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Eating Insects Has Long Made Sense in Africa. The World Must Catch Up

By Guest Contributor 11-01-17 15:35

Eating insects is as old as mankind. Globally, 2 billion people consume insects, a practise known as entomophagy. It is more common in Africa than anywhere else in the world. The continent is home to the richest diversity of edible insects – more than 500 species ranging from caterpillars (Lepidoptera) to termites (Isoptera), locusts, grasshoppers, […]


Do Humans Need Dairy? Here’s the Science

By SAPeople Contributor 15-12-16 18:20

A lot of people will have already made up their mind about whether humans need dairy in their diet and will be thinking that the answer is obviously “yes” or obviously “no”. But nutrition is based on science not opinion – so, here’s the latest research on the matter. Milk is an interesting foodstuff. The […]

Why Cutting Meat from Your Diet Could be a Revolutionary Act

By SAPeople 11-12-16 15:04

Controversy erupted at the University of Cape Town in 2016 when some academics suggested that only meat-free meals should be served on parts of the campus. The debates and opposition were couched in arguments around ethics and choice. They did not make connections between multiple forms of oppression, power and privilege. This meant a vital […]

Free State’s R380 Million Ghost Hospital

By SAPeople 07-12-16 10:57

In the small Free State town of Trompsburg, a new R380 million hospital continues to gather dust more than two years since its completion. Meanwhile, other clinics and hospitals in the region remain overstretched and under-resourced, according to health activist groups. Mariette Pittaway, the DA Spokesperson for Health in the Free State, says the new […]

Bill Gates Inspired by SA, Ramaphosa Warns of Alarming HIV Spike & Prince Harry Does It Again – #WorldAidsDay

By SAPeople Contributor 02-12-16 10:25

World Aids Day has been commemorated around the world, with Prince Harry and pop star Rihanna taking HIV tests in Barbados (see below); Bill Gates commending South Africa on its leadership in HIV prevention; and SA’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa calling for an urgent focus on slashing the HIV infection rate. American philanthropist Gates tweeted […]

Fossil Evidence Reveals That Cancer in Humans Goes Back 1.7 Million Years

By SAPeople 12-09-16 19:49

Cancer is often viewed as a fundamentally modern and monolithic disease. Many people think its rise and spread has been driven almost exclusively by the developed world’s toxins and poisons; by our bad eating habits, lifestyles, and the very air we breathe. Actually, cancer is not a single disease. It is also far from modern. […]

South African Dad Reaches Out to Public to Help Save Baby Daughter

By SAPeople 09-09-16 09:05

A South African family is reaching out to the public for a living donor to help save the life of their 7-month-old baby daughter, Divya Ashleey Singh. After being born healthy, Divya’s condition changed within a few weeks and she was finally diagnosed with an extremely rare – and life-threatening – liver disease called Biliary Atresia […]

Living Donation

Kidney and Kindness from Expat in Canada – “She Could Save My Life”

By SAPeople 11-04-16 00:11

Proving old friendships never die, a South African expat living in Canada has offered her kidney to her former schoolmate in Johannesburg, whom she hasn’t seen for decades. And together they are now on a journey to make sure Di gets the kidney she desperately needs, and that awareness is raised about live kidney donations. […]

First Case of Zika Virus in South Africa – No Cause for Panic

By SAPeople 20-02-16 16:07

The National Department of Health (South Africa) says although South Africa has recorded its first case of someone infected with the Zika virus, there is no cause for panic. The patient – a businessman from Colombia – is a tourist in Johannesburg, South Africa who contracted the mosquito-borne virus back home in South America, said Health Minister […]

Table Mountain, blue for Childhood Cancer awareness

Table Mountain Turns Blue for International Childhood Cancer Day

By SAPeople 16-02-16 12:18

In honour of International Childhood Cancer Day 2016, Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – was lit up in blue last night, 15 February 2016. According to CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation, South Africa) this day was started as a global collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to […]


African Stillbirth Tragedy – More Than 160 Years to Catch Up

By SAPeople 19-01-16 15:54

It will take 160 years before a baby in Africa has as much chance of being born alive as a baby in a high-income country, according to new research published today by esteemed medical journal The Lancet. The publication claims 3,287 lives are lost each day due to preventable stillbirths, and that the slow progress on the […]

Tshepo M: “I Suffer from Depression”

By SAPeople Contributor 22-12-15 16:02

I suffer from depression. These are some of the hardest words to say out loud. They may appear like just another utterance but in essence they are part of a journey that entails wallowing in the depths, a journey where “normal” is often illusive. Depression is an ailment. And like all other ailments it transcends […]

The New Age of the Old African Baobab

By SAPeople Contributor 25-06-15 17:58

The iconic, mysterious and magical African baobab, probably the most identifiable and prehistoric-looking tree on earth, suddenly seems to be coming into its own in the 21st Century. Several companies are getting the name of the tree out there – literally – selling products that take advantage of its health and medicinal properties. One company even promotes the […]

She was diagnosed with cancer. Now she’s Dancing in the Rain…

By SAPeople 04-02-15 11:40

For World Cancer Day today (4 February 2015), we thought we’d share one of our favourite South African videos ever – the morning that 36-year-old mom Gerdi McKenna’s friends and family surprised her with the ultimate act of love after she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer…but then Gerdi sent us a message that’s even better […]

Africa Stop Ebola – in song

By SAPeople Contributor 27-02-15 19:32

African music, Nelson Mandela once said, is about the aspirations of Africa. “The curious beauty of African music is that it uplifts even as it tells a sad tale. You may be poor, you may have only a ramshackle house, you may have lost your job, but that song gives you hope.” A collection of […]


SA team develops HIV monitoring tool

By SAPeople Contributor 29-09-14 12:15

A software application developed by the University of Cape Town to monitor patients on treatment for HIV and TB treatment is being implemented by countries such as Mozambique, Malawi, Vietnam and Pakistan. The electronic register, developed by UCT’s Centre for Infectious Disease, Epidemiology and Research (CIDER), is already in use in 3½000 clinics in South […]

World deaf congress comes to SA

By SAPeople Contributor 31-05-11 17:44

The Deaf Federation of South Africa (Deafsa) will host two international events in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in July 2011. The 16th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, as well as the fifth International World Federation of the Deaf Youth Camp, take place for the first time on African soil. The World Congress of the World Federation […]


By max tomlinson 13-09-15 14:55

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