Tue, Apr 13, 2021

sam cowen

Sam Cowen: Let’s Remember to Be Kind SA

I think a lot of us were reeling yesterday from the President's speech on Sunday night, writes Sam Cohen. Let's remember today to be...
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Saffer’s Nightmare Journey Helped by SA Angels to Get Home from...

I left South Africa with my young child in October 2019 because of the worsening economy, minority group-killings and daily dangers such as high-jacking,...

The Big Medical Aid Heist in South Africa?

The big medical aid heist? To replace my current lenses will cost R6,000 - of which #Bankmed will ONLY pay R1,500 - thus leaving...

Gus Silber: Three Athletes on a Podium… Then and Now

This is one of the most iconic images in sporting history. It was shot by John Dominis, for Life magazine, during the medal ceremony...
back to school dilemma south africa 2

The Back to School Dilemma for South African Parents

I liked this 'Back to School' image because what I would really love right now is a road sign telling me exactly what direction...

Ubuntu: The Philosophy We South Africans Need to Follow Right Now

As a philanthropist rather than a psychologist I know more about people helping each other than I know about why they do it. What...
president cyril ramaphosa backlash

Backlash to President Ramaphosa’s Speech Shocks Several South Africans

The avalanche of cruel, thoughtless, badly informed, often racist sh*t after Cyril Ramaphosa’s latest speech leaves me astounded, angry, deeply saddened... writes well known...
melanie walker and twins

Melanie Walker’s Musings from SA: We’re All In This Together, Or...

So in my little housely enclave, I’ve been thinking about what my thoughts are IRO the lockdown, about the changes around the world, about...
wealth tax south africa thecon

Why South Africa Needs a Wealth Tax Now

The consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown are yet to be fully determined and understood. But one thing we can be fairly certain of –...

The Funniest Response to Stage Four Mixed Signals

No one knows what is going on. So many versions of Level Four have circulated that we all have whiplash, and if you didn't...