Sun, May 28, 2023

Mark Wijsman

Mark was born in the Netherlands and moved to South Africa to further his studies in 2010. He has not left since, and in these last few years has worked in communications and coaching. He lives in Cape Town and as a freelancer writes about life in the Mother City and his observations of living in SA as an expatriate on his website, and you can also follow him on twitter @markwijs.

Cape Town Christmas

Christmas in Cape Town is Weird…When You’re Not from South Africa

With the year coming to an end, people are preparing for the holiday season. Because of its cultural diversity and colonial history, South Africa...
Cape Town South Africa

5 Typical Things People from Cape Town Do

Someone from Cape Town recently told me that living in this city for 6 years does not make me a Capetonian. Apparently the official...

South African Rugby…As Explained by a Foreigner

After years of living in Cape Town as a Dutchman, I was able to integrate as much as possible into society. When I wrote...
Bicycle Cape Town

Cape Town is Really Not Bicycle-Friendly (Yet)

It’s not hard for any Dutch person, such as myself, to adjust to Cape Town. It’s substantially warmer and richer in nature than our...
Moving to South Africa

4 Things You’ll Have to Embrace When Moving to South Africa

So, you’ve decided to move to South Africa. First time visit? Fantastic. You’ll probably spend the first weeks walking around in safari gear with...

Surfing in South Africa: Only if You’re Brave Enough

My many years of living in Cape Town (from The Netherlands) have resulted in a large variety of interesting cultural integrations. In South Africa,...

Load Shedding in South Africa: Surviving in the Dark

Ever since the South African power supplier, Eskom, has been struggling to cope with its capacity, regular blackouts have become a part of South...

South African ‘Braai’…as Explained by a Foreigner

Previously, I mentioned several unique things South Africans do that I got to observe in the time spent living in this country (away from...

Tourists in Cape Town: Why They Make Me Laugh (with Love)

The city of Cape Town is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. And with reason. It hosts undoubtedly one of...

4 Unique Things South Africans Do that I Still Don’t Understand

Moving to another place gives one the opportunity to learn and understand cultural habits and traditions, and I’ve had the fortune to do so...