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Motsoaledi Expects ‘Hurricane of Protest’ at Health Insurance Unveiling

By Wendy Mothata 20-06-18 11:59

South African Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi says he is expecting a “hurricane of protest” when he unveils the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill and the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill on Thursday. Motsoaledi said that he is not expecting a storm on Thursday, but a “hurricane”. “On Thursday this week I’ll be releasing two bills to […]

Good Samaritan Donates Kidney to Save Talented SA Artist’s Life

By SAPeople 29-05-18 17:54

A wonderful Good Samaritan in South Africa has donated his kidney to talented artist and wildlife crusader Di Wilkinson… and he did it just in time for Di and her children to celebrate Mother’s Day with joy and newfound hope. It’s now almost three week since the op on 10 May 2018, and Di and […]

DRC Launches Ebola Vaccination Programme

By Wendy Mothata 22-05-18 09:12

The UN’s health Agency has joined forces with the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to launch an Ebola vaccination programme in a quest to decrease the spread of the most recent outbreak in the country’s northwest. The World Health Organisation (WHO) will attempt to vaccinate high-risk populations with close to 8,000 doses […]

Incredible 2 Oceans Story by ANC MP, Featuring Ipeleng Khunou

By SAPeople 01-04-18 15:04

Western Cape ANC MP Cameron Dugmore posted the most incredibly moving account of his Two Oceans Marathon experience yesterday in Cape Town, South Africa. Writing on Facebook Dugmore captioned his story “My Two Oceans” and said: “I had a tough but eventually awesome Two Oceans. I clearly did not train enough and was battling from […]

Source of Deadly Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa Finally Identified

By SAPeople 08-03-18 20:39

Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, announced Sunday in South Africa that the source of the deadly Listeriosis virus has been traced to Enterprise food production in Limpopo; with polony being identified as a definite culprit. The source was identified as an Enterprise processing plant in Polokwane and has been confirmed. Results became available at midnight, prompting the […]

South African Deadly Listeriosis Outbreak Death Toll Rises to Over 100

By Wendy Mothata 07-02-18 15:32

The number of deaths caused by South Africa’s deadly Listeriosis outbreak is still escalating. According to the latest update Listeriosis has claimed 107 lives in SA, up from 61 exactly a month ago. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) announced on Tuesday that a total number of 852 laboratory-confirmed Listeriosis cases have been reported, […]

Listeriosis Put on High Surveillance as Deaths Increase to 61 in South Africa

By SAPeople 08-01-18 16:10

The South African Department of Health has put the Listeriosis outbreak on high surveillance, as 119 new cases have occurred since 5 December 2017, and 61 patients have now died. The Minister of Health is requesting that all pregnant women register on MomConnect, as SA experiences one of the largest outbreaks of Listeriosis recorded in the […]

Groote Schuur Hospital Performs 1st Bilateral Lung Transplant in W. Cape

By SAPeople 14-12-17 17:19

Groote Schuur Hospital is celebrating another first in the Western Cape. At a press conference today, it was announced that Groote Schuur has performed the first ever bilateral sequential lung transplant in the Western Cape, and the first of its kind in the public sector nationwide! The hospital – famous worldwide for being the location of […]

Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa Kills 36

By SAPeople 05-12-17 16:02

The South African Government says it is investigating an outbreak of Listeriosis in the country which has caused the deaths of 36 people. At a media briefing in Pretoria on Tuesday, Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, said the source of the outbreak is likely to be a food product consumed by people across all socio-economic […]

BBC Features South African Expat For World Aids Day

By SAPeople Contributor 03-07-18 12:12

South African expat Krishen Samuel has featured on a viral video published by BBC London today, to mark World Aids Day. Watch both videos – the BBC one and Stories of Note below… to see this expat making South Africans proud by telling his story and campaigning for an end to Aids Krishen – who […]

chris barnard

How A Historic Heart Transplant Created A Celebrity Scientist 50 Years Ago

By Guest Contributor 30-11-17 14:29

South Africa’s Chris Barnard stands out in medical history as the heart surgeon who became a global household name after transplanting the first human heart on 3 December 1967. The historic surgery captured the world’s imagination and was hailed by 20th-century historians as socially and scientifically of equal significance compared to the moon-landing in 1969. I examined […]

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Absentees Costing South Africa R16 Billion Each Year

By SAPeople Contributor 23-09-17 08:52

With 15% of the workforce absent every day in South African businesses, it pays to invest in employees’ well-being. Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA) has revealed up to 15% of staff call in sick each day in South Africa, costing the economy R16 billion per annum. However, for every three employees that don’t show up […]


A Request from A Differently Abled South African

By Guest Contributor 10-09-17 17:50

As a disabled person it is really disheartening knowing that we in South Africa recently celebrated our 23rd year anniversary of our new democracy… and still not much has been done to narrow the gap between disabled people and non-disabled people, as there is still so much stigma towards people living with disabilities and special needs. I’m not saying […]

SA Schoolgirl Discovers Rooibos Could Even Benefit Diabetic Dogs

By SAPeople Contributor 19-07-17 21:12

South Africans have always been fans of Rooibos and its benefits… and as expats have discovered, SA’s homegrown tea is becoming a firm favourite amongst healthy tea drinkers across the globe. And now a young schoolgirl has made some extraordinary findings that show Rooibos could help dogs too… Zaria Rule – a grade 7 learner […]

Ethan and Charm

South African Expat Couple Travelling the World, Teaching Yoga!

By Guest Contributor 03-07-18 12:17

Two South African expats are travelling the world, teaching yoga and living their dreams. Ethan Ward and Charmelle Taute are Ashtanga yogis, presently living in Bali. They spoke to SAPeople about becoming expats,  what they learnt from Woodridge College on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, and their next exciting venture… The couple met at Woodridge […]

What Elephants Teach Us About Cancer Prevention

By Guest Contributor 03-05-17 08:39

Every time a cell divides, there is a chance for a mutation (mistake) to occur in the DNA – the substance that carries genetic information in all living organisms. These mutations can lead to cancer. If all cells have a similar chance of developing cancer-causing mutations, then very large and long-lived animals with more cells […]

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