Interview with Johnny Clegg

By SAPeople 17-06-10 01:08

As Johnny Clegg kicked off a tour of Europe and South Africa, he talked exclusively to sapeople about his message, his exercise regime and what you’ll find at the top of a mountain. Together with Jaluka, and then Savuka, Johnny sang of freedom, equality and cultural unity in a time when our country was drowning […]

Youth Day Celebrations

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

Today’s Youth Day – when South Africa remembers the young people who lost their lives in the Soweto riots of 1976, fighting against Apartheid and Bantu Education. President Jacob Zuma’s speech at the National Youth Day celebrations at Thulamahashe, Mpumalanga Province is printed in full below (with the best bits in bold for your easy […]

Nandos offers free coke to South Americans

By SAPeople 02-01-21 17:21

As South Africa prepares to play Uruguay today, Nandos has issued another quirky ad. Remember last time they offered the Mexicans free chicken if they lost. This time they’re offering the South Americans free coke. The small print says: No, not that kind of coke – we’re a family restaurant. We will, however, give all […]

Vuvu Stop It Now?

By SAPeople 03-06-14 13:27

by Jayne Jackson Eish! Contrary to what most South African media want South Africans to believe – MOST of the rest of the world has actually been very excited and positive about the World Cup being held in SA. In the months building up to the World Cup, there was an amazing sense of excitement […]

shakira waka waka

All the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert Videos

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:20

If you missed the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert – or loved it so much you want to watch it again, here are the links to watch each performance (the official videos) on YouTube. Although, first here’s an unofficial video of Shakira and Freshlyground’s Waka Waka (This Time for Africa): Alicia Keyes Alicia Keyes […]

Zulu kids dance for Shakira

By SAPeople 11-06-10 09:58

Shakira talks to and dances with Zulu kids in South Africa. You can also click here to learn more about Shakira’s foundation (which she started at the age of 18 to help thousands of children get an education and nutrition): httpvh://

Condolences to Mandela and Family

By SAPeople 17-12-20 01:41

We are hugely saddened to hear the tragic news of Nelson Mandela’s great-grandchild being killed in a car accident last night, as she returned home from the FIFA World Cup Concert. We pass on our condolences to Mr Mandela, Winnie Mandela and the entire family. It has been reported that nobody else in the vehicle […]

Free Nandos for Mexican Losers

By SAPeople 02-01-21 17:30

Nandos is “offering” Mexican players free chicken IF they lose tomorrow against South Africa! Here’s a pic of the ad. The small print says: “Dear Mexican players, most foreigners think South Africa is rife with bribery and corruption. “To live up to your misconceptions, we’re offering you and your spectators a free lunch if you […]

Go Gautrain Go!

By SAPeople 08-06-10 18:09

Gautrain rolls out this week!!! by Lucille Davie Ministers and ambassadors were among the first people to travel on the rapid rail Gautrain, which will be running from OR Tambo International airport in time for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. (View the pics.) Gold ribbons were cut at four new Gautrain stations on 5 June […]

District 9 Actress Vanessa Haywood tackles Big 5

By SAPeople 06-10-19 11:00

Actress, presenter and model Vanessa Haywood, who was recently voted by FHM as one the world’s 100 sexiest women, will take part in the Big 5 Challenge at the Knysna Oyster Festival. She aims to raise much needed funds for children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The 11-day challenge starts on […]

South Africans are SHOUTing

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

It’s just two months since SHOUT was launched, and already the anti-crime movement is set to make its first cheque handover at the end of June. Proving that South Africans can SHOUT against crime and make a difference! “SHOUT’s message has hit all the right notes with South Africans and their unprecedented response is beginning […]

Watch South African’s Rocket Launch

By SAPeople 27-02-15 22:32

Any minute now a rocket owned by South African multi-millionare Elon Musk may blast off on its maiden voyage. This will be a trial run for Musk’s company which hopes to soon be doing the same for NASA. [Update: It’s official. Elon says the Falcon 9 rocket achieved an almost perfect orbit. GPS telemetry showed […]

Cool Campus Accommodation for the World Cup

By SAPeople 28-02-15 08:13

In typical entrepreneurial South African fashion, five South African university campuses have been transformed into fun and affordable accommodation for the duration of the FIFA World Cup. So for those who are desperate to watch the games but don’t want to spend a fortune on huge hotel bills – this is a fantastic alternative. The […]

World Cup for Dummies

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

The World Cup is almost upon us. And maybe you’re not really a football (or soccer) fan. Or you’ve been living outside South Africa for so long you’ve never heard of a vuvuzela. So, here’s a quick World Cup for Dummies guide to help you navigate your way through the next month. 1. So what […]

Charlize needs YOU

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

Instead of bringing you yet another paparazzi picture of Charlize Theron looking ‘gaunt’, leaving the gym or buying a diet shake (wow – is she being harrassed or what by the paps since breaking up with Stuart Townsend), here’s some news of the good work that Charlize does without much fanfare AND which you can […]

Great Advertising Opportunity

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

To celebrate the 2010 World Cup SAReunited is offering users 30% off smart ads during the tournament. The eyes of the world will be focussed on South Africa for the next month as the 2010 Fifa World Cup arrives in South Africa. SAReunited is offering small businesses the the opportunity to create, preview and publish […]

NGO Fights Gender Stereotypes in SA

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

by Janine Erasmus The charismatic and highly committed Mbuyiselo Botha of the Sonke Gender Justice Network is a man with a mission – to challenge patriarchal thinking which, he says, is crippling South African society. Sonke is an Nguni word meaning “together”. As the NGO’s media relations manager, and the man who spearheaded the recent […]

SA Woman conquers Seven Summits

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

by Fiona McIntosh At 07h45 on 22 May 2010, Mandy Ramsden was on top of the world. Literally. The South African mountaineer had just reached the 8 848-metre summit of Mount Everest. And she had plenty to be excited about. Not only is she now the second South African woman to climb Everest, she is […]

World Cup dolls uplift SA Community

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

by Nosimilo Ramela With the 2010 Fifa World Cup only three weeks away, Cape Town-based company Elolo is joining the excitement by selling weird and wonderful little dolls for fans to take home as mementos after the tournament – all made by members of an impoverished community. Affectionately called SA Soccer Dollies, the figurines are […]

SA woman goes for Seven Summits

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

by Fiona McIntosh South African climber Mandy Ramsden is not well-known outside mountaineering circles, but she’s on the brink of a remarkable achievement: becoming the first African woman to climb the highest peaks on each of the world’s seven continents. Few people know that Ramsden, a banker from Johannesburg, is currently poised to summit 8 […]

SA Film Wins at Tribeca

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

by Nosimilo Ramela New York’s prestigious Tribeca Film Festival has named the South African film Father Christmas Doesn’t Come Here its best narrative short film in an indigenous language. Funded by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) the film was chosen from 47 finalists as one of the Indigenous Language short film contest winners. […]

Chelsy Simply Sizzles

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:15

Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy was all smiles today at boyfriend Prince Harry’s Pilot Course Graduation. She simply sizzled in a gorgeous cream dress and blazer at the Army Aviation Centre in Andover, England (see pics below). The 24-year-old trainee lawyer was seated next to Princess Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale for the ceremony, and looked on […]

Charlize and Keanu ‘canoodling’

By SAPeople 05-05-10 11:56

South African actress Charlize Theron (34) and Hawaiian-born actor Keanu Reeves (45) were caught allegedly ‘canoodling’ outsize a Hollywood restaurant where they’d just dined. The paparazzi went crazy photographing and videoing the couple as they left the Beverly Hills restaurant on Monday night, and appeared to kiss and cuddle. Headlines are being splashed around the […]

Get the World Cup Fan Guide

By SAPeople 27-02-15 21:50

With just over 40 days to go until kickoff, the 2010 Fifa World Cup Organising Committee has released a comprehensive, easy-to-read and colourful 92-page guide to the tournament, packed with practical information on stadiums, host cities, fan parks and much more. There’s useful information on everyday matters such as banking and food, as well as […]

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