A looter with his arms full of looted cash clutching R10 (50p), R20 (£1), R50 (£2.50), R 100 (£5) and R200 (£10) notes scooped up from the motorway after robbers blew up an armoured cash track blowing money 100 feet up into the air

Trending Twitter video: People dive into sewer to collect currency notes [watch]

By Mimi Mfundisi 09-05-23 19:41

You can now skip all the scrolling to find the latest trending Twitter videos cause we’ve got your back with all the latest viral videos. People dive into sewer to collect currency notes. Image: @JournoDevRaj/Twitter Searching for the latest trending videos on Twitter can be frustrating as everyone tries to ride the hashtag wave. So, The South African has made […]

Disaster management teams remain alert against floods. Photo: iStockPhoto

WATCH: eThekwini Municipality flooding warning [VIDEO]

By Mimi Mfundisi 08-05-23 11:47

Emergency services are on HIGH ALERT following weather warnings issued for disruptive rain which could lead to localised flooding. Emergency services are on high alert following a weather warning of possible flooding. Image: Pixabay The SA Weather Service (SAWS) has issued a warning about the possibility of localised flooding in vulnerable areas of eThekwini, leading the […]

Cape Town Chef Vies for Title on US Cooking Show “Chopped” VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 13-06-16 19:43

Talented Cape Town chef and photographer Bruce Marais is one of four competing chefs on the latest episode of the hugely popular US channel Food Network’s show “Chopped”. In the show the chefs are given a less than obvious combination of ingredients to quickly transform into an appetiser, an entree and a dessert, with one of the four being eliminated after […]

thula sindi

10 African Designers Wowing Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian

By SAPeople Contributor 01-06-16 14:02

As more and more celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian – and even US First Lady Michelle Obama – wear their African designs, South African and other African designers are turning heads in the fashion world. From Ankara print dresses to Xhosa-inspired cardigans, these hip designs are not just hitting the catwalks but also store shelves. While designers […]

Al Jazeera

6 South African TV Journalists Who’ve Gone Global

By SAPeople Staff Writer 05-04-18 00:10

Anyone watching news reports in England, the US or Australia these days might be struck by a growing phenomenon – South African accents. More and more journalists from South Africa are either taking the anchor seat on leading international news programmes or reporting for them from hot spots around the world. Whether it’s on an […]

Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Mistake

Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Mistake VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 01-01-21 20:00

Miss Universe South Africa was one of 15 finalists in this year’s Miss Universe pageant on Sunday to witness one of 2015’s biggest gaffes on television when comedian Steve Harvey made a mistake announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe – instead of Miss Philippines, he said it was Miss Colombia. The mistake was allowed […]

Could Investing in Solar be the Best Tax-Free Investment?

By SAPeople Staff Writer 12-11-15 05:07

Andrew Smith certainly thinks so, but he would. He is the founder of a South African solar company NVmyPower. But listen to what he says to a class and then judge for yourself. “Some people say buy a Ferrari,” Smith says. “Some people buy exclusive whiskey or a collectors item. This (solar) way, you’re not only saving […]

Video Captures an Eyeful of Cape Town from Above

By SAPeople Staff Writer 02-11-15 13:37

The production house Two Wheels Across has released a video made over six weeks of Cape Town from a bird’s-eye view, a follow-up to an earlier video of the city as the starting point of a cross-Africa motorbike ride. Watch the Cape Town video Two Wheels Across is the brainchild of Beirut-born Christian Ghammachi who did a solo […]

Train trips South Africa

5 Brilliant Train Trips You Can’t Miss in South Africa

By SAPeople Staff Writer 24-11-22 00:10

When the famed Outeniqua Chootjoe stopped doing its breathtaking run from George to Knysna, over the Kaaimans Bridge, many lamented the passing of another famous train trip in South Africa. Truth is, there are still a bunch of fantastic train trips available (and even the George-Knysna route might operate again soon). 1. The Blue Train Started […]

36 Hours in Cape Town VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 22-10-15 06:21

In its regular feature ’36 Hours in (Name a Place)’, the New York Times focuses on a great city or part of the world. This week it’s Cape Town’s chance to be in the spotlight. From museums to a revival of life in the city centre, from going up Table Mountain to eating at local markets, […]


34 Reasons to Watch Spencer Conway Across Africa

By SAPeople Staff Writer 20-10-15 12:20

The catchline for Spencer Conway’s new TV show says it all: ‘One Man, One Dream, 34 Countries’. The ‘dream’ is also one humungous challenge – to circumnavigate Africa by motorbike. The show, ‘African Motorcycle Diaries’, is a six-part series, premiering in early November, of motorcyclist Conway’s journey across 55,345 kilometers of road (and plenty other surfaces), and his […]

These Rats Aren’t Called Heroes for Nothing – Amazing VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 14-10-15 11:58

Mozambique was declared clear of landmines only last month, and one of the reasons which made it possible was because of the little-publicised rats that have been trained to sniff out the deadly explosives. Widely known as Hero Rats, they are part of a programme run by the nonprofit organisation APOPO, whose slogan is “we train rats […]

He’s a DJ. He Might Win ‘SA’s Got Talent’. And He’s Only 3.

By SAPeople Staff Writer 07-10-15 19:51

The ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’ audience was on its feet Sunday night when DJ Arch Junior, all of three years old, took to a digital music deck and handled the jog wheels and transport controls like a pro. Oratilwe Hlongwane from Alexandra township has reached the semifinals of the show’s national competition. He’s the youngest person to have ever been on the […]

Cape Town’s Best-Kept Secret? Kalk Bay VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 07-10-15 18:02

You never know what you’re going to find up one of the alleys in Kalk Bay, a gem on the False Bay side of Cape Town, and it just makes you want to explore. So says one of the locals interviewed by musician Arno Carstens in a recent video about the artist-town-meets-fishing-village. The video gives you a good […]

Twitter Goes Crazy over #CliveNaidoo and the Traffic Officer

By SAPeople Contributor 05-04-18 00:04

Will the real Clive Naidoo please stand up. At least the Clive Naidoo who was pulled over by a genial Johannesburg traffic officer yesterday, after which he videoed the incident, posted it on the Internet, all leading to to a Twitter storm and the wrong Clive Naidoo being identified as the culprit. The 8-minute video was posted […]

Want to see Ponte? Rockey Street? Sign up here…

By Guest Contributor 18-06-15 10:49

Many of us probably think of Hillbrow in Johannesburg as a no-go zone, but Nick Bauer and Mike Luptak are making a point of taking people to its very heart. And to Ponte City too. And beyond. Through their company, Dlala Nje, Bauer and Luptak offer two increasingly popular tours – This is Hillbrow and The Taste […]

The New Age of the Old African Baobab

By SAPeople Contributor 25-06-15 17:58

The iconic, mysterious and magical African baobab, probably the most identifiable and prehistoric-looking tree on earth, suddenly seems to be coming into its own in the 21st Century. Several companies are getting the name of the tree out there – literally – selling products that take advantage of its health and medicinal properties. One company even promotes the […]

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