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SARS FAQ: What must I do if I agree with my auto-assessment?

By Garrin Lambley 26-06-23 15:34

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has confirmed that the 2023 tax season will start on Friday, 7 July at 20:00. This year’s tax season will run until Monday, 23 October 2023 for individual taxpayers, and until Wednesday, 24 January 2024 for provisional taxpayers. As reported by The South African website, SARS will once again use its popular auto-assessments in 2023 which have proved successful in recent years […]

The municipal emergency services remain on high alert, even though the intensity of the rain in most areas of eThekwini has now subsided.

eThekwini Working ‘Speedily’ to Restore Key Services

By SAPeople 24-05-22 17:47

eThekwini Municipality Mayor, Mxolisi Kaunda, has called upon residents to be patient as the municipality works speedily to restore key services, following heavy rains over the weekend. However many residents say they are fed up and that much of the damage has been a result of an inept municipality and lazy street cleaners. One resident […]

Using the Media Library

By SAPeople 22-09-09 04:51

This video gives brief overview of using the Media menu to upload and manage images, files and more both for your blog and as a general resource.

Introductory Video

By SAPeople 22-09-09 04:34

This video gives a 5 minute introductory walk through to new users and is an invaluable way to get people started.

Configuring your Settings

By SAPeople 22-09-09 04:32

This video gives a detailed walkthrough of the ‘Settings’ tab, covering everything except the ‘Permalinks’ menu (which you can remove using our custom plugins).

Changing your Blog Design

By SAPeople 22-09-09 04:29

This video focuses on how you can use custom headers and widgets to beautify your blog design. It also explores other theme functions (such as changing background color, font and other elements). In this example we’ve used the Dixi theme.

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