Cheetah spotted in Djibouti for the first time in over 30 years

Cheetah spotted in Djibouti for the first time in over 30 years

By Fazila Olla 03-08-23 23:21

Good news tends to be scarce in the international conservation arena, so the recent confirmation of the presence of a wild cheetah in Djibouti after an absence of more than 30 years from this Horn of Africa country had wildlife researchers smiling broadly. But one cheetah doesn’t necessarily make a population, they warned. Cheetahs are […]

Snow alert

Where do birds go in the winter?

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 12:09

In winter, some birds seek shelter from harsh weather conditions. While some birds migrate, others adapt to their regular habitat. WHAT BIRDS DO WHEN IT SNOWS During snowfall, birds actively seek suitable shelter. They look for warm, predator-free spots with access to food. Here are some common hiding spots for birds during the snow. 1. […]

How to stop your dog from barking at other dogs during walks

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 18:31

Walking our dogs benefits both them and us. Everyone gets exercise, and dogs stay less bored with their energy released. It’s a win-win situation! However, meeting other people walking their dog can be tricky if your dog barks at others. ALSO READ: Top 10 best dogs to share bedtime with It can rile up other dogs and […]

hyena eats buffalo

VIDEO – Hyena finds a sick buffalo and starts eating it

By Shyleen Choruma 28-07-23 13:01

In this latest animal sighting, a hyena finds a buffalo sleeping and starts eating it alive. According to the Maasai Sighting, this sighting occurred at Maasai Mara. ALSO WATCH: WATCH – Abandoned baby buck gets attacked by eagles A hyena strolling through the MaAsai mara encountered what seemed to be a sick buffalo and started […]

shark hunts fish

WATCH – Huge shark hunts school of fish in vain

By 27-07-23 16:00

Are you looking for on-the-go motivational, inspirational, fun and entertaining videos to boost your mood or set the tone of the day? Well, look no further. SA People has made searching easier for you with our YouTube shorts of the day! Here’s the Viral YouTube Short of the day. ALSO WATCH: WATCH – Abandoned baby buck gets […]

10-year-old girl praised for rescuing pavement puppy

10-year-old girl praised for rescuing pavement puppy

By Jenni Baxter 27-07-23 13:55

A 10–year-old girl has been praised for taking the time to rescue a small puppy she noticed on the pavement in Khayelitsha, South Africa, while walking home from school. While others would have walked right past “this young child picked the puppy up and walked all the way to Mdzananda to get it help”, says […]

Once-a-day feeding for dogs

How to switch your dog’s diet to raw food

By Lisa Greyson 27-07-23 12:25

Before switching your dog to a raw food diet, acclimate their stomach first. A quick transition might irritate their digestive system, leading to issues. ALSO READ: Top 10 best dogs to share bedtime with To avoid this, slowly integrate the new food into their current diet. Start by using raw food as a topper, allowing your […]

Why does my dog pee on me?

By Lisa Greyson 27-07-23 12:08

Being peed on by your dog is the last thing you’d expect! Dogs are known for their loving companionship and instinctive nature for basic housetraining. However, if your dog pees on you at home, don’t think they’re being rude. There’s likely a legitimate reason behind this mishap. HERE’S WHY YOUR DOG PEES ON YOU 1. […]

Goldfish: Freshwater Fish vs. Saltwater Fish Pets

Can I feed my goldfish crackers?

By Lisa Greyson 27-07-23 11:53

If you own a pet goldfish, you probably enjoy feeding it. While cracker crumbs may seem like a natural snack due to their easy availability and floating ability like fish flakes, they aren’t the best choice. Goldfish can’t digest salty, starchy foods well, so it’s better to opt for a less processed snack. Feeding crackers won’t […]

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