Oh Pretoria, You’re Breaking my Heart

By SAPeople Staff Writer 25-11-19 23:16

How does a municipal structure in place for decades get broken with abandon? Is it a process? What breaks first that is deemed not important enough to fix? The abysmal current state of Pretoria Art Museum is a crying shame to its proud, polished history. It feels as though the best solution is to shut […]

Durban beachfront

Anti “New Year’s Day on the Beach” Posts Go Too Far

By Pip Davis 04-01-16 10:55

So I woke up yesterday morning after our traditional New Year’s Day “Bugger All”. This is where we sleep as late as possible, move as little as possible, eat leftovers and try to remember why a 3am bedtime after the age of 40 is ever a good idea. I checked Facebook for news, pokes and jokes and discovered […]

Why We Are Staying – For The Kids

By SAPeople Contributor 27-12-15 11:31

There’s a weird thing happening in South Africa. Well, to be fair, there’s a lot of weird sh@# going down. But I’d like to focus in on the niche weirdness of white, upper-class parents in SA at this point in time. And their seemingly unchecked yet (in my opinion) unbalanced rhetoric: “We’re really thinking about […]

Max du Preez

Max du Preez: “South Africa Can Survive 2016”

By SAPeople 23-12-15 10:39

Banana Republic. Failed state. Another Zimbabwe. An Arab Spring-type revolution. Perhaps we should just slit our wrists before the year is out. What nonsense. If we want to survive 2016 in one piece, we will have to cast off this paralysing, dark pessimism. It’s going to be a rough year with many social and political […]


An Expat Discovers 10 Ways to Drive in SA

By SAPeople Staff Writer 23-12-15 14:53

Anyone who has just got back to South Africa will quickly notice several things: the prices (good), the weather (fantastic), the politics (volatile), the protests (increasing). And, of course, then there’s the driving (shocking). In less than two months back in the country, after moving from New York, I’ve seen drivers… speeding at 100km/hr in 60km/hr zones, overtaking on white lines, zigzagging […]

Tshepo M: “I Suffer from Depression”

By SAPeople Contributor 22-12-15 16:02

I suffer from depression. These are some of the hardest words to say out loud. They may appear like just another utterance but in essence they are part of a journey that entails wallowing in the depths, a journey where “normal” is often illusive. Depression is an ailment. And like all other ailments it transcends […]

Cape Town Christmas

Christmas in Cape Town is Weird…When You’re Not from South Africa

By Mark Wijsman 05-04-18 00:08

With the year coming to an end, people are preparing for the holiday season. Because of its cultural diversity and colonial history, South Africa shares a lot of holidays with other countries. And it appears that South Africans do enjoy foreign festivities, because every year more events seem to be celebrated – aside from religious holidays like […]

Max du Preez

Max du Preez: “Zuma’s opponents have smelled blood”

By SAPeople 16-12-15 21:20

And so we discovered that our very own Great Man of Africa has feet of clay. Jacob Zuma’s legendary invincibility was dealt a fatal blow on Sunday when his own party comrades and a wave of popular resistance forced him to overturn his own very important decision of just four days before. His opponents in […]


Africa: The Incubator of Tomorrow

By SAPeople Staff Writer 09-12-15 15:25

After having worked for years in Africa, I have come to believe it is one of the places in which the world of tomorrow is being incubated. Most of the stereotypes I had in mind 13 years ago when I began travelling across the continent proved to be wrong. What I discovered is that Africa […]


Justice Malala Puts SA’s Deepening Malaise in Plain Language

By SAPeople Staff Writer 07-12-15 09:59

Justice Malala’s book, “We Have Now Begun Our Descent: How to Stop South Africa Losing its Way”, does a number of things well. It reclaims the space for a particular kind of conversation among successful but ordinary South Africans – those who are not radical or particularly steeped in the eloquent and sometimes exclusionary new […]

The Missing Piece in Rugby’s Transformation Puzzle…

By SAPeople Contributor 26-11-15 16:24

On a sunny afternoon in 1986, a young boy in a Soweto in upheaval as the struggle against apartheid intensified, turned on the TV, threw himself on the couch and hoped the soccer game would be worth watching. But the TV was tuned into the channel broadcasting the rugby match between Northern Transvaal and Eastern Province. […]

Je Suis Paris twins

12 of the Most Shared Videos and Views on Paris

By SAPeople Staff Writer 18-11-15 16:34

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what has happened in Paris, you’re not alone. In the aftermath of the attacks on Friday evening, many are finding it hard to figure out what has happened and, indeed, where all this is going. The media has barely taken a moment to breathe. In the last few days there have been French reprisal attacks against […]

Isobel Bowdery

South African Woman’s Account of Friday Night in Paris at Siege Club

By SAPeople 15-11-15 18:55

One South African woman’s recollections of Friday night’s tragedy in Paris is being shared around the world. Over 2 million people have ‘liked’ Isobel Bowdery’s message on Facebook (including FB’s own Mark Zuckerberg); and newspapers from the UK to Australia have published her story and photo of the bloodied shirt she was wearing. Isobel who seems […]

Dear South Africa – What Would It Take for You To Love Me?

By SAPeople 01-11-15 14:00

Sometimes when you read those comments on Facebook or news sites that sound so negative, you imagine a mean-spirited person, another troll trying to make other people’s lives hell. But if you look closer, sometimes that person loves South Africa as much as you do. Sometimes that person is just hurting so much… Yesterday an SAPeople follower […]

Dear White People and Dear Black People (v2.0)

By SAPeople 24-10-15 17:58

Twenty-one year old BUSI SKINN’E MJIYAKHO caught a lot of people’s attention with her three letters to black people, white people and the South African government back in April. Now she’s back with two powerful letters – to white and black people – that have been shared thousands of times on social media. The University of […]

What I Learnt at Parliament Yesterday…

By SAPeople 22-10-15 12:31

University of Cape Town (UCT) student ALASTAIR DURING was amongst the crowd of students who clashed with police yesterday. Here he shares his lessons learnt… What I learnt at Parliament yesterday…by Alastair During Parliament has shitty security. It’s harder to break into my parents’ house. The police were more violent than the protesters. Stun grenades […]

OPINION: On a Young Continent, Why So Many Old Leaders?

By SAPeople Staff Writer 16-10-15 14:00

There is something unmistakably common in Africa: the continent’s ageing and long-serving presidents. Its five longest presidencies stretch between 29 and 36 years, adding to a cumulative 169 years. Their longevity in office is matched by their old age, ranging from 71 to 92 years, and a combined 392 years. Gabon’s Omar Bongo had been […]


OPINION: Buying Local Saves Jobs (No, Really!)

By SAPeople Staff Writer 15-10-15 07:10

What if we won the Rugby World Cup? I would guess that question has been asked many times in the last few decades. The interesting thing is that we have actually shown the world on a few occasions that we can be a nation of winners! Yes, we have actually won and defied many sceptics in the process. […]

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