The Bulgarian Lions Have Been Freed! VIDEO

By SAPeople 05-04-18 00:04

The two lions brought to South Africa after being rescued from a Bulgarian zoo have landed! They have also been released into their new home in the Eastern Cape. Watch the touching video of the release of Jora and Black The lions Jora and Black, seven-year-old brothers, were rescued by the Born Free Foundation, among other conservation […]

Kevin ‘The Lion Whisperer’ Richardson on Canned Lion Hunting

By SAPeople 18-09-15 13:53

Kevin Richardson, the South African also known as the Lion Whisperer because of his close-quarters work with lions, has just released a video pleading for greater awareness of canned lion hunting is. In brief, Richardson says that canned hunting, which is being criticised by more and more conservation organizations around the world, is the hunting of a […]

Rhino Poaching South Africa

Dear World. We Need Your Help. Please. For Our Rhino.

By SAPeople Contributor 10-09-15 11:50

The following heartbreaking letter has been posted on Facebook by Nick Tredger whose rhino were killed by poachers this weekend. A Letter from Africa I am very tired and very, very angry – poachers shot our black rhino cow AND calf this weekend, they didn’t even bother to take her tiny horn they just killed […]

Passionate about Wildlife Photography

By Kierran Allen 18-06-14 13:42

Things have been a bit hectic over the past month…I had two lots of equipment stolen in the middle of three huge projects I’m busy shooting! As a photographer it’s the one thing that makes you feel like the world has come to an end. But on the bright side it was all insured, and […]


Baby Elephant Rescue – watch the video

By SAPeople 06-09-13 12:05

A video that captures the love between a baby and her mother has captivated audiences around the world, especially since this baby and mum are elephants. But the emotions they display are so human. The video was shot in Amboseli National Park in Kenya where an eight-month-old calf had fallen into a well which had […]

SA MotorCyclist rescues Calf in Distress – Video

By SAPeople Contributor 25-10-11 13:36

A kind-hearted South African motor cyclist, who rescued a calf, is becoming an internet sensation after his good deed was captured on his helmet’s camera (helmet-cam)…and uploaded to the web. Johan Gray (46) was participating in the Amageza 2012 (endurance race) rally qualifier in Gauteng when he noticed a calf struggling in a steep-walled canal. […]

Big Five cat moves into new reserve

By SAPeople Contributor 02-09-11 09:04

The revamped UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal is the result of an international conservation partnership, and has just seen its first leopard move into the area. Previous mismanagement in the park led to the eradication of a number of species. But since 2005 the park has been a project of Action for the Wild, the […]

Bringing a taste of Africa to London

By SAPeople Contributor 09-08-11 21:10

The African bush and all its beauty have been brought to central London in the form of a two-month photographic exhibition, Visions of Africa, made by award-winning wildlife filmmaking and conservationist couple Beverly and Dereck Joubert. The exhibition opened at the National Geographic store on Regent Street on 5 July 2011 and will run until 5 September. […]

Gallery: South Africa’s wildlife

By SAPeople Contributor 08-09-15 14:59

Photographed by Luke Harwood South Africa is renowned for its magnificent wildlife. From the Big Five – elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard – to the Little Five – elephant shrew, ant lion, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver and leopard tortoise – the country’s plains, seas and skies are natural treasure troves for the animal and […]

SA safaris tops at 2011 awards

By SAPeople Contributor 11-05-11 11:43

  South African establishments took home three first prizes at the 2011 African Safari awards, which were held at Durban’s uShaka Marine World on 6 May 2011. Karkloof Spa was awarded Best Safari Spa in Africa, South African Airways (SAA) got the award for Best International Airline in Africa, and Ants Nest Riding Safaris received the award for Best Riding […]

Big Shark and Little Kayak

By SAPeople Contributor 11-05-11 11:24

If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the video below of a LARGE shark swimming past a kayak in Fish Hoek. It was filmed by ‘brucehimself’ from his lounge on the 25th April 2011. In his post, Bruce presumed that “the paddler didn’t notice the shark swimming right past him” otherwise he “would have […]

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