Sun, May 28, 2023

A letter from Italy…

by Fabio Di Caro, matriculated at KES in Houghton in 1980 Just wanting to let you know that things have not turned the positive way for a...
flamenco dancing pix

Lee Schneider On Teaching Flamenco (Spanish Dancing)

I taught flamenco (Spanish dancing) since 1995 at a studio in Houston... writes Lee Schneider. In 2003 I moved to the D.C. area and struggled...

A view from Chicago

Submitted by Jules Cohn Hi ALL, We live 30 miles from Chicago. We immigrated to this part of the world 14 years ago. I lived...
Reg Bamford of 1st Contact fame

An Interview with 1st Contact Founder Reg Bamford

Reg Bamford's website 1st Contact is one of those must-use sites for any South African on  a working holiday to the UK. Here, the...