Concern Over Pitbull Attacks

Concern Over Pit Bull Attacks in South Africa

By SAPeople Contributor 08-12-22 11:09

The recent trail of vicious pit bull attacks that have literally cost life and limb – the death of three children and two adults – is a matter of concern to everyone in South Africa from animal behaviour experts to pet owners and residents. In recent months, media outlets have reported on deadly cases of […]

Ukrainian ‘POW’ lions rescued and relocated to South Africa

South African Ex-Expat Helps Rescue 2 Lions From Ukraine to SA

By SAPeople Contributor 26-10-22 10:15

The Warriors of Wildlife environmental organisation – founded by former South African expat Lionel de Lange – has completed a successful rescue mission, extracting two long-suffering lions from the Ukrainian war zone recently. The two “prisoners of war” were collateral damage in the conflict between Russia and its neighbours and were locked away in cages […]

animal welfare organisations

No Lottery Funds for Animal Welfare in South Africa Next Year

By SAPeople Contributor 05-10-22 12:20

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has made the “tough decision” to drop animal welfare as a focus area for funding in 2022/2023, a decision that some organisations say is ignorant and unfair. Others say that the application for NLC funding is laborious and simply not worth applying for. The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has excluded […]

Conserving rhinos is about more than just stopping poachers

Saving Rhinos is About More Than Just Stopping Poachers

By SAPeople Contributor 22-09-22 23:09

Saving Africa’s rhinos will require a multidimensional strategy, with private game reserves and national parks cooperating and anti-poaching efforts working in tandem with education campaigns, according to Joe Cloete, the CEO of Shamwari Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. Cloete says this isn’t a new approach, but it is one that needs to be developed […]

World Lion Day 2022

WATCH Blood Lions Releases Powerful Message on World Lion Day

By SAPeople Contributor 10-08-22 08:53

Today is World Lion Day (10 August) – a day to celebrate one of Africa’s most iconic species and to raise awareness on conservation issues globally. Lions are recognised worldwide for their importance not only from a nature conservation and ecological perspective, but also symbolically, culturally and in terms of tourism. The significance and dignity […]

rhinos poached in Hluhluwe-uMfolozi Park

95 Rhinos Poached in Hluhluwe-uMfolozi Park So Far in 2022

By Jenni Baxter 03-05-22 09:34

On April 1 the number of rhinos poached in Hluhluwe-uMfolozi Park, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), since the 1st of January was 60. It’s just one month later, and that already horrific number has shockingly jumped to 94 (actually 95, as of yesterday). Imagine how many rhinos will now not be born because of those that have been […]

trophy hunting

Value of Trophy Hunting to Conservation Massively Overstated: Report

By SAPeople Contributor 23-03-22 16:48

A myth-busting exercise on hunting questions the claim that bagging wildlife trophies is sustainable… By Don Pinnock, Daily Maverick. When you strip trophy hunting to its essentials, it’s about the desire to kill wild animals – justified by faulty economics. What it’s not about is conservation or community upliftment. That’s the finding of an extensive […]

Poaching Pandemic: Rhino Murders in South Africa at CRITICAL Level

Poaching Pandemic: Rhino Murders in South Africa at CRITICAL Level

By SAPeople Contributor 08-01-22 17:45

Rhino poaching in South Africa is at a critical level despite the “deafening” silence from official government communications and mainstream media, according to one of southern Africa’s most dedicated, well-respected wildlife vets, Dr Dave Cooper. Referring to the violent killing of rhino as ‘murders’ rather than the mild, mundane word ‘poaching’, Dr Cooper has issued a massive […]

2 Germans Caught Smuggling SA Reptiles to Sell as Pets Overseas

2 Germans Caught Smuggling SA Reptiles to Sell as Pets Overseas

By SAPeople Contributor 22-11-21 11:21

Two German nationals are expected to appear in a South African court on Monday for the alleged illegal trade and possession of reptiles and controlled substances (drugs). “The men were nabbed while illegally catching and trading in reptiles, including Armadillo Girdled lizards which are a threatened and protected species, geckos and tortoises in the Northern […]

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