Good news for all South Africans who want to do something positive to help inspire each other (oh, and perhaps the world too while we’re at it!). Brent Lindeque – the guy who changed one thing last year…and changed everything – is launching a new RAKNomination campaign and YOU can be part of it!

Change One Thing RAK15

Brent is the awesome guy who changed the global NekNomination phenomenon last January from a dangerous binge-drinking social media game (which had resulted in a couple of tragic deaths) into a pass-it-forward movement. Instead of downing a bottle of alcohol as per NekNomination rules, Brent performed a charitable act (donating food to someone in need).

Nando's Loves Brent Lindeque
You know you’ve made it when one of the most beloved restaurant chains loves you!

His video went viral…and the game was transformed into RakNomination (Random Acts of Kindness), inspiring both individuals and corporations like Nando’sKFC and SA Breweries to create their own RakNominations in a giving spirit that swept the nation and the globe.

And now – a year later – Brent is launching a new campaign – ‪#‎RAK15. There will be more news about it closer to the 1st February.

“We’re going to get the country & the world motivated again, to make a difference in someone’s life by performing random acts of kindness,” says Brent, who works in marketing and PR.

“Last year RAKnominations spread like wildfire around the world affecting millions of people’s lives for the better and this year we’re going to be even bigger.

“We want to inspire South Africans to help one another, to remember that we’re all in this together and ultimately raise the bar of Ubuntu oneness. And to show the rest of the world that the ‘random act of kindness’ is really a South African Ubuntu way.

“I’m looking for as many people as possible to get involved in making the first #RAK15 video with me, in Joburg, on Monday. The more the merrier. Get in touch if you’re interested –”

Just yesterday, after reading the uplifting story of a bursary being offered to Moses, a homeless entrepreneur known as the ‘traffic light teacher’…many South Africans wrote to SAPeople about how inspired it made them feel.

Maretha Senekal summed up the sentiments of most with her words: “This is a heart warming story! We have so many extraordinary people in our country. Let’s all try to do extraordinary things for others in 2015 so that we can ALL be part of turning the tide to one of positivity!”

Come on South Africa. Let’s do this!!! Contact now.

Watch Brent’s original RAKNomination Video here.