often associated with catching criminals and preventing theft, they have also captured some hilarious moments, weird moments, and sometimes terrifying moments. ALSO WATCH: Thief spotted escaping SA Police vans dramatically [Video] Watch real-life moments caught on camera below. Marriage proposal goes horribly wrong […]

What are the WORST snake misconceptions of 2023?

By Lisa Greyson 26-06-23 16:17

One could encounter a snake anywhere, with over 3,000 species, except in a few areas. Around 600 snake species are venomous and can cause harm to humans. This reptile’s presence has fascinated people throughout history. ALSO READ: WATCH: Viral Pet Video of the Day – 26 June 2023 Despite our knowledge, there are still many snake misconceptions out there. Let’s […]

tourists chase animals

WATCH – Tourists in speeding vehicle chase group of animals

By Adamu Andrew Michael 26-06-23 15:59

Stay in touch with what is happening around the world with The South African’s viral video selections. The latest viral video is taking the internet by storm and for different reasons. We select the scariest, most entertaining, heartwarming, unique and cringeworthy videos trending on the internet. Today’s Viral Video is about a distressing scene of a car […]

What are the 4 best pet snakes of 2023?

By Lisa Greyson 26-06-23 15:58

Snakes have made progress in domestication through breeding for gentleness and attractive patterns becoming beloved household pet snakes. However, breeders cannot eliminate the instinct to bite completely. Even the most docile snake can bite if it feels threatened. All snakes have the potential to bite, especially when hungry, moody, or startled. ALSO READ: What are the WORST […]

rabbit myths

Debunking myths and misconceptions about rabbits

By Lisa Greyson 26-06-23 13:26

Rabbits are very popular little pets. However, there is persistent misinformation about rabbit care. These misconceptions could have negative consequences for rabbits when owners are unprepared. Let’s debunk a few of these rabbit myths and misconceptions. ALSO READ: Do bunnies need animal companions? 1. THEY ONLY EAT CARROTS A common myth, likely influenced by Bugs Bunny, is […]

Shedding snakes: How can you care for your snake?

By Lisa Greyson 26-06-23 11:47

Humans and many other animals shed numerous skin cells daily. In contrast, snakes and other reptiles have keratin skin that doesn’t shed gradually. Instead, they grow a new layer of skin beneath the old one. The old, top layer is then shed all at once. Snakes typically go through the shedding process multiple times per year. So, […]

can cats eat eggplants

Furry fun facts: Siamese cat pawprints

By Lisa Greyson 23-06-23 11:26

Welcome, fellow pet enthusiasts! Pets can do all sorts of crazy – and wonderful – things, can’t they? We bet you discover new things about them on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of a singing dog for example? Join The South African website as we set out to learn fascinating – and often humourous – fun facts […]

dog owner

What are the 3 BEST guard dogs for families in 2023?

By Lisa Greyson 23-06-23 11:11

Guard dogs are special breeds known for their strong protective instincts. A guard dog undergoes specific training to fulfill its role of guarding a designated area. ALSO READ: 5 Types of service dogs you need to know They often use biting or placing themselves between threats and their loved ones. These breeds are highly regarded for […]

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