Watch Zimbabwe’s Reaction to President Donald Trump’s UN Speech

By SAPeople 20-09-17 00:11

American President Donald Trump fired a few verbal missiles at North Korea, Iran and Venezuela on Tuesday, at his first United Nations General Assembly address in New York… but it was the guys from Zimbabwe who looked the most unimpressed! Watch video below. Trump said North Korea’s Kim Jong – whom he called ‘Rocket Man’ […]

Watch This Guy Try to Nail the South African Accent

By SAPeople 13-09-17 12:37

Football mad Kai Rigby, from Birmingham in England, has travelled to over 120 countries (and watched football in over 30 of them)… and picked up accents! Watch him below as he nails almost every accent… except perhaps the South African (according to South Africans watching), although he does a pretty good Nelson Mandela voice. As […]

Monster Storm Hurricane Irma Hurtling Towards USA

By SAPeople 06-09-17 23:58

Hurricane Irma is barrelling towards the United States coastline, causing considerable damage over the Caribbean islands along the way. Residents in Florida’s Key West area – where many South African expats live – have been ordered to evacuate as the monster storm is expected to make landfall on the mainland by the weekend. The French […]

Prince William and Kate “Very Pleased” To Be Expecting Their Third Child

By SAPeople 04-09-17 16:34

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton – otherwise known as their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – have said in a statement that they are “very pleased” to announce that they are expecting their third child! In the press statement, issued by Kensington Palace, they revealed that the Queen and members […]

Hurricane Harvey Causes Havoc in Houston. Heroes Emerge

By SAPeople 29-08-17 00:59

Houston, Texas, has experienced “catastrophic flooding” like nothing seen before. Officials said Hurricane Harvey caused “landmark” flooding over the weekend which will be felt for years, and warned that more heavy rainfall is expected in the coming days. So far at least 8 fatalities have been confirmed; and over 30,000 people are expected to have […]

Man on Scooter… on Phone… Plunges into Sinkhole in China

By SAPeople 26-08-17 13:04

Yikes, as if humans needed more reminders that using one’s phone whilst driving any vehicle is NOT a good idea – here’s one more. A man in Beihai City in China plunged into a 2-metre deep sinkhole…  because he was too busy looking at his smart phone to notice the ground had opened up in […]

Huge Storm Hits New Zealand South Island… States of Emergency Declared

By SAPeople 22-07-17 15:13

A major storm hit New Zealand’s South Island last night, causing massive flooding and resulting in three states of emergency being declared – in Christchurch, Timaru and Otago. According to reports, Dunedin (with a population of 120,000) is only accessible by air after roads were blocked by landslips. It’s a similar case with smaller communities […]

Americans Celebrate Independence Day with Parades, Pies and the Beach

By SAPeople 04-07-17 23:47

Americans gathered around the country to celebrate Independence Day on this 4th of July, with crowds heading to the beach in scenes we’re usually more used to seeing in Durban, Rio de Janeiro, Bondi and Brighton… rather than New York! Parades were held around the country, including in Washington DC where there was also a […]

“I’m An African” Hero Goes Viral Again

By SAPeople 02-06-17 16:31

A British man is becoming an internet sensation all over again, as a video from just under two months ago is going viral once more… not only showing the man’s brave actions in fighting off a knife-wielding attacker (and grappling the knife from him) on a busy London bus, but for the first words that came out of his […]

Idi Amin and Donald Trump – Strong Men with Unlikely Parallels

By Guest Contributor 02-06-17 10:42

US President Donald Trump’s norm-breaking campaign and early reign has been compared to several other divisive historical figures, especially previous American presidents. But when it comes to the style in which he communicates, there’s an uncanny resemblance to a notorious African dictator from the 1970s. For those that lived during Idi Amin’s vicious reign in […]

The Internet Goes Crazy With Trump’s Covfefe – Jokes and Memes

By Guest Contributor 01-06-17 06:54

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A midnight tweet by Donald Trump unleashed a wave of sometimes mocking speculation by Internet users wondering what the U.S. president meant by writing “covfefe” in an apparently unfinished Twitter post that lingered online for hours. At 12:06 a.m. ET, Trump wrote: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” The post, since deleted, […]

Zoo Keeper Killed by Tiger at UK’s Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire

By SAPeople 29-05-17 20:41

A female zoo keeper has been tragically killed by a tiger in a “freak accident” at Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire, UK. Hamerton Zoo has issued the following statement Monday night: “We are sorry but our staff are too distressed to speak directly to the media, as one of our colleagues was killed at Hamerton Zoo […]

UK Threat Level Raised to Critical, Manchester Stands United

By Guest Contributor 24-05-17 00:43

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – British police on Tuesday identified the suicide bomber who killed 22 people, including children, in an attack on a crowded concert hall in Manchester, and said they were trying to establish whether he had acted alone or with help from others. The man suspected of carrying out Britain’s deadliest bombing in […]

Former James Bond Actor Roger Moore Passes Away at 89

By SAPeople 23-05-17 18:38

Sir Roger Moore’s family has announced that the former James Bond actor, Unicef Ambassador and Author has passed away at the age of 89. In a statement, his children – Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian – said: “It is with a heavy heart that we must announce our loving father, Sir Roger Moore, has passed away today […]

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