Nitanja Steyn: The Yearning of a South African Heart

By SAPeople Contributor 05-02-19 09:04

South African expat Nitanja Steyn has lived in the Netherlands, the US and Germany since leaving SA in 2014. But no matter where she lives… her heart belongs back home in South Africa. Yesterday she penned a poignant poem ‘Die Verlanging van ‘n Suid-Afrikaner’, in Afrikaans (see below). Here she has kindly translated it into […]

We All Buy Slave-Made Products: Here’s How We Avoid Feeling Guilty

By Guest Contributor 04-12-18 16:28

We consume the products of slavery every day. All of us. Today’s globalised supply chains make it is almost impossible to avoid goods or services free of the fingerprints of slavery. Electronic gadgets, clothing, fish, cocoa and cane sugar are the products mostly likely to be tainted. In contrast to state-sanctioned slave ownership in the […]

Gus Silber: Remembering Pik Botha and His Whataboutery

By SAPeople 12-10-18 22:56

Whataboutery is the art, in debate and dialogue, of evading a question by deflecting attention to an issue of supposedly equal or greater significance… writes Gus Silber. It is the easiest and cheapest of rhetorical tactics, dating all the way back to the schoolyard – “I know I am, but what are you?” – which […]

South Africa: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Guest Contributor 03-09-18 20:25

This is a conversation that I have been having with clients for many years, but it is now becoming more and more prevalent in their lives… writes financial consultant Marc Sydow. To leave SA or not? It has also become quite a hot topic around the dinner table, it’s almost like we feel the need […]

Prof Jansen: Why Do Things Never Fall Apart in South Africa?

By Prof Jonathan Jansen 21-09-21 20:07

Why does South Africa not fall off the precipice? Economists are clear that if this economy does not grow soon, the prospects of new jobs are dismal and rising unemployment will be our fate… writes Prof Jonathan Jansen. Educationists are clear that if the decline in education quality and the high drop-out rates continue, schools […]

Afrikaans Author’s Poignant Message for Hector Pieterson

By SAPeople 17-06-18 22:54

As South Africa marked Youth Day on Saturday 16 June 2018, Sophia Kapp – an author and language practitioner from Pretoria – wrote the following moving message for Hector Pieterson, the 12-year-old boy who was fatally wounded during the Soweto Riots 42 years ago, and whose image was immortalised in the iconic photo by the […]

Opinion: “Ignore Social Media at Your Peril, President Ramaphosa”

By SAPeople 09-04-18 11:22

President Cyril Ramaphosa is unquestionably a great negotiator who knows precisely what to say and when to say it… writes Chris Moerdyk. So it is a mystery to me why he and his cabinet team have allowed so much fake news and misinformation to do the rounds without any significant reaction. Take the land issue, […]

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