Thu, Jun 1, 2023

SA Rangers on Lion Search Discover an Eland Carcass

Tuesday marked the fifth day since a lion escape in the Karoo National Park outside Beaufort West, Western Cape. This is according to Nico van...

Children in the Platteland, South Africa

In summer, the familiar rushing sound of the Great Fish River pumping through our home town of Cradock in the Eastern Cape is often...

Moving to the Karoo – Life in a Small South African...

We received a Christmas card a month late the first year we arrived in Cradock, brought to us by our neighbour across the road,...

Pubs and Padstalle of Route 62, South Africa

It seems, for some of us, that the older we get the more inclined we are to be reckless. Who but the very bravest of...

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

People who live in the desert love rain. They love it in ways city people don’t understand. In the Karoo and the Kalahari, the horizons...
the journey man

Diamond Cowboys of Port Nolloth

Decades ago and deep in the Namaqualand desert at a point between Springbok, Steinkopf and the sea, a Cape Town housewife with a squeaky...
Old South African Brands

Old South African Brands in the Karoo

I love old signs when I’m on the road. They tell me where I’m going, who lived here, what brands were promoted and what...

The Healing Powers of Karoo Herbs, Karoo Wisdom

There is no obvious way to sneak up on herbalist Antoinette Pienaar and Karoo healer Oom Johannes Willemse. As documented in her well-loved book The...
Droogte Hulp

South Africa’s Drought Angels Step Up

The vicious El Nino conditions of 2015 have created democratic South Africa’s first truly devastating drought. Not since 1992 has so little rain fallen...

A Karoo Farm School with a Difference

A Climax windmill spins and creaks quietly alongside a dirt road linking Colesberg with the blue horizon. There is a cool morning breeze and a...