Max du Preez

OPINION: “We are the Afrikaans Language’s Worst Enemies”

By SAPeople Contributor 14-10-15 08:53

One country, one language, I heard the Cosas activists chant during a march in Stellenbosch two weeks ago. The language these angry young people were talking about, is the language of the British Empire that had colonised South Africa and many other African states and had systematically brutalised indigenous people for centuries. The young people’s […]

South African expat missing home

The Anxious Expat Who Really Missed Home

By THE SWEDISH AFRICAN 16-09-15 12:06

I used to think anxiety and depression were all a load of hogwash, those things cray-cray, pill-popping people go through; until, quite suddenly, I woke up as an expat living abroad and didn’t feel at all myself. It started with a panic attack in the middle of the night, when I was woken up by […]

Yusuf Abramjee’s Open Letter to President Zuma on Crime in South Africa – #DearMrPresident

By SAPeople 16-09-15 20:43

Inspiring South African businessman, former crime journalist, speaker, co-founder of Lead SA and recipient of the National Order (amongst many other accolades), Yusuf Abramjee has written a powerful letter to President Zuma, a man he has met many times, imploring him to listen to his people who are “terrorised and persecuted” and to truly tackle the country’s devastating […]


Black and White…Students’ Response to Stellenbosch Unrest

By SAPeople 04-09-15 12:25

In the wake of the Luister video posted last week highlighting alleged inequalities of language and race at Stellenbosch University, and the subsequent clash between Elsenburg Agricultural College students and members of the Open Stellenbosch (OS) movement this week, there has been a flood of talk amongst the students about what’s being demanded and who […]

One billion people on social media

PURELY PIP: 1 Billion Humans Connected on Facebook. Time for the Magic…

By Pip Davis 08-09-15 11:54

Today, incredibly, 1 Billion human beings connected with each other on Facebook. So says Mark Zuckerberg who, in his usual humble way, is as surprised as the next guy at how his social project has blossomed into a global phenomenon.* Human Beings. A billion of us. All magnificently, diversely unique. Connected. That is a magical […]

Game Drives and Hope

By SAPeople Contributor 14-07-15 10:16

It dawned on me yesterday morning around 3 hours into the most boring “Game” drive of all time. I was doing brain exercises in order to ensure that I didn’t lose consciousness from the devastating cold and from the mind numbing nothingness of the experience, and in order to ensure that I didn’t slip away […]

Cape Town South Africa

10 Things I HEART about the Mother City

By Ursula Botha 11-07-15 12:51

I haven’t spent time in Cape Town for the past three years. Apart from the quick one or two day visits in December. And those ‘holiday’ visits don’t count because they’re smothered in family and vacation life. But on this latest trip I was extraordinarily blessed to fly down for work…and managed to get a sneaky day off on Monday. My one […]

The Not So Normal Life of an Expat Wife

By THE SWEDISH AFRICAN 05-07-15 21:51

Back in the day when I lived a relatively normal life, I ended up sat in one of those stiff, four-walled office interviews where the interviewer asked me — quite originally — where I saw myself in five years’ time. Bored by the question, I sat there rather straight-faced, stared out of the window and […]

South African Expats Respond – “I Am Sorry” and “Why?”

By SAPeople 03-07-18 12:34

Every time I see yet another article from another South African moaning about the negativity of expats, and clearly writing with their rose-tinted glasses on, I get angry. Really angry. Hulk angry. The overwhelming theme of South African bloggers and writers lately seems to be the attack of the expat. How dare we leave South […]

Some of My Best Friends are Expats, But…

By SAPeople 06-06-15 14:41

Some of my best friends are expats. No, really. I’ve been through two waves of people leaving South Africa for various reasons, to the extent that I remember lying awake at night wondering who my future children would have as playmates. (I’m pleased to report that their social life has survived.) So now I have […]

Home in South Africa

South Africa – To Stay or To Go?

By SAPeople Contributor 27-05-15 16:53

I didn’t want to write this blog. Because it seems like whenever South Africans get into the discussion of whether to stay or whether to go it only creates armies on two sides. The “leavers” and the “stayers” – both defensive, both trying to justify their case. And that is not my intention at all. There […]

SA’s “Future President” Shoots from the Hip…and Nobody is Spared

By SAPeople 13-04-15 22:10

Twenty-one year old Busi Skinn’e Mjiyakho has caught a lot of people’s attention with her three letters to black people, white people and the South African government (all published below) which she posted on Facebook this weekend. So who is Busi? “I’m the future president of South Africa but for now I’m an (un)registered law student at […]

Marlize Venter

Moving to Australia? Come Humble or Be Humbled

By Marlize Venter 27-02-15 20:27

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey. We walked into a Maccas (Mac Donalds) in Yanchep (a beautiful small coastal town about 15 minutes’ drive from Clarkson, where my family – the Venter Four – resides). The store manager (if I had to guess I would say he was Filipino) took my order, “What […]

Source: Twitter/Bantu Holomisa

PURELY PIP – Could SONA be the kick in the pants we needed?

By Pip Davis 08-09-15 11:54

Yoh! Just as I was coming to terms with the Stazi in Parliament and people in funny hats not being the 80s flashback I thought it was, on paying for my much cheaper diesel yesterday, I caught the lunchtime news. That chap Julius is a miracle worker. Seriously. Not only has he inadvertently united South […]

We love Africa…but it hurts

By THE SWEDISH AFRICAN 27-02-15 20:39

A South African woman came by my Swedish brother- and sister-in-law’s bakery in Billeberga, Sweden the other day, and mentioned that she’d heard of another South African (me) who was flitting about town. And as the story goes with most South African expats – she proceeded to make a case for why she and her husband […]

My African Heritage…and those Land Claim Laws

By Nicky Liguori 27-02-15 20:36

The news in South Africa over the last few months has dominated with a few headlines about the Oscar Trial, that weird EFF political party, some crazy ANC lady wanting the South African anthem broadcast twice a day and the new LandAct Law signed by Zuma a few months ago. I am not interested in […]

A Scatterling from Africa in Australia…

By Sharlene Zeederberg 27-02-15 20:28

Ever since our trip to South Africa last year I have been feeling vaguely homesick. Is it homesickness, this wistful longing I have for South Africa? After all, South Africa is not my home nor has it been so for nearly two decades. Give it a couple of years and I’ll have lived in Sydney […]

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