10-year-old girl praised for rescuing pavement puppy

Khayelitsha ten-year-old saves puppy

By Fazila Olla 27-07-23 10:50

Ten-year-old Andiswa Kwele has been hailed as an animal hero by the Mdzananda Animal Clinic staff in Khayelitsha. Andiswa Kwele was walking home from school when she saw a small puppy on the pavement. “Many people would walk right past,” said Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager, “but this young child picked the puppy […]

snow in south africa

10 Tips to keep your pets safe during winter in South Africa

By Jenni Baxter 25-07-23 18:16

South Africa is facing an extreme winter-weather horror, featuring heavy rains, floods, snowfall and even landspout tornados. During a weather disaster, it is important to remember that what effects humans, can also effects our pets, and as pet owners we have the responsibility to keep our fur-family safe. Animal protection organisation Humane Society International/Africa shares […]

Dogs: Pet travel essential items

Travel tips when flying with your dog

By Lisa Greyson 25-07-23 12:53

As the digital nomad lifestyle gains popularity, pet parents share tips for traveling abroad with their dog. Travel influencer Jackie Gendron believes it’s worth it to take your furry friend along and not leave them behind. ALSO READ: The 16 Caribbean countries South Africans can visit visa-free SIMPLE TRAVEL TIPS FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG […]

Dog breeds

Why do dogs have a short lifespan?

By Lisa Greyson 24-07-23 14:04

You might have heard about “dog years” versus “human years” to determine a pet’s age and lifespan. The notion that one dog year equals seven human years is oversimplified. Different species have varying life expectancy ranges. ALSO READ: Reasons why your dog is sneezing a lot In 2021, human life expectancy is as high as 85 […]

dog owner

Why do dogs drag their butts on the carpet?

By Lisa Greyson 24-07-23 10:30

This behavior where dogs drag their butts, known as “scooting,” is a sign that your dog has pain or discomfort in their rear end. If it happens occasionally and stops, it could be due to a minor issue like dry feces stuck around the anal area. However, if the scooting is frequent, it indicates a […]

dog owner

Reasons why your dog is sneezing a lot

By Lisa Greyson 21-07-23 09:27

Occasional sneezing is normal in dogs, but repeated sneezing may indicate an underlying issue. Various reasons can cause this in dogs, ranging from minor to serious health concerns. Understanding the causes can help you care for your dog better. COMMON CAUSES WHY DOGS SNEEZE Environmental pollutants like air diffusers scented candles dust pesticides can irritate your pet’s […]

dogs hearing senses

What to do to reunite with your lost pets quickly

By Lisa Greyson 20-07-23 17:47

Don’t we all just love the outdoors? – and it’s even better when your pets are there with you. But there are risks too. During outdoor events, many pets get separated from their owners due to accidents like slipped collars or chasing after squirrels. Preparing for this possibility now can make a difference in how […]

Goldfish: Freshwater Fish vs. Saltwater Fish Pets

What should you feed your goldfish?

By Lisa Greyson 19-07-23 11:22

Goldfish are omnivores and need a balanced diet of plant and meat-based foods. Their delicate digestive system requires careful planning of their staple meals. Providing variety is crucial for keeping goldfish healthy. ALSO READ: ‘A fish with a human face’: A ghost koi goes viral [watch] Depending solely on flakes as a long-term diet can cause digestion […]

baby buck attacked

WATCH – Abandoned baby buck gets attacked by eagles

By Shyleen Choruma 19-07-23 10:59

In this latest animal sighting, two eagles try to catch a baby buck when its herd abandons it for not fitting in because of a deformity. According to the Latest Sighting, this sighting occurred at Kgalagadi. Tawny eagles are skilled hunters that seize any opportunity for a meal. With their sharp eyesight and quick decision-making, […]

How climate change is causing a communication breakdown in the animal world

How to deal with losing a pet fish

By Lisa Greyson 19-07-23 10:28

Losing a pet fish is very sad, but there are ways to remember them. Fish are clever and fascinating creatures, and they often live longer than many other pets. Even though they live underwater, fish can still form a bond with their owners. They might recognize you as their owner, especially when they ask for food. […]

dog owner

Why do people steal dogs?

By Lisa Greyson 19-07-23 09:59

Sometimes, we have to leave our dogs alone for a bit and hope to find them right where we left them when we come back. Sadly, you could become a victim of pet theft, which is becoming a bigger problem as the economy goes up and down. While it’s hard to understand why people steal […]

Unique project launched to help elephants and humans co-exist

Unique project launched to help elephants and humans co-exist

By Jenni Baxter 18-07-23 16:48

Humane Society International/Africa has advanced a unique community-based conservation project around Ithala Game Reserve to facilitate peaceful co-existence between elephant herds and local people. In collaboration with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, African Conservation Trust and the Bio-Diversity Conservation Foundation, the animal protection organisation is constructing an elephant-proof fence in the 290 km2 reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal […]

Once-a-day feeding for dogs

Can I feed my dog tomatoes?

By Lisa Greyson 18-07-23 11:59

Tomatoes are commonly found in gardens and kitchens, and dogs may find them tempting. The short answer is yes, dogs can eat tomatoes without causing immediate concern or requiring a vet visit. ALSO READ: Can excessive barking hurt my dog? Tomatoes provide antioxidants, fiber, and potential health benefits for dogs. Although generally safe, there are a […]

Beautiful South Africa

How much water do dogs need?

By Lisa Greyson 18-07-23 11:52

Dogs, like humans, require water to survive. Every cell in a dog’s body relies on proper hydration for optimal function, just like human cells. Inadequate water intake can lead to dehydration, which can cause various health issues. As a general guideline, a dog should drink around 1 ounce of water per pound of their body weight. […]

No need for panic buying of eggs

Can I add eggs to my dog’s diet?

By Lisa Greyson 18-07-23 11:25

Eggs are a common item found in South African homes and are used in various recipes. It’s natural to wonder if dogs can eat eggs, and the answer is yes. Eggs are healthy for dogs, but there are instances when they can be harmful. READ MORE: Nelson Mandela Bridge temporarily closed for maintenance HOW TO SERVE EGGS […]

elephants fight

WATCH – An intense fight between two elephants

By Shyleen Choruma 18-07-23 11:01

In this latest animal sighting, two giant elephants push each other and fight with their large tusks. According to a Twitter account, this sighting occurred at a National Park. ALSO WATCH: WATCH – Scary! Lioness climbs into safari vehicle The African elephant is the largest living land animal in the world. An elephant uses its […]

dogs ears

Why is my dog shaking?

By Lisa Greyson 18-07-23 09:30

Dogs shaking, trembling, or shivering is common, but it can be concerning if the cause is unknown. There are several reasons why a dog might shake, and most of them are not serious. However, it’s helpful to troubleshoot at home to determine if your dog needs to visit a veterinarian. If you want to understand […]

cats play with tail

Is it normal for a cat to play with its tail?

By Lisa Greyson 14-07-23 12:04

Unlike dogs, cats aren’t commonly associated with chasing their own tails. So, when a cat starts playing with or chasing their tail, it can be surprising. ALSO READ: How to know if your cat is suffering from dehydration Is it normal for a cat to engage in tail play, or could it indicate something else? The […]

Can corgis make good service dogs?

By Lisa Greyson 14-07-23 11:40

The Corgi is a highly intelligent, alert, and determined breed known for its distinctive silhouette. There are two types of Corgis: the Cardigan and the Pembroke Welsh, both of which excel as service animals. Typically, the most compatible individuals and these trained service dogs are matched. Commonly, this is carried out by organizations created especially for this. ALSO READ: Is my […]

best dog movies

Tips for socialising with an adult dog

By Lisa Greyson 14-07-23 09:49

Socialisation plays a crucial role in dog development. Unfortunately, some puppies miss out on proper socialisation for various reasons. This can lead to anxiety in dogs when encountering people, other dogs, animals, or new situations. It’s never too late to socialize an adult dog, but it’s important to proceed gradually. ALSO READ: Best dogs for first-time pet owners […]

lioness in safari vehicle

WATCH – Scary! Lioness climbs into safari vehicle

By Trending Twitter Video 13-07-23 12:21

Searching for the latest trending videos on Twitter can be frustrating as everyone tries to ride the hashtag wave. So, SA People has made it easier for you! You can now find all the latest viral moments on #TrendingTwitterVideo right HERE! Follow us on Twitter to watch the latest trending videos – and subscribe to our YouTube page to never miss another viral moment again! ALSO […]

best dog movies

Is my dog anti-social?: How to know

By Lisa Greyson 13-07-23 09:00

Owning a dog allows you to interact with other dog owners and make new friends. However, some dogs may display anti-social behavior that can impact social interactions. It’s important to recognize that not all anti-social behavior is harmless. How your dog reacts to situations, people, or other animals can affect the overall experience. It can […]

dogs on airplane

Meal Plan: Easy chicken recipe for your dog

By Lisa Greyson 13-07-23 08:42

A good meal plan is important for animals, just like it is for humans. Proper nutrition helps animals maintain a strong immune system to fight off infections. Chicken is a healthy food option for dogs when cooked correctly. If you want to learn how to cook chicken for your dog, stick around. ALSO READ: How to stop […]

Tips for a fun dog walk in the rain

By Lisa Greyson 12-07-23 12:46

When it’s raining and your dog needs to go out, proper planning and adaptability are key. Prepare ahead of time by having the necessary gear, such as a waterproof leash and a towel for this fun dog walk. Stay positive and enthusiastic, even if you’re not thrilled about going out in the rain. ALSO READ: Can […]

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