dogs hearing senses

Furry Fun Fact: A dog’s hearing senses

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 13:03

Welcome, fellow pet enthusiasts to today’s furry fun fact! Pets can do all sorts of crazy – and wonderful – things, can’t they? We bet you discover new things about them on a daily basis. ALSO READ: How to switch your dog’s diet to raw food Have you ever heard of a singing dog for example? Join […]

dogs indigestion

Why do dogs bark at trees?

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 12:21

Dogs bark for various reasons – from spotting squirrels to reacting to random noises. Sometimes, they do so for no apparent reason. Barking at trees might be a puzzling change if your dog typically barks at people or cars. With some persistence and effort, this behavioral issue can be resolved. Do you have a pet […]

How to stop your dog from barking at other dogs during walks

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 18:31

Walking our dogs benefits both them and us. Everyone gets exercise, and dogs stay less bored with their energy released. It’s a win-win situation! However, meeting other people walking their dog can be tricky if your dog barks at others. ALSO READ: Top 10 best dogs to share bedtime with It can rile up other dogs and […]

cat loves you

Signs your cat really loves you

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 12:51

As your cat’s loving caregiver, you might wonder about their feelings towards you. It’s natural! Many fellow pet owners share this curiosity, with thousands of Google searches every month. ALSO READ: Why do cats shed their claws? Rest assured, your bond with your cat is special and unique. Enjoy the love, cuddles, and companionship! – or is […]

cat litter box

Why your cat isn’t using the litter box

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 10:59

Returning home to an unwelcome “surprise” on the floor? It’s part of being a cat owner. Cats might not always use the litter box as expected, even if they’re well-behaved. Sometimes, they choose different spots, especially when scared or trapped. If this happens a lot or your cat avoids the litter box entirely, it could […]

toxic houseplants for pets

The 10 most toxic houseplants for pets

By Lisa Greyson 31-07-23 10:41

Plants are fantastic for bringing life to your home! However, even if you have a green thumb, it’s important to know that some plants aren’t suitable for pets. When selecting plants to beautify your space, be mindful of these ten common household plants that can be harmful to cats and dogs. Avoid toxic household plants […]

cute pet video

WATCH: Cute pet video of the day – 28 July

By Lisa Greyson 28-07-23 13:31

While our pets bring us great joy and company, their ability to make us laugh makes them even more special. And that’s just one of the reasons why we see so many viral pet videos. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy this heartwarming pet video. ALSO READ: Home Pet Videos and Pictures Submissions: JULY EDITION CAT CRYING WHEN HE CAN’T SEE HIS PERSON – […]

cats sleeping

Do cats like sleeping next to their humans?

By Lisa Greyson 28-07-23 10:19

Our beloved cats can be found lounging or napping all around the home, any time of day. It’s common for your cat to be close by when you’re napping or going to bed. ALSO READ: Can I give my cat Gatorade to drink? Many cats choose to stay close to their owners as they sleep for […]

dogs sleeping

Do dogs like sleeping next to humans?

By Lisa Greyson 28-07-23 09:50

Dogs may have different preferences for sleeping partners. Some prefer sleeping with their favorite person, while others may like being alone or with another dog. Factors like closeness, calmness, and providing food and water can influence their choice. Some dogs may be very attached and want to sleep near a particular person all the time. […]

Once-a-day feeding for dogs

How to switch your dog’s diet to raw food

By Lisa Greyson 27-07-23 12:25

Before switching your dog to a raw food diet, acclimate their stomach first. A quick transition might irritate their digestive system, leading to issues. ALSO READ: Top 10 best dogs to share bedtime with To avoid this, slowly integrate the new food into their current diet. Start by using raw food as a topper, allowing your […]

Why does my dog pee on me?

By Lisa Greyson 27-07-23 12:08

Being peed on by your dog is the last thing you’d expect! Dogs are known for their loving companionship and instinctive nature for basic housetraining. However, if your dog pees on you at home, don’t think they’re being rude. There’s likely a legitimate reason behind this mishap. HERE’S WHY YOUR DOG PEES ON YOU 1. […]

Goldfish: Freshwater Fish vs. Saltwater Fish Pets

Can I feed my goldfish crackers?

By Lisa Greyson 27-07-23 11:53

If you own a pet goldfish, you probably enjoy feeding it. While cracker crumbs may seem like a natural snack due to their easy availability and floating ability like fish flakes, they aren’t the best choice. Goldfish can’t digest salty, starchy foods well, so it’s better to opt for a less processed snack. Feeding crackers won’t […]

dogs pregnancy

Can dogs tell if you are pregnant?

By Lisa Greyson 26-07-23 11:04

Having a dog at home is a precious experience, creating a lifelong bond and a best friend. Dogs possess an incredible sense of smell and sharp instincts. When you become pregnant, hormonal changes cause your body scent to change, which dogs can detect. While some believe that dogs can sense pregnancy, there is no scientific […]

dogs hearing senses

What are the causes for red eyes in dogs?

By Lisa Greyson 26-07-23 10:54

As pet owners, we worry when our dogs have red eyes. Several factors could be causing this issue. Let’s explore a few common causes of red eyes in dogs. We’ll also provide valuable advice on how to handle it. Do you have a pet video or picture you’d like to share with The South African? […]

Once-a-day feeding for dogs

Possible reasons why your dog is still pooping in the house

By Lisa Greyson 26-07-23 10:21

Many dog owners have experienced their dog pooping in the house at some point. A one-off incident may not be concerning, as it could be due to being startled or eating something that needed immediate expelling. During and after toilet training a puppy, accidents can still happen. However, if your dog poops indoors regularly, it […]

can cats eat eggplants

How to help your overweight cat

By Lisa Greyson 26-07-23 09:55

Being overweight has severe health consequences, and it’s not just a human issue—our pets, especially cats, are affected too. Domestic cats, once fierce hunters, have become inactive sofa dwellers with constant access to food, leading to obesity. Unfortunately, there’s a concerning trend of obese cats on social media, portrayed as cute and funny, but they […]

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