South African Organisation takes Global Top Spot at WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards

By Love Africa 15-11-23 12:00

Responsible Tourism Partnership has announced that South African conservation organisation, Wildlife ACT, has been awarded first place for ‘Best for Nature-Positive Tourism’ at the prestigious WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards for 2023.  Having won Gold at the WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards earlier this year, Wildlife ACT was then entered into the pool of regional winners to […]

Cheetah spotted in Djibouti for the first time in over 30 years

Cheetah spotted in Djibouti for the first time in over 30 years

By Fazila Olla 03-08-23 23:21

Good news tends to be scarce in the international conservation arena, so the recent confirmation of the presence of a wild cheetah in Djibouti after an absence of more than 30 years from this Horn of Africa country had wildlife researchers smiling broadly. But one cheetah doesn’t necessarily make a population, they warned. Cheetahs are […]

6-year-old plays with king cobra

WATCH – 6-year-old boy plays with massive king cobra

By 30-06-23 16:37

Searching for the latest trending videos on Twitter can be frustrating as everyone tries to ride the hashtag wave. So SA People has made it easier for you! You can now find all the latest viral moments on #TrendingTwitterVideo right HERE! Follow us on Twitter to watch the latest trending videos – and subscribe to our YouTube page to never miss another viral moment again! […]

national fish of South Africa galjoen

The national fish of South Africa: Do you know what it is?

By Garrin Lambley 27-06-23 16:04

South Africa’s national fish is not the great white shark or the sardine. Instead, it’s a fish that many of us would fail to recognise – the galjoen. WATCH | Clifton 4th Beach LIVE webcam: Cold, cloudy and deserted Here’s everything you need to know about the galjoen. WHAT IS A GALJOEN? According to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, galjoen are a […]

Rhino poachers from the Eastern Cape sentenced.

Rhino poaching gang receive hefty sentences in Eastern Cape

By Fazila Olla 22-06-23 10:58

A six-man rhino poaching gang has been sentenced to imprisonment for terms ranging between 16 and 20 years after they were found guilty of conspiracy to commit theft of rhino horn and unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition. The six men, who were sentenced in the Eastern Cape High Court sitting in Makhanda, are Francis […]

service dogs

How do allergy-detection service dogs work?

By Lisa Greyson 21-06-23 14:21

Allergies can be bothersome and cause discomfort. So thank God for the allergy-detection service dog! Some people experience allergies that can range from minor inconveniences to severe symptoms. Among allergic reactions, food allergies are the most dangerous, and they can sometimes occur suddenly and rapidly. That’s where allergy-detection service dogs come in, to make your world a […]

introduce puppy to cats

How do you introduce a puppy to a cat’s household?

By Lisa Greyson 15-06-23 16:24

There’s nothing quite like having your own animal kingdom at home. But introducing a puppy to a cat’s home isn’t always smooth sailing. Here are some expert opinions on how you can gently and carefully introduce your dog to a cat’s environment. ALSO READ: Viral Pet Video of the Day – 15 June 2023 1. FIND […]

cheetah stalks wildebeest herd

WATCH – Cheetah stalks wildebeest herd and hunts a calf

By Shyleen Choruma 15-06-23 12:10

In this latest animal sighting, cheetah stalks wildebeest herd and hunts a calf. According to the Maasai Sightings, this sighting took place in Masai Mara. ALSO READ: SANParks to donate game to emerging game farmers How do cheetahs hunt? Unlike most cats, which are nocturnal predators, cheetahs primarily hunt in the early morning and late […]

goat thief caught

VIDEO – Goat thief caught in KwaZulu-Natal

By Arnold Charles 09-06-23 16:14

Caught on Camera finds the most fascinating real-life moments caught on camera. CCTV cameras are often associated with catching criminals and preventing theft, they have also captured some hilarious moments, weird moments, and sometimes terrifying moments. ALSO WATCH: Good for hijackers! Python found resting in car’s brake system (Video) Watch real-life moments caught on camera below. CAUGHT ON CAMERA: […]

culling seals

Six Cape fur seals wash up on Kommetjie beach after being stabbed

By Storm Simpson 08-06-23 19:06

Six large Cape fur seals washed up in Kommetjie, Cape Town, on Wednesday, 7 June. The City of Cape Town said residents informed its Coastal Management Branch that the animals had “what appeared to be unusual wounds.” CAPE FUR SEALS STABBED DEAD Officials visited the scene and examined the Cape fur seal carcasses. It was determined that […]

chimpanzee pays for pizza

WATCH – A chimpanzee pays for a pizza delivery

By Shyleen Choruma 08-06-23 12:13

Today’s video: Chimpanzee paying for a pizza delivery in Russia. These daily videos are unfathomable and often unexplainable – but 100% genuine – and may well leave you speechless. ALSO READ: Great recovery for Cape Town International Airport Watch as a chimpanzee pays for a pizza delivery in Russia ALSO WATCH: WATCH – A […]

whale swallows kayak

WATCH – A whale swallows two people on a kayak

By Hennely Nel 07-06-23 12:42

Today’s video: A whale swallowed two people on a kayak. These daily videos are unfathomable and often unexplainable – but 100% genuine – and may well leave you speechless. ALSO READ: Here’s why some petrol stations can’t stay open 24/7 anymore VIDEO: A WHALE SWALLOWS A KAYAK WITH TWO PEOPLE ON IT Yoooo a whale […]

conservation havens

Conservation havens can have a negative impact on endangered mammals

By Hennely Nel 06-06-23 15:30

Breeding threatened mammals in fenced, predator-free areas is a common conservation strategy in Australia. The method is designed to protect vulnerable species and breed animals for release into the wild. But our research – involving a cute, digging mammal known as a woylie – suggests the strategy may put animals at a distinct disadvantage once […]

How cats and dogs affect the climate – and what you can do about it

By Fazila Olla 06-06-23 11:58

According to Patrick Hanson, the CEO of Luxaviation, a Luxembourg-based luxury airline firm, having pets can be just as polluting as travelling by private jet. In defence of his own industry, he declared recently that one of his company’s customers produces around 2.1 tonnes of CO₂ each year, roughly the same emissions as three pet […]

Keep a township pet warm

Help to keep a township pet warm by packing a Wagging Winter Shoebox

By Fazila Olla 06-06-23 11:33

Winter has set in Cape Town with icy temperatures and heavy rains. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha says that the pets of Khayelitsha township are feeling its effect. To make a difference in the lives of these animals, the organisation has created an easy way for the public to help keep Khayelitsha pets warm. […]

shark seeks help for hurt turtle

WATCH – Shark seeks help to save a turtle

By Hennely Nel 05-06-23 23:09

The latest viral video is taking the internet by storm and for different reasons. We select the scariest, most entertaining, heartwarming, unique and cringeworthy videos trending on the internet. Today’s Viral Video: A shark seeks human help to save a stricken turtle. ALSO READ: Scary clip of leopard strutting through lodge with little fear for humans […]

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