More arrests in R99 debit order scam

Arrested in South Africa? Here’s what to do

By SAPeople 25-07-23 13:04

Being arrested can be a confusing, scary experience that most people might think would never happen to them. Arrests can happen on suspicion of a crime, but sometimes might also be wrongfully conducted. Here’s what to do if you’ve just been arrested in South Africa, from the arrest to the booking process. ALSO READ: The […]

Why do dogs have a short lifespan?

By Lisa Greyson 24-07-23 14:04

You might have heard about “dog years” versus “human years” to determine a pet’s age and lifespan. The notion that one dog year equals seven human years is oversimplified. Different species have varying life expectancy ranges. ALSO READ: Reasons why your dog is sneezing a lot In 2021, human life expectancy is as high as 85 […]

dog owner

Why do dogs drag their butts on the carpet?

By Lisa Greyson 24-07-23 10:30

This behavior where dogs drag their butts, known as “scooting,” is a sign that your dog has pain or discomfort in their rear end. If it happens occasionally and stops, it could be due to a minor issue like dry feces stuck around the anal area. However, if the scooting is frequent, it indicates a […]

SASSA Mpumalanga

Struggling with SASSA? Here’s How to Understand the SASSA System

By Mimi Mfundisi 24-07-23 09:53

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is in charge of social grants in South Africa. SASSA is the government agency that issues payments like the “R350” Social Relief of Distress grant, the Older Persons grant, and the Disability grant. The system is sometimes hard to navigate and difficult to understand. ALSO READ: Another cash-in-transit truck […]

Springboks. Siya Kolisi x Makazole Mapimpi

Can the Springboks still win the Rugby Championship?

By Craig Lewis 19-07-23 09:50

The Springboks’ hopes of winning the Rugby Championship seem to have been dashed after their latest defeat to the All Blacks, but there is still a glimmer of hope. New Zealand look likely to claim the southern hemisphere title once again, a feat that will be achieved if they beat Australia on 29 July (11:45am kick […]

Zolani Mahola Lift Airlines

On This Day in South Africa: What happened on 19 July?

By 19-07-23 07:39

Look at what happened on this day, 19 July in history. From various achievements and milestones throughout human history to groundbreaking inventions and events that shaped the world we live in today. Here is a look at some of the most notable events that happened on this day ON THIS DAY: 19 JULY 1981 | French President […]

Dogs. wet food

Can I feed my dog tomatoes?

By Lisa Greyson 18-07-23 11:59

Tomatoes are commonly found in gardens and kitchens, and dogs may find them tempting. The short answer is yes, dogs can eat tomatoes without causing immediate concern or requiring a vet visit. ALSO READ: Can excessive barking hurt my dog? Tomatoes provide antioxidants, fiber, and potential health benefits for dogs. Although generally safe, there are a […]

No need for panic buying of eggs

Can I add eggs to my dog’s diet?

By Lisa Greyson 18-07-23 11:25

Eggs are a common item found in South African homes and are used in various recipes. It’s natural to wonder if dogs can eat eggs, and the answer is yes. Eggs are healthy for dogs, but there are instances when they can be harmful. READ MORE: Nelson Mandela Bridge temporarily closed for maintenance HOW TO SERVE EGGS […]

How to deal with aggressive dogs on the street

By Lisa Greyson 10-07-23 12:39

Interacting with stray or curious dogs can be an adventurous experience. Encountering an aggressive dog, however, can be intimidating. Don’t worry! We have tips to help you navigate these situations safely. ALSO READ: Understanding pet allergies: How to know if you’re allergic HOW TO SPOT AGGRESSIVE DOGS Growling or baring teeth are clear signs of aggression […]

SARS Traveller Declaration System

Need tax return HELP? Where to find all SARS mobile tax units

By Mimi Mfundisi 10-07-23 08:37

The 2023 tax season kicked off last Friday (July 7 2023), and for South Africans who need tax return help, SARS has now deployed hundreds of mobile tax units around the country. ALSO READ: Good news, TAX RELIEF is at hand for embattled taxpayers in 2023 SARS auto assessments, eFiling and MobiApp, these are just three ways the revenue service is attempting […]

Expired license? Here are all AARTO fines for license violations

By Mimi Mfundisi 07-07-23 17:21

If you have an expired license, here’s what you should be prepared to pay if you’re pulled over by a traffic officer. The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) added new municipal areas, as well as new license and registration fines to South Africa’s new traffic fine system last year. SPEEDING? Here’s a list of all AARTO speeding […]

Tax penalties

SARS FAQ: What must I do if I agree with my auto-assessment?

By Garrin Lambley 26-06-23 15:34

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has confirmed that the 2023 tax season will start on Friday, 7 July at 20:00. This year’s tax season will run until Monday, 23 October 2023 for individual taxpayers, and until Wednesday, 24 January 2024 for provisional taxpayers. As reported by The South African website, SARS will once again use its popular auto-assessments in 2023 which have proved successful in recent years […]

The municipal emergency services remain on high alert, even though the intensity of the rain in most areas of eThekwini has now subsided.

eThekwini Working ‘Speedily’ to Restore Key Services

By SAPeople 24-05-22 17:47

eThekwini Municipality Mayor, Mxolisi Kaunda, has called upon residents to be patient as the municipality works speedily to restore key services, following heavy rains over the weekend. However many residents say they are fed up and that much of the damage has been a result of an inept municipality and lazy street cleaners. One resident […]

Using the Media Library

By SAPeople 22-09-09 04:51

This video gives brief overview of using the Media menu to upload and manage images, files and more both for your blog and as a general resource.

Introductory Video

By SAPeople 22-09-09 04:34

This video gives a 5 minute introductory walk through to new users and is an invaluable way to get people started.

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