South African abroad: The immigrant's void...

South African abroad: Facing the void and sense of loss…

By Andrea Zanin 02-08-23 11:38

Not that many years ago – in fact, the day before the RWC 2019 final – I sat in my daughter’s school assembly wearing my Springbok rugby jersey (couldn’t resist taunting, just a little)… writes writer, wife, mother and dreamer ANDREA ZANIN, who now lives in the UK and is author of Our Fireside Stories.  […]


The Owl and the Prince Albert Resident Who Gently Rescued It

By SAPeople 29-01-21 14:17

Prince Albert resident Yolande Singery yesterday rescued a Spotted Eagle Owl from the side of the road. While many motorists may not have noticed the owl needed help, animal lover Yolande picked up on its distress. Here’s her story: “Yesterday morning I had the absolute privilege of having an up close and personal account with […]

story zimbabwe campfire cathy buckle

Cathy Buckle: Letter from a Zimbabwean Campfire

By SAPeople Contributor 22-03-20 16:15

Dear Family and Friends, This is not a letter about Coronavirus, it’s one for the campfire when next you get there and I write it today for everyone struggling to save lives in this dark time in our history… writes author Cathy Buckle in her latest Letter from Zimbabwe. On a steaming hot night when even the […]


Viv Vermaak: Reconciliation at the Pick ‘n Pay in South Africa

By SAPeople 16-12-19 12:40

I totter around the Pick n Pay in Germiston with my fresh platinum rinse and a trolley as my perambulator. Octogenarians overtake me with their sneaky leopard-crawling techniques, beating me to the till… writes Viv Vermaak (who had double knee surgery a few days ago). “Are you a pensioner?” the cashier asks me. “Excuse me…?!” […]

edwin cameron on stigma in south africa

Former ConCourt Judge: How We Internalise Stigma and Shame

By SAPeople 04-12-19 13:01

There are many forms of hatred and exclusion in our world. There is fear of strangers, fear of foreigners, fear of other races, fear of people with other languages, cultures or religions… says former ConCourt judge Edwin Cameron. On the basis of many of these fears, we build exclusions. We ostracise people. We push them […]

south african hijacking hotspot sign

HUMOUR: Tips for Driving in South Africa from A Foreigner Who’s Learnt!

By Phil Maloney, Maple & Marula 30-11-19 14:39

When I first arrived in South Africa in September 2016, it became rapidly apparent that I wasn’t in Vancouver, Canada anymore… writes Phil Maloney. There were full grown men running around in two-toned shirts and unintentionally hilarious hot pants, twonk-turkeys scaring the bejoobers out of me (hadedas!) with their unholy yelling, and boerewors EVERYWHERE. Oh, and […]


Still Passionate About SA Life After Cancer and Crime

By SAPeople 29-11-19 14:14

Three years ago, I had just survived an extremely rare form of brain cancer that put me in a group of less than 120 recorded survivors in the history of the planet… writes renowned South African speaker, endurance athlete and stage four cancer survivor Richard Wright. Earlier that year when I was told that I […]

johannesburg-kidnapping south africa

Parents’ Frightening Kidnapping Ordeal on Friday Evening in South Africa

By SAPeople 17-11-19 16:07

I am not sure how to tell this in a FB-length post, at least at the level of emotional turbulence with which this happened… writes award-winning South African novelist, playwright and journalist Steven Sidley. On Friday night we have a dinner party [in Johannesburg, South Africa]. A few friends over for chicken and wine. Seven […]

The Karoo: Where Stories Roam

By Chris Marais 20-07-19 12:27

The question most people ask when we meet them somewhere on our travels through the vast dry Karoo region of South Africa is: “How do you find your stories?”… writes Chris Marais from KarooSpace. Those who read our Karoo books and our regular features in SA Country Life magazine and various other publications want to know what sets us […]

Wake Up Sunny South Africa – Our Kids Need You

By Guest Contributor 01-07-19 17:04

I am always the first to defend South Africa… writes Yaffa Abadi. It has happened countless times. I sit around a Shabbat dinner and the host asks me, “so…how is it living in Johannesburg?” I jump up and say, wow, Johannesburg is a special place. I love it. The shock is almost palpable. They are […]

The Bakkie with the Best Stories

By Guest Contributor 15-06-19 18:10

Sometime back in 2003, I was standing toe-to-toe with a Sutherland sheep farmer after his deeply rutted middelmannetjie road had nearly ripped the guts out of our little low-slung sedan… writes Chris Marais. We’d come to do a magazine story on some aspect of the guy’s farming enterprise, but the issue of his bad road took […]

SA Expat: “We Bought a Farm in South Africa”

By Wild Country Farm blog 07-06-19 14:46

After 20 years living abroad, we’re moving back to South Africa to raise our family on a farm… writes Lauren from Wild Country Farm Blog. If anyone had suggested this idea to me 12 months ago, I’d have called you a raving lunatic. Land reforms, an election year in South Africa, fluctuating exchange rates, the […]

Lunch with One of the Karoo’s Most Beautiful Flowers

By Julienne du Toit 05-06-19 19:10

Lizzy was born on the other side of town, on a farm called Noorspoort, owned by the legendary Craven family. “I learnt from my mother how to bake and cook. She in turn learnt it from old Mrs Maria Craven, [rugby legend] Doc Danie Craven’s wife. “Later on I worked on another farm at Baroe, […]

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