shark attacks kayak

Shark attack: Missing Australian surfer presumed dead

By Hennely Nel 15-05-23 09:50

A surfer missing after a shark attack off the southern coast of Australia on the weekend is “presumed dead”, police said on Monday, as a search turned up fragments of wetsuit-like material. ALSO READ: WATCH Disturbing videos shows canned hunting still rife in South Africa The surfer, identified by local media as 46-year-old teacher Simon Baccanellow, was attacked […]


Pangolins: All there is to know about the most trafficked animal

By Hennely Nel 12-05-23 14:28

Pangolins are animals that you may not be able to picture in your mind’s eye – here’s a brief overview. Pangolins look very similar to the American armadillo but with scales covering all of their body except their face. But here’s the kicker, these animals are being poached by the ton-load from their habitats in […]


[WATCH] – Wild elephant chases safari vehicle

By Hennely Nel 11-05-23 16:52

Stay in touch with what is happening around the world with The South African’s viral video selections. The latest viral video is taking the internet by storm and for different reasons. Watch this wild elephant chasing a safari vehicle while the visitors scream. Today’s Viral Video is about a trending video shows visitors recording videos of a […]

animal-assisted therapy

City of Cape Town facilitates almost 15 000 pet sterilisations in ten years

By Hennely Nel 11-05-23 15:03

The Community Services and Health Directorate first disbursed Grant-in-Aid funding to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in 2013 for a pilot mass pet sterilisation project in Dunoon and Brown’s Farm. SHOPPERS | Cheapest groceries in South Africa: Checkers v Woolworths v Pick n Pay – and more Ten years later, nearly 15 000 domestic pets have been sterilised at a […]


Why chameleons are not good pets

By Hennely Nel 11-05-23 12:26

Chameleons are simply not good pets. Although many people have reptiles as pets; snakes, iguanas, and geckos, chameleons are out of the question. However, a disturbing practice is still continuing in the Rustenburg area near Sun City in the North West. ALSO READ: Kruger Park: Hyenas and lion feast on giraffe – PHOTOS OCCUPANTS OF […]

cheetah killed by partner while mating

Female cheetah killed by male while MATING

By Hennely Nel 09-05-23 17:40

A cheetah brought to India from South Africa in a scheme to reintroduce the world’s fastest land animal was killed by its partner while mating on Tuesday, officials said, the project’s third recent fatality. LOOK | Kruger Park: BATS hang from ceiling at Skukuza Airport – PICTURE Daksha was one of 12 South African cheetahs relocated to India’s Kuno National Park along with another eight from Namibia, with Prime […]

Rhino poaching South Africa

Mpumalanga: Most wanted rhino poaching suspect arrested again

By Hennely Nel 09-05-23 13:58

One of the most wanted suspect in rhino poaching related cases in Mpumalanga, Odis Maluleke, who is also evading court cases against him was rearrested at Kabokweni on Saturday, 6 May 2023 after whistleblowers informed police on his whereabouts. The 47-year-old was initially arrested together with three of his accomplices on 20 July 2015. The […]


[WATCH] – MASSIVE anaconda caught on camera

By Hennely Nel 09-05-23 13:21

Today’s video: Massive anaconda snake caught on camera. These daily videos are unfathomable and often unexplainable – but 100% genuine – and may well leave you speechless. ALSO WATCH: Man sleeps with cheetahs at SA breeding centre Terrifying video of the day: HUGE ANACONDA CAUGHT ON CAMERA MORE FROM THE SOUTH AFRICAN Need your […]

man sleeps with cheetahs

WATCH – Man sleeps with cheetahs at SA breeding centre

By Hennely Nel 09-05-23 11:14

A video of a man sleeping with cheetahs went viral on Twitter on Saturday, 6 May. ALSO READ: Watching videos of baby elephants crossing the road never gets old! WHO IS THE MAN?  The video of the man sleeping with three cheetahs at a cheetah breeding centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa has been viewed 9.8 […]

lions Kruger National Park

WATCH – Dominant male lion killed by younger brothers

By Hennely Nel 08-05-23 11:38

In this latest animal sighting, dominant male lion killed by two young coalition brothers. According to the Maasai Sighting website, this sighting took place at Serengeti National Park. ALSO READ: Kruger Park: Ranger shares photo of black mambas killed by car – SAD A dominant famous male lion of the Serengeti National Park was recently […]

Black mamba rescue

[VIDEO] – Black mamba caught in Durban

By Hennely Nel 05-05-23 15:50

NEWS IN A MINUTE: Listen or watch the full versions of the ”A 2.2m long Black Mamba caught in Durban” article in a minute. Kwa-Zulu Natal snake rescuer, Nick Evans attended to a black mamba that was found in the living room at a house in Shallcross, Durban. He shared a video of him rescuing the 2.2m snake on […]

2,000 rhino, 5 hippo and a large farm in SA to be auctioned this month

Animal sighting: A male rhino drives calf away from mother- WATCH

By Mimi Mfundisi 04-05-23 10:16

A male rhino desperate to mate with the mother tends to drive the calf away, even killing it in some cases. WATCH Rhino Bull won’t take no for an answer. Photo: Maasai Sightings READ MORE: Kruger Park should urgently fill over 80 vacant ranger posts to combat rhino poaching In this latest animal sighting, a […]

Krugersdorp crocodiles missing

Missing fisherman: Remains found inside two crocodiles

By Hennely Nel 03-05-23 19:04

The remains of an Australian fisherman who went missing on a fishing trip in crocodile-infested waters have been found inside two of the reptiles, police said on Wednesday. ALSO READ |Measles outbreak: Almost 1,000 confirmed cases in SA The 65-year-old victim, named in Australian media as Kevin Darmody, had gone fishing last Saturday in far north Queensland as […]

penumbral lunar eclipse. Full moon

[VIDEO] – Penumbral lunar eclipse in SA this FRIDAY

By Hennely Nel 03-05-23 15:23

NEWS IN A MINUTE: Listen or watch the full versions of the ”Penumbral lunar eclipse visible in SA this FRIDAY” article in a minute. A penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible from South Africa on Friday, 5 May 2023, according to Angelo Ricardo G Hoorn of the Severe Weather and Information Centre SA. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs […]

man sleeps with cheetahs

Cheetah from South Africa dies in India

By Hennely Nel 24-04-23 13:58

A cheetah brought from South Africa to India has died, wildlife officials said, the second such death within a month in a country where the big spotted cat was declared extinct seven decades ago. LOOK | Kruger National Park | Latest sighting: Elephant near Crocodile Bridge So far, 12 cheetahs from South Africa and eight from Namibia have been brought to […]

Krugersdorp crocodiles missing

Three arrested for stealing a Nile crocodile

By Hennely Nel 24-04-23 13:08

On 24 April, three suspects aged between 20 and 35 are expected to face charges before the Klerksdorp Magistrates’ Court for being in possession of a stolen Nile crocodile. ALSO READ: WATCH: Crocodile EATS another crocodile at Kruger National Park SUSPECTS FOUND IN POSSESSION OF STOLEN NILE CROCODILE The suspects were arrested on 20 April by Stilfontein Stock Theft and […]

lions Kruger National Park

WATCH: Lion wakes up and gives men the fright of their lives

By Mimi Mfundisi 24-04-23 13:54

A video went viral after a lion woke up unexpectedly and gave a group of unsuspecting men a huge fright. Here is the video. WATCH: Lion wakes up and gives men the fright of their lives Photos: Video/Twitter A video of a group of men getting the fright of their lives when a lion unexpectedly […]

crocodile and zebra

Lone Zebra seen wandering in Pietermaritzburg – [WATCH]

By Hennely Nel 20-04-23 13:58

Watch as a lone zebra roam the streets of Bellevue and Hayfields in Pietermaritzburg. WATCH AS THE LONE ZEBRA ROAMS THE STREETS According to a report by The Witness the zebra has been in search of a new home for the past few days after being kicked out of its herd. ALSO READ: WATCH: Couple double booked with PYTHON […]

Lion Cubs

Ever heard a lion cub roar? WATCH here

By Jenni Baxter 28-03-23 11:46

One of the greatest calls of the wild is the sound of a lion roaring. That low-pitched roar can reach friend and foe up to 8km away! But have you ever heard the cute sound of a lion cub? Listen below as two young cubs, near Hoedspruit in South Africa, try to emulate their parent […]

New discovery: fossilised giant zebra tracks found in South Africa

New discovery: fossilised giant zebra tracks found in South Africa

By Fazila Olla 17-03-23 11:07

Tens of thousands of years ago, a huge horse species walked, trotted and galloped across the shifting sands of what is today South Africa’s Cape south coast. The Giant Cape Zebra (Equus capensis) weighed an estimated 450 kg. Its extant relatives in southern Africa are far smaller: the plains zebra weighs between 250 and 300 […]

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