Ira’s Gift at Christmas

By Paul Christie 17-03-17 17:45

Little Joe, who had adored his ‘outgoing’ father Ira, had been withdrawn and sulky since the accident, venturing out of his room only at mealtimes. With the funeral behind them and his parents’ mutual friends having long since returned to their busy lives, Joe and his mother Mary were left pretty much on their own now.  […]

Rhino Calendar Reveals Scenes of Courage and Hope from STROOP

By SAPeople 06-12-16 11:33

Between finishing filming and editing what promises to be the definitive film on the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, the award winning STROOP filmmakers, Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott have announced their 2017 STROOP calendar.  SAPeople sat down with STROOP’s director to find out more about the calendar and of course when the […]

Jingle Bells South African Style

By SAPeople 07-09-15 18:22

For everyone in the Southern Hemisphere who has had enough of having to sing about a White Christmas, here’s Jingle Bells South African style. See video below. The video was uploaded a couple of years ago by TheNixter (the same YouTuber who uploaded this season’s popular ‘12 Days of Christmas SA Style‘). The lyrics are […]

Christmas Gifts for South Africans

Christmas Gift Guide for South Africans

By SAPeople 07-09-15 18:22

Spoiling your family and friends at Christmas can be a little stressful…when it should be festive and fun! So to make it a little simpler for you, here are a few ideas on gifts for South Africans anywhere in the world – from stocking fillers, to the gifts that keep giving…and even a couple of luxury ideas to indulge […]

Christmas Gifts for South Africans

Promote your Gifts for South Africans this Christmas

By SAPeople 07-09-15 18:22

If you’d like to promote your Christmas Gift Ideas (products or services) to South Africans anywhere in the world – this is for you! Follow the directions below to be included in SAPeople’s Special Christmas Gift Ideas page for a very special price. You can add your business anytime up until 24 December 2014. To advertise […]

Let it Snow

By SAPeople 07-09-15 18:22

If you were dreaming of a White Christmas, while spending the Festive Season on the beach in South Africa (or Australia, or anywhere else sunny and hot for that matter!)…then type ‘let it snow’ into Google…and Google will let it snow. Watch the flakes fall and then use your mouse to wipe away the frost, […]

P.A.S.T Experiences Tour voucher

By SAPeople Contributor 07-09-15 18:22

A great Christmas gift idea is to purchase a P.A.S.T. Experiences Tour Voucher for someone special. Select from a choice of private or budget tours such as I Love Shopping in the CBD or Public Art. “I always think an experience is a wonderful gift as you never forget it” Jo Buitendach, founder of Past […]

StickIt Buddies – Personalised Stickers

By SAPeople Contributor 07-09-15 18:22

submitted by Karen Greaves* Stickit Buddies has a huge range of trendy character stickersespecially designed and hand drawn. You can create your own unique combination of character stickers especially to suit whoever you’d like to give the gift to, so that they can stick them on their car’s back windscreen or side windows, or even on […]

Heavenly Fudget for South Africans

South African Fudge for Expats

By SAPeople Contributor 07-09-15 18:22

submitted by The Fudge Lady EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE!!!! Heaveny Fudge by the Fudge Lady can now ship to other countries too! We can shrink wrap the fudge to hold in the freshness and highest standard of quality. Here are the steps that will need to be followed for all customers wishing to order that […]